Colds Prevention: Should I go for Ascorbic Acid or Sodium Ascorbate?

_FernC---Bad-ColdIf there is anything more valuable to any mom right now, I think it is TIME. We need time to accomplish things in our workplace. We need time to keep our house orderly and the meals yummy. We need time to spend with our kids because sniff, sniff, they grow up too fast. We need time to nurture relationships with other family members, friends and our husbands. And we need time for ourselves.

So when we are down with a cold and can't function well, it's like we are on a stop mode but everything around is moving fast. Even my kids, with the fast paced lessons of today, skipping a day or two in school affect their learning schedule and would need to play catch-up the rest of the week.

Colds is a great downer for my family. [Read more...]

#SmilePilipinas with Oral B


Did that make you smile? I love smiling. Sometimes, when I'm not in my sunny best, I try to fake my way to happy by smiling. A huge wide smile that sets crinkles up my eyes then catapults back to my heart and mind.   It's my instant upper!

Smiling is actually a trait inherent to us Filipinos. No wonder we were dubbed as the "Smiling Nation." We smile and laugh our hearts out like silly. And we smile despite difficulties. It is truly endearing how we show our resilience with the way we smile.

Smiling while covering mouth

Notice however that after a few minutes though from the initial call to smile, we also begin to get conscious and try to hide our smile by covering our mouth. You see it happening when reporters interview the regular Juan and Juana, flash a beaming wide smile, followed by a cover of the mouth.   Make a Manang in the market smile with a joke, flash smile, followed again by a hand covering the mouth.

It turns out, we Filipinos have underlying oral health issues. [Read more...]

DreamWorks DreamPlay Manila: Complete Guide (Part 1)

DreamPlay ManilaDreamPlay Manila for our family is the coolest indoor playground in Manila.   Quite sporty and competitive, our hearts were pumping wild when we first had a glimpse of what DreamPlay is. It's a DreamWorks inspired playground filled with challenging obstacle courses with varying degrees of difficulty. To top it all, considering the Manila heat, it's great to have it indoors and air-conditioned!

Plus what can be cooler than training to be the next Dragon Warrior! Hi-ya!

Sharing with you what to expect in each of the 15 attractions, FAQ and tips on how to get the best experience at DreamPlay Manila. [Read more...]

Facebook Envy: Parenting in the Social Media Age

Don't let posts define your joyAs a mother in the digital age, parenting is much easier. Hundreds of websites are dedicated to helping parent children, with easy solutions on how to get kids to brush their teeth to help on how to deal with stubbornness. However, it has also reared the green-eyed monster in me and I guess in some parents as well.  It is sad but I do admit I feel a pang, ok a wave, of envy when I see Facebook posts of friend's whose life is filled with those to die for travel photos while I'm stuck at home. Or when I see posts of kids who excel in academics or sports while I struggle [Read more...]

DreamWorks DreamPlay Manila: Complete Guide (Part 2)

Outside DreamPlay ManilaThis is the second and final part of TheGoMom's DreamPlay Review. To read part 1 where the first 12 attractions are detailed, click DreamWorks DreamPlay, Manila (Part 1) . In part 2 are the three other attractions especially geared for younger kids, parent's FAQ plus tips on how to get the best experience at DreamPlay Manila. [Read more...]

Questions Kids Ask: Why do people make the sign of the cross when passing by a church?

Mary the Queen Parish Church Greenhills San JuanA church is sandwiched between the schools of my 2 kids.  Every single day that we pass through it we make the sign of the cross.  Every time we notice a church, we do the sign of the cross.

While going through the motion, my daughter asked, " Why do people make the sign of the cross when passing by a church?"  I was weighing whether to go the theological way and launch an explanation of the significance of the sign of the Cross in relation to the Blessed Sacrament present in the church or do it the simpler route.  I took the simpler route.

So I explained it to her in the simplest manner I could.

Imagine you see your friend on the road.  Would you just pass her by and not manage to say a quick nod or hello?  Jesus is the Church.  When you see a church you see Jesus.  Would you just pass by without saying a quick hello?  You say hello by doing the sign of the cross.

Of course as she grows older,  I would have to explain to her the deeper and wonderful meaning of the sign of the cross.  According to Bert Ghezzi, author of the book "Sign of the Cross: Recovering the Power of the Ancient Prayer," it means six things: a confession of faith; a renewal of baptism; a mark of discipleship; an acceptance of suffering; a defense against the devil; and a victory over self-indulgence.

