Plastic Ban in the Philippines: Goodbye Plastic!

Goodbye plastic, hello paper!  I was doing my once a month grocery of dry goods and I was pleasantly surprised to find out Quezon City has already implemented the Plastic Ban September 1, 2012.

The bill banning use of plastic and styrofoam products has been implemented in 27 cities with Muntinlupa leading the way.  Some cities opted for a total ban of plastic and styrofoam products for dry goods by imposing a fine on business establishments plus a temporary cancellation lang naman of their license to operate.  In Quezon City,  plastics are still allowed but shoppers have to pay P2 for every plastic they use, regardless of size.  And syempre Pinoy pa,  no one wants to pay so hello reusable bags!

The reusable bags I got from Shopwise made of strong katcha material has very good quality.

The wet goods are the challenge.  I plan to use the big plastic bag of Toys R Us , I think it can hold the wet goods.  But how to keep the fish from contaminating the meat is still tricky.  Any tips?

What do I use then to hold the trash?

Now to replace the grocery bag turned trash liners at home I have to get biodegradable plastics and I just told the maids to empty it out and reuse the bags to exhaustion:-)

I am so happy this bill is finally implemented.  It is about time we change our plastic habits and help reduce our carbon footprint in this finite world we live in.  Mabuhay ang Inang Kalikasan!  Long live Mother Earth!

* HubPages provides for a good read on Plastic Ban in the Philippines.


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