Problem Solving – 4 Digit – Addition & Subtraction – 2-3 Steps

Problem Solving - 4 Digit - Addition & Subtraction 2-3 Step


  1. Hi Lilian, thanks so much for sharing your reviewer!! It was SUPER helpful! 🙂 shared it with my friend.

    • You’re much, much welcome pinky:) And super duper thanks for sharing it with a friend. I promised myself I’ll make reviewers for weekly tests so we don’t cram. So please check in from time to time for weekly reviewers. Thanks and hope to bump into you in school.

  2. Much thanks for introducing the class to the thegomom site with very helpful entries that help us moms review our kids on the different subjects with the available worksheets. kudos to gomom & to you Lillian for sharing this info to the class! – Ayo Pena (of John#24)

    • You’re much welcome ayo:) hope you can share site with your parent friends who has kids grade 3 and below:)

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