PLDT Treat: Regine Series Mall Tour Launches Newest Regine Telephone Sets

To the delight of thousands of Regine Velasquez-Alcasid fans,  PLDT captures Asia's songbird, and brings her to 5 malls across Manila to captivate the audience with her timeless voice.

I was able to catch her at the Robinson's Manila Mall last June 20. It is the second of a series of 5 FREE and open to the public Mall Tour of Regine.   Fans wasted no time filling up Robinson's Manila's atrium to hear the songbird.  It was packed!

It was so refreshing to hear her melodic yet powerful voice once again.  It was refreshing and yet nostalgic to hear her sing popular Filipino ballads like Ikaw, Araw-Gabi , Falllin', and made me marvel once again how beautiful Filipino music is.

It was a full concert as she serenaded the audience for a solid 1.5 hours.  It was thrilling and F-U-N! She also sang current songs like the fun "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit and powerful "Titanium" and "Chandelier" by Sia Furler.  As always, when the songs are at its hardest fans cannot contain the power and screams for more!

Regine Mall Tour 2015

The first part of the concert had Regine impersonators - Regina, Ate Reg and Anton Diva -  belting out Regine songs.  They were soooo good also!  And pretty, too!  I was surprised to find out that they were gay.  Gay talent is really amazing!  Michael Pangilinan, singer of Bridges of Loved, did a duet with Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and made throngs of female audiences "kilig."

You can still catch the PLDT Regine Series Mall Tour on July 4 at Market!Market!, July 11 at Glorietta and July 18 at Trinoma.  For PLDT subscribers who sign up for the Regine Series landline units, special seating will be provided.   You can check how to score full details on how to score tickets at  For those who can't be accommodated inside the area,  you can still hang around and enjoy the music of Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

The latest Regine Series of PLDT Home offers new telephone pads and service bundles.

Limited Edition - Classic Red.  It comes with a built-in caller ID display. Last number redial function. And, mute, flash, pause functions.

PLDT Regine Classic Telephone

Limited Edition - Cordless Phone.  It comes with a built-in caller ID display. Answering Machine. And Phonebook.

PLDT Limited Edition Regin Telephone Set

Limited Edition Corded Phones.  Both Red and White comes with built-in caller ID display and last number redial function. Speed dial and call log for the white version.

PLDT Launches new telephone pads Regine series

As for the Call Plans they include:

One Philippines (Unlimited PLDT-to-PLDT NDD calls and P10/ call to SMART and Talk’N Text for just P75/month)

One World IDD Call Plan with 15 free IDD minutes/month to select international destinations and P2.00 per minute in excess, for just P50/month.

To know more about the Regine Series Mall Tour,the Regine Series Landline units and Call Plans, log on to



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Disclosure:  Thanks to PLDT for the invite and for sponsoring this post.

PSBank ATM Lock: Client Enabled Security Lock Feature

ATMI'm happy when service providers finds ways to make life easier and secure for their clients.  Right now, with all the news you hear about fraud and crime happening around ATM's I get extra paranoid with the security of my ATM.  Like when someone in line stays too close by and you can imagine the heart attack it gives when I can't find it in my wallet!

Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank), the thrift bank arm of Metrobank Group, addresses this client security concern with the new ATM LOCK feature.   The ATM Lock is a mobile based service that  allows clients to lock and unlock their ATM cards.

PSBank-ATM-LockWith this feature, ATM cardholders can make use of an additional layer of security to protect their hard earned money from ATM loss, theft, skimming (copying of cardholder information), and other card-initiated electronic fraud.  Like if you can't locate your ATM card, suspect something irregular in your bank balance, you can immediately enable the ATM Lock service anywhere, anytime and unlock it once the issue is settled.

To get you started with PSBank"s ATM Lock Service:

Step 1:  Download PSBank Mobile App through Apple Store or Google Play.

Step 2:  Lock or Unlock by logging in and lock/unlock by following app in 2 easy steps.

A transaction confirmation will be received immediately through the app and further notification will be sent on the client's registered email address.

“Our clients’ security and convenience are important to us. With the PSBank ATM Lock feature, which they can perform anytime, we are able to provide our clients a simple and reliable tool that would protect their hard-earned savings from ATM card-related fraud incidents,” said PSBank Senior Vice President / Marketing and Customer Experience Group Head Emmanuel Tuazon.

