Kiddie Party Planning 101: With Free Printable Birthday Planners and Budget Forms

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It is the start of the year and this year, like all other years, our kids will grow a year older (sniff, sniff).  Another year to spend an eventful party with meaningful friends and relatives.  It may be a small party with just the immediate family or a big one complete with a party planner and sprawling venue.

Regardless of the size of the party, each should be well thought of to make this special day, truly special.   Unlike us adults who dread birthdays, birthdays are monumental for kids.

I am happy and honored to say that proud Filipino brand kids love, Jollibee,   will sponsor an 8 part blog series all about kiddie parties kicking off with party planning 101!

The key to the success of a fun and stress free party is planning and of course successful execution of the plan.  Below is a general guide for planning kiddie parties.  For a detailed and free printable Birthday Planner click this - TheGoMom Birthday Planner

TheGoMom Birthday Planner

6 Months Before

Set theme, budget, venue, date, time and host.

6 - 8 Weeks Before

Write out Invitations and draw up detailed schedule of activities / games.

4 - 6 Weeks Before

Send out invitations or text invites and purchase party goods.  Cake should also be ordered already and homemade decors and giveaways, if any, should be started on.   Start scouting for the party dress of the celebrant.

2 Weeks Before

Confirm with guests who have not responded.

1 Week Before

Gather all the things needed for the party to check what is still missing.  Buy the food and reconfirm details (ex. pick up or delivery time) with all suppliers.

Set a budget.

The budget should be considered in all your decisions from the venue and guest list down to the choice of giveaways and prizes.

Decide on a budget that is comfortable with the current economic situation.  If the situation is tight,  there are a lot of fun party ideas that are easy on the pocket and yet fun for kids.  Blog post on Budget Friendly Kiddie Party Themes to follow.  If the pot is overflowing and your kid is comfortable with a big party, go ahead and splurge.

If the kids can understand money language,  let them in on the budget.  You will be surprised how cooperative and creative they are.

Do an itemized budget list and stick with it.  Everybody needs to be happy before, during and after the party - including your wallet.

For a print-out of Birthday Budget Plan click this - Birthday Budget Plan and on the Day Checklist

Set the theme, venue, date and time.

Once you know the budget, you can choose a theme.  If kids are old enough,  let them help pick out the theme.  If kids are still young,  solicit the help of siblings and if no siblings,  set a theme that you love.

The theme would then dictate the venue you need.  Of course,  almost any venue can be converted into, say a, pirate ship but if the theme is swimming,  there better be a pool there:-)

Set the date, time and consider schedules of non-negotiable people (immediate family, best friend). For young children,  try to schedule the party after nap time to avoid cranky celebrants.

Reserve the venue.  Venues here in Manila book very fast.  6 months before or even a year before is needed especially if you have a popular venue in mind (ex.  Acropolis Clubhouse - weekends should be booked almost a year ahead).  Consider venue amenities like stage, sound system and the Philippine's unpredictable weather.


Text, email and FB (Facebook) invites are becoming popular.  It is economical on all fronts plus it is easier to get an RSVP.

For FB invites,  be careful to set viewing privacy to "Invite Only." This would ensure only invited guests will see the event and not all of your 1,000 FB friends!

For classmates and neighbors (people who are accessible by foot), do consider giving out invitations.  Kids still like the feeling of handing out invites to their own party.


Get hosts that you have seen before or are referred by friends.  The host holds the life of the party and it would be a shame if you get one with very low audience appeal.

You can employ the help of a willing funny relative or why don't you try it yourself?:-)

My preferred hosts are  Wanlu of JellyBellies and Sang of BlueFairy.


List down the activities that people will do for the allotted time of the party.  Include estimated  duration of each activity.  This would avoid running out of time for candle blowing:-)

For a sample minute-by-minute guide click - Kiddie Birthday Activity Guide

Don't forget to prepare the props needed to execute the games.  The excitement drops when a host announces a newspaper dance and the newspaper has yet to be dug.

Prepare for extra activities just in case other activities end fast.

Match the quantity of games/participants to your prizes.  That way,  you won't have too much extra or worst run out of prizes.

Relax and Have Fun

After all the planning and the preparation,  enjoy the party and have fun.  It is your child's big day and if there is any mood the party should be in, it should be happy:-)


For a stress-free party, why don't you consider booking in a fast food restaurant?  Kids love the food and it comes with the venue, host, games and even the mascot entertainment is taken cared of.  Jollibee Chicken Joy, anyone?:-)

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Disclosure:  This is a Jollibee sponsored post.  Sponsorship does not diminish the integrity of the post.  TheGoMom believes in giving positive reviews on products/services TheGoMom has positive experience with.