The Old Grove Farmstead: Day Trip to Holland in Batangas

A quick day trip is our family's way of chillaxing without the pressure of too much preparation.

The Old Grove Farmstead with its iconic red barn and Dutch windmill transported us to Holland in just 1.5 hours! Located just right near the exit of Lipa, Batangas, the farm offered the family a delightful experience.

The real treat for my kids is the feeding encounter with the sheep. They had so much fun hand feeding them as the sheep ate right out of their bare hands. The sheep are enclosed in a fence but they can stick their head out for the feeding encounter. Note: Sheep and duck feeds are sold at the windmill which serves as the entrance to the farm. We found that the ducks liked the sheep food as well so you can skip getting duck food.

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Dinosaur Island Clark Pampanga: Unexpected Fun

Unexpected F-U-N! That was what we had when we visited Dinosaur Island in Clark. My elder kids yawned when I mentioned it to them. We will drive all the way to see dinosaur statues? Really, mom?  Plus, I read mixed reviews with some people finding the place boring or too short an entertainment compared to the long drive.

Well, the whole family was in for quite a surprise. The life sized, Dinosaur animatronics amidst the forest surroundings provided for a lot of excitement and fun for everybody including the eye rolling teeners.

Our adventure began with the humongous, boulder like entrance to the park that is reminiscent of Jurassic Park's entry way.

Dinosaur-Island-Clark---Entrance-SoloInside is an array of over 30 species of moving, life sized dinosaurs.   The dinosaurs featured are [Read more...]