The lock and unlock feature applies only to the ATM cards of clients with either single or multiple cards linked to an account.  Account holders with locked ATM cards will not be able to use them for ATM or point-of-sale (POS) transactions nor make online purchases that require clients to provide the ATM card number. On the other hand, cardholders can still pay bills and transfer funds through PSBank’s internet banking facility, PSBank Mobile or over-the-counter.

The PSBank ATM Lock service is exclusively for PSBank Mobile App users and for clients who have accounts linked to a PSBank Regular ATM card, PSBank Debit MasterCard or PSBank Prepaid MasterCard. It is also available to PSBank Online users by simply activating their mobile access.  Soon, the service will also be available via SMS for all networks.

For assistance and inquiries, call PSBank’s 24-hour Customer Experience hotline at (02) 845-8888, chat with us at PSBank LiveChat via, or visit any PSBank branch.

With PSBank's ATM Lock, securing our ATM's just got more convenient.

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Disclosure: Thank you to PSBank for coming up with this ATM lock feature and for sponsoring this post.

Our First Week of Back to School 2015

What is a home without children? Quiet

Hello!  Yipee!  It's finally back to school.  I'm not sure if I'm the only one but save for the morning battle I welcome the structure school day brings to our house.  We have dinner early, the kids sleep early, they wake up early and best of all they are out of the house the whole day;-)

As a work-at-home-mom, I find it very stressful to work and have the kids in the house at the same time.  My mind is always in a constant state of guilt.  If I'm busy working, I wince and my heart is pierced when I know that they are all wasting away with their gadgets.  If I'm busy taking care of them, I worry that my to-do is piling up by the second.  I haven't even written anything on the blog for practically the whole summer save for a few posts.

And now,  the glorious hours of quiet presents itself like a clear, green meadow before me.  I can actually hear the birds chirping!

Kidding aside,  I'm sure I will miss the kids when the days go by but for now I'm relishing the quiet.

I feel it's going to be a good year for the kids.

My 4 year old son transfers to a new school and shifts to Montessori style of learning.  I love the materials and environment of his school!   Lots of open space and greens and everything retrofit for the kids' size.  The materials are carefully selected to ensure maximized learning.  They operate on the premise that "Children teach themselves" and they have built on that with wonderful materials present for the kids to explore and discover.  Lastly, they have the magic touch to let 2-4 year olds, all 25 of them remain quiet and calm with their individual activities. It is amazing to see kids in those ages, so peaceful, I never thought it to be possible.

My 11 year old daughter is now on her first year as a junior high school student (grade 7).  Sporting a new uniform and a sprightly attitude thanks to her 5 day out of town NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Program) Summer Camp at WorldStage.  She has committed to try tackling her Mandarin subject on her own this year without the help of a tutor.  And has even expressed interest in joining a club that focuses in helping the less fortunate.

As for my 13 year old son who is in grade 9,  it is his first year to use an Ipad in school.  And my goodness,  he is on it his every waking moment,  it is scary.  But that would be another topic.  Save for the gadget attachment,  he is happy to share that he has very good teachers.  His school always does, that is why I love his school.  And since my boy loves to eat,  he excitedly narrates all the new food concessionaires in his school - specialty burgers to Pepper Lunch taste-a-like.  I think schools have to also make an extra effort, like my son's school does, in providing good food choices to kids.  Mundane as it may sound,  good food in the school canteen does add to the overall positive environment of the school.  Take it from Google, right?

As for me,  I was able to accomplish a month's task in a week on the kid's first week back-to-school.  I hope to be with you guys more, sharing thoughts and information we parents need and value.

Cheers to a Good School Year 2015-2016!

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Painting a Positive Philippines to our Kids

I have stopped watching and reading the news for quite sometime.  What is there to see?  As a joke goes,

And it is true, isn't it?  Corruption, crime, complaints and a host of other negative zingers enough to keep you deflated for a decade.  So I shielded myself and my kids from it.  We live in our little bubble and it was alright.

Last week,  I had the honor of being invited to an intimate blogger's meet-up with Senator Bam Aquino.  And it somehow stirred the dormant Pinoy pride in me.


