Advanced Noche Buena!

Say Noche Buena and family, food and CHRISTmas immediately comes to mind.  You can't have one without the other two nor two without one.  Through God's grace, I have always been blessed to have those three.  My family is here to celebrate it with me.  We have ample food to feast on.  And the meaning of CHRISTmas is present as we celebrate the Holy Mass before the main meal.

Not all families though enjoy the grace of CHRISTmas togetherness.  As a nation rich in manpower resources, we have our modern day heroes who are spread out all over the world working for their families back home. We have people working in BPOs and in hospitals working on night shifts.  These people won't be spending CHRISTmas with their family and their family would have an empty spot on the dinner table for them.

Lady's Choice, the brand that is a CHRISTmas staple in the holiday spread of Filipino homes and a mayonnaise of choice in making staple Noche Buena dish like Macaroni Salad, prepared a special surprise for some of these families by arranging an Advanced Noche Buena. Watch with me and feel the magic an Advanced Noche Buena brings, simply because CHRISTmas is "Mas Masarap Talaga 'Pag Magkakasama!"

Did you well up? I definitely did. I welled up because I'm happy for the families. After a long time, they finally get to spend their Noche Buena together albeit in advance. As a mom, I know how important the presence of each family member is and it is our joy to see the family complete, especially in this season of CHRISTmas. And dads, tough as they are, we see how they value and treasure the warmth family brings.
Lady's Choice surely warmed up hearts in advance and filled up tummies with the ever-present Macaroni Salad.
In this season of CHRISTmas may we all be enriched with the grace of family because "Mas Masarap Talaga 'Pag Magkakasama!" Spread the gift of togetherness by sharing this heart -warming video with your loved ones.
And to make that scrumptious Noche Buena spread, head on over to Lady's Choice FB page to score the perfect recipe for Macaroni Salad, Creamy Beef Stroganoff, Baked Salmon, and so much more.

Lady's Choice Advanced Noche Buena Pack

An Advance Noche Buena to everyone!


P.S. Thank you very much to Lady's Choice for making CHRISTmas extra special for these families. And thank you for my Advance Noche Buena kit.