Pag-ibig for Kasambahay

Pag-ibig fund The Kasambahay Law makes Pag-Ibig contributions mandatory for our household helpers. I think Pag-IBIG offers redundant benefits to that of SSS and Phil-Health but since it is mandatory we, employers, still have the responsibility to file it. 

For helpers with salaries below P5,000,  employers will shoulder the whole cost of the contribution.  For helpers with salaries above P5,000,  employees and employers will have a share on the contribution based on the Pag-IBIG Monthly Contribution Chart.

Disclaimer: This is a direct copy from the Pag-IBIG leaflets issued by Pag-IBIG personnel when they conducted a seminar and one-stop registration for our village last July 12, 2013. The only thing changed was the order of presentation. Words in italics are my personal notes.

A.   Registration

1.   Fill up Member's Data Form (MDF) for helper.  Click Member's Data Form (MDF) here.  Requirement:  photocopy of at least 1 valid ID (Baranggay ID, Posta ID, SSS ID etc.)

2.   Fill up Employers Data Form (EDF) and Membership Contribution Remittance Form (MCRF) for employers.  Click above for downloadable form.

*Use blank ball pen in filling up form.

B.   Monthly Contribution Table

Salary Employee Employer Total
P 2,500 N.A. P 100 P 100
P 3,000 N.A. P 120 P 120
P 3,500 N.A. P 140 P 140
P 4,000 N.A. P 160 P 160
P 4,500 N.A. P 180 P 180
P 5,000 and up P 100 P 100 P 200

C.   Payment Centers

At the moment,  Pag-IBIG contributions can only be paid thru Pag-IBIG offices.  (Hu-whyyy?  I can't believe Pag-Ibig doesn't have bank affiliates!  This is super, duper hassle!!!)

The Pag-IBIG site said you can also pay thru Globe G-Cash.

D.   Pag-IBIG Fund Summary of Benefits

A.   Savings Program  - Member's total savings which earns tax free dividends may be withdrawn upon occurrence of the following grounds:

  • 15 years of continuous membership
  • 20 years or equivalent to 240 monthly contributions
  • 60 years old - optional
  • 65 years old - mandatory
  • Permanent Disability / Insanity
  • Separation from service by reason of health
  • Permanent Departure from country
  • Death

B.   Short Term Loan / Calamity Loan Program - Financial assistance extended to Pag-IBIG members.

  • An active member may apply for a loan after having made at least 24 monthly contributions.
  • Amount of loan is 60% to 80% of the member's total savings.
  • Interest rate of the loan is 10.75% per year.
  • The loan is payable in 2 years and can be renewed after payment of 6 monthly amortizations.

C.   Housing Loan Program

  1. An active member may apply for a loan after having made at least 24 monthly contributions. Must not be more than 70 years old at loan maturity and must be insurable.
  2. Must have the legal capacity to acquire and encumber real property.
  3. Must have no Pag-IBIG housing loan that was foreclosed or subjected to dacion enpago
  4. Must have passed satisfactory background/credit and employment
  5. Must have no outstanding housing loan either as principal or co-borrower.
  6. Has no outstanding Pag-IBIG housing loan in arrears at time of loan application.
  7. Interest rate of the loan is from 6% to 11.5% per year
  8. Loan is payable up to the maximum term of 30 years
  9. The loan is covered by Mortgage Redemption and Fire and Allied Perils insurance.

The loan can be used to finance any of the following:

  • Purchase of lot
  • purchase of lot and/or construction of house
  • purchase of residential unit (brand new or old)
  • construction of house or home improvement of existing house
  • refinancing of an existing mortgage loan acceptable to Pag-IBIG
  •  A member may borrow up to as much as P 3,000,000

Pag-IBIG Contact Details:

Tel Numbers: 995-0292 / 421-9447

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