For now,  the simple explanation will do.  Like all friendships,  friendship with God,  begins with those small gestures of hello.

This is a re-post.  First written and published by thegomom Jan 20, 2014.

With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting,

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New Attraction at Kidzania, Manila: McDonald’s Burger Shop

Mcdonalds Burger Shop Kidzania ManilaSomething yellow, red and happy just opened in Kidzania, Manila. You guessed it right:-)  McDonald's Burger Shop is the newest exciting work station to open its doors to kids of Kidzania! Kids would surely be thrilled to work in the much familiar and loved McDonald's Burger Shop. They get to experience what it is to be a McDonald's crew and make their very own [Read more...]

Facts that will Alter the Way you Brush Teeth

kid brushing teeth

I know, I know. Of course, you know how to brush your teeth. I thought I knew it too. I brush. I floss. And, I use mouthwash. Pretty normal, right? Colgate, the world's most trusted brand in toothpaste, gave us mommy bloggers a “Colgate Healthy Smiles for Healthy Lives” quiz-off and checked how well we know how to properly brush our teeth and our little one's teeth, OMG! I was shocked to find out that after years and years, I am doing it the wrong way!

First off, what is your sequence in brushing teeth? Mine is rinse, floss, rinse, brush, rinse, mouthwash.   Engk. Wrong.

Correct Sequence in Brushing Teeth: [Read more...]

#WikakoMahalko: Importansya ng Wikang Filipino sa Paghubog ng ating Kabataan

Andres Bonifacio Quote

My kids are Filipino yet they can barely speak and understand Filipino.   They cannot follow a conversation if it is in pure Filipino, can barely speak Filipino and Filipino is their hardest subject in school.   Admittedly, they are products of parents who regard Filipino as a secondary language as opposed to the more universal English language.  (See my blog post on Teaching Filipino to our English Speaking Filipino Kids)

On hindsight though, I realized how speaking your native tongue helps in building your character as a Filipino. If you speak Filipino, your jokes would bear the Filipino wit. If you speak Filipino, your demeanor would be humble and self-effacing ending with "po and opo" at the end of sentences. If you speak Filipino, you would speak to elders in a different, more respectful tone. If you speak Filipino, nanay, tatay, kuya, ate and the rest of the family will remain important till eternity.

I also realized how closely intertwined affinity and love for one's own country is rooted on its language.   What is the most basic and primary gift a country can offer its people? Language. When the baby opens its eyes and hears a mother's singsong voice, "anak si nanay ito." You are establishing who he is in this world, a Filipino.

If you speak Filipino, your sense of pride for the Philippines is greater because you are one nation, speaking one language. If you speak Filipino, your heart goes out to the country and its people when it is hurt, ridiculed or threatened. If you speak Filipino, you will have that heart of service to make the country grow proud and strong.

I have made mistakes in the past and it is painstakingly hard to correct it. My children are more American than Filipino. Not that I hate America, I like America. But it would be good to anchor their identity on truly what they are, a Filipino.

Sa araw ng mga Bayani ating isulong sa ating mga anak ang pagmamahal sa ating sariling bansa at ito ay nagsisimula sa pagtangkilik ng ating sariling wika. Wika ko, mahal ko.

Mabuhay ang bansang Filipino!

