Alphabetizing - 2nd-3rd Letter (3 worksheets)

Book - Parts and Careof

Classification of Words & Ideas


Rhyming Words

Syllabication (2 worksheets)


  1. brenda rondina says

    good day! im a registered user but cannot access science worksheets. im just glad that there’s go mom that’s very helpful for working moms like me. thanks so much and GOD BLESS!

    • Hi Brenda! Thanks so much for the feedback. I already fixed the science worksheets. Hope the pesky bug won’t come back and make it inaccessible once again. If it does, appreciate a feedback:-) And thanks for finding TheGoMom useful.

  2. Hi Lilian, how are you?

    I’m Rowena, a mother of two beautiful sweet children, 5 years old and 5 months old.
    I was just comparing which beach is better for a holiday vacation with husband’s family coming from abroad. Then I saw your site. I can say, you are an amazing mom!
    I have thought before to make a blog or post about being a mom and all the experiences, thinking that I was extra special mom, doing beyond my limitations. But here you are… you are one of a kind and I admire you more than myself! heheh..

    I can relate to you as well.. I am work at home mom too.. I am taking care of my children at the same time I managing and handling our structured cabling business. My dilemma is this…since we just got back from husband’s country and its my preschool child’s first school experience, I am having a hard time to guide her with her studies. She can hardly read still.
    Can you kindly tell me what to do so I can teach her how to read sooner?

    hope to hear from you. thanks and God bless

    • Hi Rowena! Thanks for your kind words. I’m in no way an extra special mom. Just a regular mom, with bad days, blogging mostly the good to draw positive energy hehe:-) Re reading, I teach him phonetics but I have to credit my son’s current pre-school they have wonderful methods and materials which make it easier for him to learn (they use Montessori method). As for my method of teaching my 4 year old, I put emphasis on the phonetic sound of the letter than name of the letter ex. instead of A (ay) is for apple you say A (ah) is for apple. Once, your daughter has mastered the sound of each letter you can move to short vowel CVC combinations ex. s-a-t, b-u-g, r-e-d etc. Concentrate on the same middle vowel first, once she has learned and becomes more confident with reading c-v-c “middle a” then you can move to introducing other vowels. In the end you can introduce combinations already like “star.” While doing c-v-c, also introduce sight words like “the” “is” etc. I’m not a teacher but that is how I do it with my son. My son is a work in progress too, not yet a full reader but I’m sure he and your daughter will get there:-) Are you based in Manila? If you are, there is a Malaysian book I got from National Bookstore it’s a learn how to read stories at P 60 per book. I bought the entire collection of 20 books. It starts with cvc and progresses to long vowel sounds etc. Very good book, cheap too. Hope that helps:-)

      • Wow thanks my dear. Yes I noticed their first lessons about be going and ending sound of the letter. OK I got it. Thank you… I live here in marikina. Maybe we can meet up sometimes 😉 will be happy to learn more from you.. God bless and more power to you..

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