In his talk, Senator Bam shared the current status of the Philippines in terms of economic growth. It is surprising to know that our country is Asia's second-fastest growing economy next only to China.  World Bank 2014 statistics classified us as an emerging market and the 39th (out of 193) largest economy in the world.  Goldman Sachs estimates that by the year 2050, the Philippines will be the 14th largest economy in the world.  While HSBC, has a more conservative prediction placing us 16th*, in the world yan!

Ok those statistics, made my hair stand a bit and mutter "Wow! We could be there?!?"

Senator Bam notes that despite all these statistics,  Filipinos sometimes remain negative in our outlook of our country.  True enough when I shared the news with my little Filipinos back home,  they didn't embrace the news with enthusiasm but with a half hearted "that's great." Prodded why they don't show much enthusiasm for the country they should proud of,  they said, "Well, as you said mom the Philippines is so corrupt..."

I realized I painted an ugly Philippines to them with my long list of complaints.  Every time I vent out anger on the "s---d" driver, whine about the unbearable heat,  grumble about public and even private service,  criticize character traits,  tell them a story of corrupt politicians and do side comments like "Philippine government, we find ways to make harder."  That paints a pretty ugly picture of the Philippines, doesn't it?

Quote about raising positive kids

Imagine the power we wield in the lives of our kids?  We help define what the world is, what our country is.  If we say it is an ugly one, then ugly it is.  If we say it is beautiful,  then beautiful it is.  I know we should show them the real picture but it's similar to looking at the half filled glass and saying it is half full or half empty.

Philippines, half full.

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*Above figures stated by Senator Bam Aquino.  Figures can also be seen at

Olay Miracle Duo: 2 Steps to Younger Looking Skin

Admit it or not, everyone, moms especially, are concerned about aging.   Whenever my mommy friends and I get together our train of conversation will start with the kids, husband, a little bit of work, hobbies and end with fashion and beauty tips.  As a mom who is over 30 hahaha, bakit over 30 naman talaga ako?:-),  I make an extra effort to keep myself younger looking.  It's not because I'm not comfortable with aging, but it's primarily because it perks my mood when I look pretty (walang kokontra;-)) and youthful.  And God knows we need the energy of youth when we are juggling motherhood and work:-)

According to scientific studies done by Olay, one of the world's most trusted skin care brands, as we age the Skin Cell Energy in our skin declines leading to dullness, fatigue and aging.

Olay Miracle Duo Skin Cell Energy

Skin Cell Energy is the cell responsible for producing and maintaining radiance, firmness and hydration. The decrease of Skin Cell Energy affects skin’s ability to fight signs of skin ageing and its ability to absorb anti-ageing treatments.

It is with this revolutionary finding that Olay proudly announces another product breakthrough - the new Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence. It is designed to boost the penetration of anti-aging actives of our moisturizer to increase skin cell metabolism and renewal for stunning, youthful skin that looks up to 10 years younger.

Olay Miracle Duo

The Olay Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence promises:

  • To boost cell energy by 35% to strengthen skin’s inherent young power
  • To trigger self-collagen production for bouncy, younger looking skin
  • To renew a million surface cells to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pores and firms the skin

And because Olay Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence boosts penetration of anti-aging actives of our moisturizer, it is best paired with the award-winning Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream.

Olay Miracle Duo

Together, the two products form the new #MiracleDuo to give us:

  • 2X key active penetration into epidermis;
  • Skin that looks up to 10 years younger.

Olay recommends using #MiracleDuo after cleansing and toning, twice a day: once in the morning after bath and before bedtime for best results.

How to Use Olay Miracle Duo

My next beauty discovery contribution in my next lunch with my mommy friends - #MiracleDuo.  Can't wait to finish up the bottle and look 10 years younger!  Happiness!

You can get your New Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-essence (SRP: Php1399) exclusively at starting May 2015.  Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream (SRP: Php1499) is available in Lazada, leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets.

Quoting Olay, "I love my age. I just don't want to look it."

Disclosure:  Thanks to Olay Philippines for sponsoring this post and for providing me the #MiracleDuo.  Although this post is sponsored, opinions expressed here remains to be my own.

