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lilianHi, I’m Lilian! A work-at-home, Filipino mom with 3 wonderful, high-spirited kids. Motherhood has taken me to places I have never been and emotions I have never felt. I never knew I am capable of giving, loving and adoring so much.  And, I never knew I can be a tiger nor have the patience as short as one.

As I grew in years as a parent, I realize that parenting is not always as rosy as it seems and it has taken me awhile to accept that it is alright for it not to be such all the time.  What is important is that we try to be the best parent we can be and if we fall short, to get back up again and keep on trying, laugh in between,  fail and try yet again.  If my kids knew the word, they would probably describe me as manic, neurotic or dysfunctional because I can crack the funniest joke one moment and bark orders the next minute.

Apart from motherhood, I'm busy managing our family business.  I'm also the home manager, menu planner, grocery girl, travel agent, cheerleader and the official gofer of our family of 5.

I can't breathe realizing the enormity of the tasks!

But I do breathe. A lot, actually.  I know I may not look it, considering the constant pregnant state of my tummy,  but I'm quite active. I enjoy hitting the gym early in the morning for a solid run, a relaxing swim, a funky hiphop class, a high energy kickbox class or a calming yoga session.  I love hanging out with friends, reading a good book and travel remains to be my one true passion.

Here at TheGoMom I  share my motherhood, homemaking and snippets of my life journey. And because I tutored my kids from K to 5 and I'm a little bit OC, I personally made almost a thousand worksheets which I share with you fellow parents.

TheGoMom embodies me. And currently, I'm trapped between a scream and a hug!*

Thanks a ton for dropping by!

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*Trapped between a Scream and a Hug is a quote by Cathy Guisewite


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