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Update from TheGoMom

Hi guys! How are you?  I'm sure nerves are wracked because of the quarterly tests.  Tomorrow is the last day of exam for my kids (now grade 9 and 7) and they can't wait for finals to be over.  I have turned them over to a tutor already at Bright Tomorrow* and my life has been stress free.  Hahaha:-)  So, this is the feeling of the kids coming home with homework and review done already.  No regrets tutoring my kids in their early years of grade school though.  It was a good form of bonding, through thick and thin talaga.  Apart from giving birth and the daily reminders to them that is making me crazy, tutoring them is my ultimate form of love.  Although they think it otherwise, haha:-)
First update,  yipeee!  the download issues have been fixed.  I would like to thank you for bearing with me when I was having technical problems with the worksheet menus and downloads.  They are all fixed now, thanks to the help of TheTechieMom, you're life a saver.  (Thanks to Pat of FancyGirl for referring).  Lesson learned there,  if it's not your forte, turn it over to an expert.  She fixed the bugs in an hour!  You should not be having any trouble downloading the worksheets anymore, especially the science worksheets.
Second update, worksheets with answer keys should be available before second quarter QT!  I know 100 years, right?  Worksheets with answer keys will be available for premium members.  But don't you worry, worksheets without answer keys will still be available to everyone for free!
Thirdly,  I would like to ask Instagram parents out there to please, por favor follow TheGoMom on Instagram.  Low tech as I maybe, I have discovered the joys of Instagram.  It's full of beautiful travel and food photos, wonderfully crafted quotes and fantastic finds and tips.     TheGoMom intends to utilize Instagram as another medium to provide you with relevant and mostly localized parenting adventures, family travel recos, useful tips and tons of relatable parenting posts that would hopefully make you say, "What?!? Me too!"  After all, hard yet fulfilling tasks like parenting are best shared with friends.
Hope to see more of you here at the TheGoMom site, TheGoMom Twitter, TheGoMom Facebook, TheGoMom Instagram.
With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting,
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*Bright Tomorrow is a new tutorial center ran by a good friend together with her fellow co-parents.  They can be reached at 623-4934.  They are located at Unit 201 Samia Tower, 81 Xavier Residences, Xavier Street, Greenhills, San Juan.

Review: Ignite the Fire Neuro Linguistic Programming Camp for Kids

World Stage International

My daughter spent the entire week in camp a few months back in Tanay, Rizal and though it has been months after she is still gushing with stories of how those days were the most fun days of her entire 11 years on Earth.

Actually, I was apprehensive at first to let her join camp, with the primary reason of the seeming gargantuan goals set up for the camp. The camp is an empowerment coaching program using  Neuro-Linguistic techniques. It aims to fire up mindset, language and behavior of individuals immersed in it.  My husband argues that you can't change an individual in 5 days, and he is right.  But I was willing to give it a try because I want to help our daughter reach her maximum potential.  As I mentioned in my previous post, "Change from Within," I believe all our kids have that innate talent in them and all it takes is an initial spark to fan it.  So eyes closed,  I wrote a check for the 5-day camp.

Our initial goal for our daughter is something school related.  Well,  she didn't really achieve that but what she took out from the camp was so much more than that.  [Read more...]

Made in Candy: Customized Candies (Plus: Giveaway)

When I told my kids "Made in Candy" invited TheGoMom to their candy lab to make their own candy, they were giddy with excitement. Who wouldn't? Put together Candy and lab and any kid will drool with excitement!

made in candy philippines

I didn't realize how much attention to detail goes to each wonderfully designed candy. It was so interesting to see and experience making one especially with the kids around. Double the fun syempre when you see them all smiles.


Made in Candy, a franchise from Singapore, is Asia's first independent candy kitchen. Here in the Philippines, Made in Candy can be found in Rockwell Powerplant, SM Megamall, Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 4 and SM Mall of Asia.

Each candy variety is designed and handcrafted by Candy craftsmen, who delight customers flocking around the store watching them make the candies to the beat of modern, hip music. When you think about it, they are artists because it takes a lot of imagination and skill to mold a candy into a design you like.

Over the years, MADE IN CANDY has customized simple to elaborate candies that delights kids and kids at heart not only with the designs but with the yummy taste as well. My kids and I had fun trying out the different designs and guessing what flavor it is - kiwi, raspberry, lychee, orange etc.  They have 38 flavors and they currently have 40 standard designs and customized designs according to the holiday.  Trick or treat themed candies? Father's day inspired candies?  Christmas candies?

MADE IN CANDY can customize your own candy too!  Just remember to place your orders 2 weeks in advance.  These candies would surely delight birthday and wedding guests:-)You may get in touch with them through the MADE IN CANDY FB page.

made in candy philippines
As for our fun, fun candy making experience ...

made in candy philippines
First they boil the candy mixture and once it has reached the right temperature they pour it on their specially heated table for color mixing. Once color has been mixed, you mold the candies much like how you would in clay. After which you lay it on the heated table to ensure it doesn't dry up and harden.

MADE IN CANDY philippinesSince we were beginners, we made an easy rainbow designed candy. We layered our different colored candy which were still on the moldable form to make a rainbow. Once our rainbow is formed, we enveloped it in white candy and finished it off by enveloping it once again on the colorful striped candy which will ultimately form the outer layer of the candy.

MADE IN CANDY PHILIPPINESOur cool and friendly candy men, Aaron and Jim, then stretched our rainbow candy to the right thickness and cooled it on a separate, non-heated table where the candy will eventually harden and will soon be ready for chopping into those sweet, delicious candies we find in every MADE IN CANDY jar.  Tadah!  Our very own MADE IN CANDY!

