Stress Busting Tip for Pinoy Moms #1: Open a Cash Card for your Driver and Kasambahay

Cash-Card-in-the-PhilippinesTo say that traffic in Manila is horrendous is an understatement. And one of my stresses is when I remember I need to buy something, an ingredient or an office supply, but the driver is out on an errand already. What pababalikin ko pa ba? Or when I send money and then something came up like the quotation didn’t include tax etc. Grrr!   With the traffic, it’s not practical to have the driver drive back to the house to come back for the money! Waste of time and waste of gas!

So I had my driver open a Cash Card for himself. Since I have an online BDO account and they have a good number of ATM machines, he opened a BDO Cash Card. Cash Cards are basically [Read more...]