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8 Things Kids can Learn from the Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

Initially when I thought about what insight I can give my kids about the recently concluded fight,  I was tempted to say that hugging is always better than fighting because huggers win in the end.  Or maybe when they are in a fight and outweighed, the best game plan is to run.  But really there is much for the kids and everyone for that matter to learn from the Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight of the Century. Note:  I am not a boxing analyst,  this is purely from a layman's, Proud to be Pinoy, Pacquiao fan point of view;-)

1. Fight with all your heart so even when you lose you still win.

Manny fought with all his heart and you can see the passion and determination in his moves as he ran after the much taller and longer in reach, Mayweather. Mayweather may have won* but you can see that everyone even Mayweather's fellow Americans expressed confusion and disbelief in the decision.  When I ran through the net, the general sentiment is how can someone who is always on the run win?  Manny Pacquiao fought with his heart and even when he lost, everyone thinks he is still the winner.

*In my layman's mind, I still don't understand the Unanimous decision.  I may have to visit my optha because I didn't see Mayweather delivering those blows.

2.   Winning is not everything.

Similar in context to #1, Mayweather may have won but he is not loved.  Did you notice the look in his face when he was announced the winner and people started booing?  There was no euphoria when the winner was announced, not even from his camp.  And dare, I say, even from him.  The joy wasn't there.  The universal mood was only sullen disbelief. That is truly one sad, meaningless, win.

As one commenter, Ian Harrison, succinctly said up "Just because you avoid losing doesn't mean you win."

Mayweather did win.  But winning is not everything.

3.   Fight for a great cause.

I'm not sure what Floyd "Money" Mayweather was fighting for but I was sure Manny had a great cause.  He is fighting for the glory of God and for the glory of his, as the announcer called us, "impoverished nation."  He knew the hope and the joy he gives to the Filipino people and he bore great responsibility in delivering that.  When you are fighting for a great cause the passion for the cause will move you to give a relentless fight.

4. Find people who will root for you.

Everybody needs a lift and if you want to succeed in life you need people who believes in you and supports you.  Manny had that. He had the support of the entire Filipino nation.  And if I read the internet stats right,  he had the support of the majority of the world as well.

5.  Be humble.

Manny is dearly loved because he remains to be humble. My hats off to Manny, when he humbly answered the rude and utterly disrespectful questioning of Max Kellerman*   I wanted to punch the s---- HBO Interviewer! Normally an interviewer would comment a fighter for putting up a good fight, he instead put lots and lots of salt on the wound when he drilled Pacman.  "You thought you won the fight? Why?"  and you should hear him say it.  Grrrr!

(See interview and general comments on Max Kellerman here).

Out of the boxing ring,  Manny has time and time again showed his humility with the way he handles himself - in his interviews, the way he mingles with the crowd.  When you see Manny, he is the neighbor who always seems to be willing to lend a hand and flash a smile.

6.   Be a good sport.

"I did my best, but my best wasn't good enough." He uttered and flashed his what-is-not-to-love-about-Manny smile in the post-fight interview.  Pacquiao was gracious in defeat.

7.  Believe in yourself.

Manny believed he had the skill and the passion to win and he fought valiantly despite the height and reach disadvantage.  Manny didn't lose his belief in himself and fought a good fight, running after Mayweather all over the ring.  He believed in himself and he worked hard to make himself better in all those training sessions.

8.  Be strong in faith. 

Last, and the most important of all, have faith in the Higher Power.  Manny has been very vocal about his Christian faith since his conversion.  Faith and hard work goes hand in hand.  You cannot just have faith and not work hard.  Alternately, you cannot just work hard and not have faith.  Both work together.

The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight will be written in history books and Wikipedia and the entries will be in numbers.  May we take more from it than that.

Salamat Manny. 

#Proudtobe Pinoy

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Clean is the New Sexy

I have mommy flabs.  Lots and lots of it.  But as I grew wiser in years, I have come to accept my body, all its flaws and pluses.   I have learned to work around it.  I think I have nice shoulders,  I wear halters.  I have a big, humongous, gargantuan tummy, I wear clothes that are halters but hide the tummy.  But one thing that makes me feel good about myself is when I'm clean.  And clean, as BETADINE Feminine Wash espouses is the new Sexy!

BETADINE Feminine Wash promotes sexiness, we moms can easily execute and carry.

BETADINE Feminine Wash

What can we do twice a week?  We step up our intimate area cleaning routine beyond our regular feminine wash and include washing with BETADINE Feminine Wash TWICE a week.  BETADINE Feminine Wash is an anti-septic feminine wash with a stronger cleaning agent than regular feminine wash.

