Fractions Word Problem Worksheet (C) – Grade 4

4 word problems.

Sample Problem:

In a class 1/4 of the students joined the Science Club.   4/8 joined the Boy Scout and the remaining 12 joined the Computer Club.  How many students are there in the class?

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Lesson Reference: Singapore Math My Pals are Here Math 4

Click here to print -> Fractions - Word Problem (C) - Grade 4

Click here to print -> Fractions - Word Problem (C) - Grade 4 (same as above)





  1. nakakatulong at nakakaaliw nman po ito!! you have made a wide range of review materials and you actually are sharing!!!
    thanks GOMOM! you are such a big help! 😀

    • Hi mojarri! Thanks for finding the site useful. Re worksheets, I made them for my kids already, might as well share it:-) Hope you can share thegomom with your mommy friends.

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