Maternity Requirements – Philhealth, SSS, NSO

A few weeks before the delivery date,  my ever fastidious husbandry,  has already asked his office to fill up and sign the Phil Health form required from employers and have his Member's Data Record ready.  Make sure your husband has already made you his dependent prior to giving birth.

We were happy to find out that this time, if you deliver in a Philhealth accredited hospital, the Philhealth benefits are automatically deducted from your bill.  No more reimbursing or waiting for the check.  In Medical City, where I gave birth,  a Philhealth officer even came to our room to help us facilitate forms.

Since I delivered through a CS they deducted almost Php 19,000 on our hospital bill.  As for normal deliveries,  benefit is standardized at Php 6,500.

You will  need to accomplish the following forms: [Read more...]