Homophones Xavier Wordlist and Worksheet



  1. preschoolmom says

    Hi Lilian! While I was researching for some worksheets to use as my kids reviewer for their coming quarterly exam this week, I stumbled upon your site, and may I say it’s very helpful especially when most of the sites require you to subscribe and pay. I truly appreciate your eforts in posting all the worksheets and reviewers your children used. Are we allowed to share the worksheets that we find useful also. I used to make worksheet like these and after my kids answer them, naka-kalat nalang, sayang diba, but what you did, was sheer genius 🙂 Keep it up!


    • hi preschool mom:) thanks for finding my site useful. Re worksheets, I just wanted to have them on file since I have a grade 1, 3 and another one on the way. Now, I just re-print for my grade 1:) Surely, you are allowed to share the worksheets. Hopefully they can visit the site to download it. If not, it’s alright too – it’s meant for sharing 🙂

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