Thanks MADE IN CANDY for our awesome candy making experience! My kids and I enjoyed every minute!


MADE IN CANDY and THEGOMOM are giving away 10 medium bottles of Jar of Everything (different flavors and designs) yumminess to 10 TheGoMom readers who will (1) follow TheGoMom (@thegomom) on Instagram (2) grab and post this photo on Instagram with the caption #madeincandyph Rocks! #thegomom.

Made in Candy GiveawayFirst 5 and last 5 followers to post the pic with caption will win a bottle! No double entries please.  Promo is from today till July 31, 2015.  I'll PM winners on July 31.    Prizes can be claimed from any of the 5 MADE IN CANDY stores from August 1-16, 2016.

Surprise your kids with the yumminess and cuteness of MADE IN CANDY.

P.S.   July 20 (Monday)  is MADE IN CANDY Lollipop Day Treat! Buy 1 Jolly Lolly (candy retail lollipop) and get 1 Jolly Lolly for free!  Promo is valid in all MADE IN CANDY branches.  Maximum of P1,400 worth of purchase per customer. 

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Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-asa with Maxi-Peel

It is wonderful how a lot of things are anchored on the people we love.

Journeys are best taken with them.  And surprises are more meaningful when given by them.

As a mom, we go through the entire journey of our kids - from diaper changes to pimple outbreaks.  And we know at the palm of our hands the joys and heartaches of our kids.  When Janet surprised Nicolle with her testimonial where she explained how sad she felt when Nicolle lost her confidence ,  Nicolle can't help but be emotional because she didn't realize how affected her mom was in those years.

I think it's great that Maxi-Peeluses testimonials of everyday people to show how Maxi-Peelchanged the lives of "real people" and their loved ones.   It shows "real people" issues and concerns.  Issues we as parents and they as children face in everyday life.

As we face those issues, it is good to know that Maxi-Peelis there to address it.  Maxi-Peelmakes use of exfoliation to help prevent breakouts.  Exfoliation remains to be an unparalleled technology in removing dead skin cells and delivering blemish-free, smoother skin!

Maxi-Peel possesses an even more POTENT formulation to rid nuances in the skin, such as acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and dark skin.

Parents can be rest assured that Maxi-Peel (for women 18 and above) is safe as it is specially formulated by experts and is adherent to FDA.  In order to use Maxi-Peel safely and to ensure best results, a regimen must be religiously followed along with the instructions written on the box, re application, length of use etc..  Like most exfoliating treatments, Maxi-Peel advises all users to apply sunblock after exfoliation.

Once Nicolle was able to control her pimples, she got her cheery disposition back.  I can empathize with the joy Janet felt when she saw her jolly, old Nicolle back.

With the help of Maxi-Peel, the fears and insecurities of our kids will hopefully be put to rest and they can rest in the knowledge that they are indeed beautiful, inside and out.

To see more testimonials and production information on Maxi-Peel, visit their Facebook page here.

Disclosure:  Thanks to Maxi-Peel for sponsoring this post. Although this post is sponsored, opinions expressed on the testimonial video remains to be my own.

Disclaimer:  I have not used Maxi-Peel for myself because I'm thankfully past my breakout stage.    I have heard of good reviews though and won't hesitate to use it when needed.  But as with any facial treatments, caution and strict adherence to proper use is necessary for safety and best results.

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Mommy Friendships

friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What? You too? I thought I was the only one!" by CS Lewis

I stumbled upon this quote and thought OMG this is what my mommy friendships are all about.  Sharing those, "what you too?" moments that makes us reach for the oxygen when our kids are not in their sunny best and those "awww" moments that makes up for it.

Over the years since I have become a mom, I have forged new friendships to include my circle of moms from my son's school and daughter's school.  I have also forged friendships with my fellow bloggers, mostly moms as well.

Having a cup of coffee or enjoying brunch that turns into merienda is like going to the doctor for therapy minus the chair and fees. I tell them the truth.  The truth that my kids are not perfect, I'm not perfect but we all try.  And like a pint of my favorite gelato it always makes me feel better.   It tells me that we all have our great moments as well as the shameful ones when we blow our lungs out or cry like the frustrated 3 year old we are taking care of.  And it isn't that awful because they excitedly scream, "OMG!  What? You too? I thought I was the only one."