Last April 28, bloggers and media people were invited to witness the SEXY CLEAN REVOLUTION BETADINE Feminine Wash is bringing to life.  We had a relaxing afternoon at the poolside of the Intercon Hotel.

Flawless had a mini-golf booth where I got a birdie!:-)  And I had a foot massage and pedicure by the poolside by Posh Nails.

Flawless had a mini-golf booth where I got a birdie!:-) And I had a foot massage and pedicure by the poolside by Posh Nails.

The event set-up was posh, with white couch chairs dotting the garden by the pool, pool lounge chairs spread out with Posh Nails attendants giving us foot and back massages and pedicures and manicures.

Betadine Feminine Wash Sexy is clean revolution

After all the pampering, BETADINE Feminine Wash provided a very informative talk on feminine care, that we busy moms sometimes take for granted.

For moms who just gave birth, our intimate area just went through surgery! BETADINE Feminine Wash, contains Povidone-Iodine (same ingredient in the Betadine wound disinfection solution) will help aid in faster healing of our post-pregnancy stitches.

For moms who are in their menstrual period,  blood is flowing out there and we need something stronger to clean that up:-)  BETADINE Feminine Wash will make us ultra-squeaky clean during those red days.

And for those regular days, when we are just out there - climbing the corporate ladder or running a business, running after our kids or sweating it out in the gym in this hot, hot weather of our beloved Philippines,  using BETADINE Feminine Wash TWICE a week can help us stay clean and protected.  It contains PVP-Iodine that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi - the common causes of irritation, itchiness and odor in our intimate area (Please visit BETADINE's official website for more product details).

To further encourage Filipinas to get into the twice a week habit, BETADINE Feminine Wash partners up with Flawless and Posh Nails.  For Flawless, just present the receipt and box of BETADINE Feminine Wash 100ml and get 20% off on Flawless All Natural Ultimate White Facial and Cell Booster Infusion Mask.

Betadine Feminine Wash Promo

For Posh Nails, present box and receipt of BETADINE Feminine Wash 100ml as well and get 10% off on all Posh Nails' services (excluding basic manicure and pedicure services).

BETADINE Feminine Wash wants all of us to stay clean, during and even beyond our red days.  This is the movement that BETADINE Feminine Wash hopes to bring to life.  It's a SEXY CLEAN REVOLUTION!  Do it Twice a week!

Clean is the New Sexy!

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Mommy Event Alert: Project Mom Finds and Giveaway

Project Mom 2015

Project Mom, the baby of 2 fabulous Mommas, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde and Amanda Griffin-Jacob, cooked up several events for us moms starting tomorrow! April 17 with a mega event culminating on May 10, our day, Mother's Day!

The event will come in 2 legs:

Project Mom Favorite Finds Fair at Glorietta 1 and 4   

April 17-19 I   April 24-26  I  May 1-3  I  May 8-10
The fair will feature and sell personal handpicks of Amanda and Bianca for moms and their little ones.  For those who can't make it on weekends,  the booths will be on display from April 17-May 10 but selling will be for the above mentioned weekends only.

Project Mom Mother's Day Celebration at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center

May 10

The Fair and Exhibit will culminate with 100 lucky moms being part of Project Mom Mother’s Day Event. Inspired by Oprah’s My Favorite Things, these moms will have the opportunity to take home some of Amanda and Bianca’s favorite product picks.

Last April 11, mommy bloggers got a sneak peak of their great finds, met up with the beautifully tanned, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, and found out about the exciting giveaway Project Mom has in store for May 10.

live the linen dreamLovely pillow cases by @livethelinendream of The Olive Tree would brighten any room!

little luli children's clothes

Adorable clothes from  @LittleLuli.

Melissa Pedro Lourenco

Check out what Project Mom gave me!!!!:-)   Loooove my 2-toned Melissa Pedro Lourenco heels.   It has a stylish single strap across the toes, a glossier statement strap above the ankle and a flocked, cupped high heel!

Project Mom 2015

Thanks Project Mom and Game Changer for inviting TheGoMom to the event.  My son and I had a wonderful afternoon.

Do drop by anytime at Project Mom between April 17-May 10,  Amanda and Bianca's taste are superb!  You will surely have a good find!

To find out more about the Project Mom event, check out Project Mom Book on Facebook

Advanced Happy Mother's Day!

