Ferdinand Cacnio: Pursuing your Passion

Ferdinand Cacnio flamenco dancer

We have all heard that pursuing your passion brings you the greatest joy and your biggest success.  And it's always inspiring to hear this old adage take fold in real life.

I'm very honored to meet and get to know visual artist, Ferdinand Cacnio, who pursued his passion despite the odds.  He is best known for his intricate sculptures inspired by dance.

His dancers exude beauty, grace, passion and life.  I like the fluid motion of the sculptures and the fine details he breathes into it.  I'm not an art collector but I think I know beauty when I see one.  And beautiful,  they all are.

Ferdinand Cacnio Odette

Ferdie, as his friends call him and as I call him (naks! close) didn't have any formal training in the arts,  but he grew up surrounded by art.  His father is highly acclaimed visual artist Angel Cacnio.  As a child, he drew with both his hands, created fabulous clay sculptures and made some of the best looking kites in the neighborhood.

Parent Says, Son Follows

Mr. Angel Cacnio, Ferdie's father, is best known for his watercolor paintings and was listed in the Who's Who in International Art.  He is also the artist behind the one centavo coin, the 50 centavo coin as well as our current 20 and 100 peso bills.

Angel Cacnio's paintings

Much coveted paintings of Angel Cacnio

Although Mr. Angel Cacnio was an artist, he didn't want his son to experience the hardships he himself faced as an artist.  Ferdie's mom expressed the same sentiments.  Both mom and dad wanted Ferdie to become a doctor.  When eldest son, Ferdie, expressed his interest to enter UP Diliman as a Fine Arts major,  his dad said " ‘Kung mag-fine arts ka lang ‘wag ka na mag-aral."   (If you’re just going to take up fine arts, you might as well not study.)

Being an obedient son, he took up BS Psychology (pre-med) in UP Diliman but upon graduation decided not to pursue Medicine due to health reasons.   Wanting to make it up to his parents, he went back to UP and graduated in another course - Civil Engineering in 1985. He then went on to work the UP Transport Training Center but art's call is loud.  He became an art dealer, took over the design projects of his father and in 1989 put up his own design studio.  For the next 20 years he had a profitable graphic design company, designing for big pharmaceutical companies.  It was profitable but he is seeking something more.  His turning point to become a visual artist came when art critic, Cid Reyes, pointed out that though all his designs were all over stores, nobody knows, nobody cares and it is thrown right after. But painting, sculpture or art when it is bought, it is kept and you will go down in history.

Pursuing His Passion

Ferdinand Cacnio

In 2004, Ferdie, took the leap and decided to do what his heart desires most - he went back into art.  He started painting and making sculptures again (but now in metal).  Using the welding method,  Ferdie would create his own vision of how a sculpture must look like - beautiful, fluid in motion.  He created graceful ballerinas and fiery, passionate flamenco dancers using brass, copper, stainless steel and Corten steel.   In 2005, his first exhibit, The Dancer in 2005, was a great success.   Since then, has won the Art Association of the Philippines’ annual art competition (2005), has numerous international and local solo exhibits, gained recognition from art collectors and fellow artists.

Stories behind the Sculptures

Ferdinand Cacnio ballerina

Ferdinand Cacnio's Michael JacksonFerdie back in his heydays was the life of the party.  He won several dance competitions and can do the meanest moonwalk and can float you through the swing.   That is why he knows how a dancer moves, where the skirt sways, where the muscles contract, how sensuality is exuded in every step.

Ferdinand Cacnio Trees

Ferdinand Cacnio tree

His tree collection is based on his childhood reminisces of climbing up on trees.

And his horse collection is based on the days he hangs out at the Sta. Ana race track with his Tito's who own horses.

I love that his story exemplifies how true passion when pursued, despite all the adversities, would give you what your heart desires.

MCHS 89 exhibit with Ferdinand Cacnio

My Maryknoll highschool batch has commissioned Ferdinand Cacnio to create a series of limited edition ballerina sculptures entitled “Turning Point, Change with Grace.” These ballerinas are in distinct poses and don tutus in colors of orange, blue, white, green, yellow and red. The colors represent the values espoused by the Maryknoll sisters.

Meet the Man behind this beautiful art on May 24, 2014 between 11am-1pm at the Avida Showroom, Glorietta 4.  RSVP only.  No RSVP, no entry. RSVP me by commenting below.

His beautiful collection will be available for public viewing at the same venue on May 24, 2014 between 1pm-7pm.

Another plus, passion is the elixir of youth.  Ferdie, looks much younger than his age!

Another plus, passion is the elixir of youth. Ferdie, looks much younger than his age!

Indulging in Art,

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