Read my post on: Shouting is the new Spanking

When parenting seems to be just so hard just remember, maybe 99% of the parent population is having it just as hard:-)

P.S. Guys TheGoMom has an Instagram (@thegomom) account and I hope you can join me there too.  Pleassse:-) I promise to give you guys insightful, informative and relatable posts to look forward to.  Appreciate it!

Trapped Between a Scream and a Hug,

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Affordable Home for Every Filipino Family: Micarapatan Ka Na

Micarapatan Ka Na.  Uplifting the socio-economic status of each and every Filipino is an issue very close to my heart.  I believe every Filipino has a right to have a home he can call his own, complete with title and all the decency he deserves.  After all, second to the children we raise,  we parents consider our home to be our next greatest achievement.

Last week, I was privileged to be part of a group that MICARA LAND invited to take a sneak peek of the affordable housing community they are developing. MICARA LAND is a subsidiary of Pro-friends (Property Company of Friends, Inc.).

Micara Land Affordable Housing

MICARA ESTATES-TANZA, situated in the progressive town of Tanza, Cavite is a mere 30 minute ride from Coastal Metro Bus Station and is accessible through Cavitex.   The community they are developing will come complete with all the amenities households would need - grocery, church, public transport terminals, security, parks and swimming pools. Numerous schools are along Tanza.  Tanza General Hospital and public market is also nearby.  Parents can relax in their work and know that everything their children need is just a stone's throw away from their home.

Micara Estates Affordable Housing in Cavite

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard how affordable the house and lot in Cavite is.  Their Tricia House has a 40sqm lot area / 30sqm floor area and is only approximately P 695,000.00 for cash purchases and if amortized through Pag-ibig, only P 4,605/month over 30 years.  It's just like renting a house!  Households with a combined income of as low as P 25,000/month can afford to have a house!

They also have other affordable house and lot size combinations but the ones available for the current Phases 1 and 2  are the Tricia House and the Portia House.  The Portia House has a lot area of 45 sqm and floor area of 40 sqm and is priced at approximately P896,000 for cash purchases or amortized over 30 years with Pag-ibig at P 6,024/month.

All houses currently being built will come with a one car garage and is in ready for move in condition.  The floors will be in plain cement finish, painted plain cement finish for walls, ceramic floor tiles for the bathroom with water closet and lavatory, kitchen will come with a sink and of course doors and windows.  Here is a photo of the deliverable condition of the house:

Affordable housing

But the interior renovations you can do with the property is endless.  Here are some samples of how you can finish your home:

Micara Land Affordable Housing in Cavite

30 Sqm Tricia House - Zen Inspired

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in cavite30 Sqm Tricia House - Modern Minimalist Inspired

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in caviteTricia Expanded - Nature Inspired. Expanded versions serve as inspiration for expansion and are currently not for sale.

Micara Land affordable house and lot in cavite40 Sqm Portia House Condo Inspired

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in cavite40 Sqm Portia House - Cabin Inspired.  Portia house comes with a ground floor bedroom.

Micara Land affordable house and lot in caviteCynthia.  Classic inspired Cynthia is an expanded version of the 40 sqm Portia. Cynthia serves as inspiration for expansion and is currently not for sale.

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in caviteAnother Cynthia, this time resort inspired.

Super nice right!  It is amazing how much you can do with a 40 or even 30 square meter floor area!  I'm positive kids who come home to such a well-kept house will have a good future on their shoulders.  My husband and I are always in agreement that a well kept house reflect on the well being of the children and of course us parents, too:-)

Micara Land (reach them on Facebook/Micara Land or through the Micara Land Website) further assures Micara Land homeowners of a "Maalagang" community as it will take administrative care of the services in the estate.  The rules and regulations of the estate will be enforced such as no converting of house to a sari-sari store etc. in order to maintain an orderly community.

Ang ayos hindi ba?  The possibilities Micara Land offers every Juan is uplifting.  In the end,  I think Micara Land's affordable house and lot in Cavite is more than just the brick and mortar house they sell,  it is the opportunity given to every Filipino family to get out of the poverty mindset resting in the knowledge that their dream house can now be a reality.

Pamilyang Pilipino, Micarapatan ka!

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Disclosure:  Thank you Micara Land for providing affordable house and lot in Cavite to Filipino families. And thank you for the fun trip to Micara Estates-Tanza and for sponsoring this post.