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Ignite the Fire in You: Empowerment Coaching Summer Camp

Ignite the Fire 2015 by WorldStage Superstar

Last March I have written and taken great interest in the IGNITE THE FIRE IN YOU Summer Camp 2015 by World Stage Superstar.  As I mentioned in my post, I believe that all of our kids have that fire in them.  They have that innate talent to shine and become the best that they can be.  However,  sometimes they just don’t feel the need to shine.  Or they feel it’s too much work.  Or they lose focus.  As parents,  we provide constant reminders to them and even provide them with all the external help we can from tutors, enrichment programs to grand rewards.  But we cannot always be there to provide extrinsic motivation for them.  In the end,  the good change they want must be stemming from their desire to be the best that they can be.  No amount of external motivation can outweigh the fuel from within.

Since it is a 5-day camp from April 21-25, 2015, and the fees are out of my budget,  I took time out to throw Lead Coach of World Stage Superstar, Cherry Pua-Africa, some questions to understand how IGNITE can fan the fire in my kids.  Sharing with you her answers ...


1.  What is Ignite and what will the students take out from an Ignite Camp experience?

Ignite the Fire in You is an empowerment coaching program for the youth with an end in mind of firing up their mindset, language and behavior so that they can be a force for awesome.

This shift can help them focus on their school goals (local) and on their bigger goals in life (global) and understand their strongest passions at this stage of their lives.

2.  Is there a specific objective Ignite can do for the kids?

We first focus on the MINDSET.  To build more resourceful behaviors, we need to make sure that the students are telling themselves the right story.  They want to ace their school grades, they need to make sure that their belief systems are enabling them to keep moving forward until they reach their highest. They want to be more confident, then let’s work on empowering their internal dialogues so that they are hungry enough to step out of their comfort zones.

Then, there is STATE.  We are all defined by the energy we put out in school, in our own worlds.  Lethargy will not bring our youth anywhere far.  There is the force of least resistance that will keep them on the same plane, operating only on activities they are comfortable doing.  If we want our youth to be a force for awesome, we want them to take action. Ignite the Fire in You will set them on the right frame of energy.

Finally, STRATEGY.  As we move into the school year, we will look at their goals and where they are in achieving them.  We will celebrate small steps because that means they are in the right direction.  We will build a community of people who lift each other up.  Resourceful peer pressure.  They will learn priority management and other “executive” skills like public speaking, project management as the next part of the program after the camp.

3.  How will this objective be met by the camp?

We use a program called NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP).  There are set techniques that we will be using to enable change to happen right before their eyes.  It’s an exciting program, one that has changed me and one that I am confident will be instrumental in waking up that part of our youth that is sleeping for quite sometime—their unconscious minds.  The moment they tap into the powers of the unconscious minds, bigger things happen for them.  And this part of their brain has always been there with them, they just don't know how to enable it.

4.  I understand the target number of people for the program is 200. How can the specific needs of each individual be met?

NLP thrives on energy.  And energy is set off stronger when there are more voices.

We have divided our camps into two parts—local and international schools.  212 is the total number of students we aim to reach this year and that includes both camps and the 3-week May camps we are running.    Last year, we had 250 and it’s an exciting season for us, because there is so much energy we just keep building on from.

The first run this April will be for around 30 kids. That’s a good number to begin our journey.   We always watch our ratio.  We will have enough to mentor them on an individual basis.

5.  What is the profile of students attending Ignite camps?

They are coming from different schools (local and international). It’s just exciting to see so many kids from different schools mingle with each other and bring their own stories, cultures and fascinating advantages to the group.  The kind of dynamic electrifies our coaches who become more fired up to share because the kids are just so open.

6.   Would you have data how the program helped past participants?

There is a study that showed that when you are more confident, your results double.  I’ve seen the results of some of our participants grow even more than this.  We’re fired up by the stories shared to us in the different aspects of their lives— academics, leadership posts, extra curricular activities, contests they have joined in, colleges they were accepted into, etc.

7.  I understand drawing energy is one of the methods employed by ignite, what if the child is indifferent and unresponsive? How will his needs be met?

It takes a longer time to prime these kids but the community they will build will be helping them.  Some will take days, some even more than the 5 days, but shift happens.

Our coaches are there, watching everyone, making sure there is breakthrough happening.  We deploy different techniques to intervene, and one will catch fire eventually.

