Signs of a Good Pedia

nate-sick2Following my post on the Pedia with a Bad Hair Day,  here are some signs that you have a good pedia, according to "Is your Pediatrician Good Enough".

1.         "Doctor must return your calls promptly."  Our official pedia always, answers and returns my phone calls, regardless of the time of the day.

2.   "Doctor takes your concern seriously."  Of course,  first time parents are extra praning (paranoid) and we tend to worry too much but each concern should be worth the ear of the doctor.  When my son had on and off fever,  his pedia said he thinks it is just viral since he has colds, cough and it's just been 3 days, but he still had some tests done to rule out dengue.

3.   "Doctor should ask your child's medical history."  I remember when I was a child I was given a medication with penicillin and I couldn't breathe because of it.  That lesson of providing clear medical history has been stuck to me since.

4.   "Doctor should fully explain his medical decision."  Like if the doctor decides to just give OTC instead of a dengue test he should explain why.

5.   "Doctor should make an effort to develop rapport with your child."  It seems Dr. Bad Hair Day,  missed out heavily on this aspect.  Even my elder children,  who were with me noticed it.  They said this is the first time the doctor, didn't ask them their name and what grade they were. [Read more...]