8.  What is the difference between ignite camp and Other camps?

Ignite the Fire in You (IFY) uses NLP as a reinvention tool.  It’s an incredible tool that is being used to coach celebrities and successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, JK Rowling, Andrei Agassi and so many more.  I am a Master Practitioner of NLP and I will not hold back until I see breakthrough happen to individuals who pass our way.  But let me just emphasize that no matter how we work hard, we cannot empower people unless they want to be.  We open up spaces of possibilities for them but only an individual can empower his own.

I am very proud in the way our activities have evolved into something so dynamic and understandable to the young ones. NLP used to be a system accessible only to professionals and adults.   Now, the opportunity is being presented to the youth.

I’m sure the other camps in the market have their own unique advantages.  It depends on which matches the needs of the parents/students are.

9.  How can the energy be sustained after the 5 day camp?

That’s when our coaching comes in. We invite the kids to join us 6x in the year for half day coaching sessions when we discuss their goals, state, beliefs and experiences after the camp.  It only requires strong facilitation to ignite again and I make sure our youth coaches are trained in this area.

We also meet again during the sem break to work on our public speaking and project management skills.  They will be working to promote their own cause, raise funds to fuel its birth and become a force for awesome in their communities.

We aim to build a planet of game changers.

10.  How do you ensure safety of the children while in the camp? How do parents communicate with the kids while in the camp?

SAFETY FIRST is our slogan.  As part of our safety procedure, we look at the 3 Es: Environment, Element and Equipment.  We make sure everything is within standards before we begin any activity.

Students can bring their phones with them but they will only be given specified time to use the phones.  We don’t want anything to distract them from their goals in the camp.

Parents have access to our staff at anytime.

We will also be posting messages & pictures in our viber group.

On the last day of the camp, parents are invited to a sharing session.


I'm letting my kids take the plunge and am enrolling my 11 year old and 13 year old in the 5 day camp this April 21-25.   As Cherry mentioned, the camp can be a game changer for them.  I can't wait to receive them back in our home ablaze and fueled for life! Sooo, excited for my kids!  It will be a great experience!

Click this to know more about World Stage Superstar and their lead Coach Cherry Pua-Africa.

Let's Fan the Flame in Our Kids,

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Disclosure:  TheGoMom's kids are paying full fees to join the program.

The Learning Library: Developing Passionate Readers

LIB1Hi guys!  How has your summer been so far?  Holy Week came in early and summer classes are starting off already this week!   On my end,  my family and I have been busy exploring Luzon because my brother from Canada is here till mid April.  But May will surely be catch up time for my kids in terms of summer activities.  I feel it would be a waste if they spend their entire summer holed up in the house playing gadgets that does anything but sharpen their mind and strengthen their body.

Like all summers past, my kids will have a taste of the arts, sports and lots-a-reading!  These days more than in the past,  schools have amped up reading loads.   Learning in most subjects is anchored in reading comprehension from math, science all the way to CLE.  Memorizing takes a back seat as comprehension takes center stage and rightfully so.

As such developing our children's reading skills has become pertinent.  And like most skills, it is easier to develop one in something you have passion in. THE LEARNING LIBRARY, a one-of-a-kind reading center, has taken developing love for reading as its primary mission.   When love for reading is there,  the skill will naturally follow.

THE LEARNING LIBRARY has a string of special summer reading workshops for kids aged 3 years old all the way to high school.   You can choose from the list as to what might interest or what is needed by your kids.  THE LEARNING LIBRARY is most known for is its highly successful WIKA’y GALING! program. WIKA’y GALING! offers a complete program for students who did not grow up with Filipino as their primary language.

For Summer 2015,  they have a new program I am excited about.  It's their Tuklas Kultura: Experiencing Filipino Culture writing program.  In this program, genuine appreciation for what is uniquely Pinoy will be taken up.  In order to make the program grounded to what tweeners and teens appreciate, popular culture forms from visual, performing, culinary, music and literary arts will be the jump-off points. 


Other programs in the list addresses reading comprehension and writing skills in themes the children can easily identify to.

THE LEARNING LIBRARY has 9 branches all over Metro-Manila you can choose from.  To know more about their reading programs,  visit their website THE LEARNING LIBRARY.  

Let's kick off academic school year 2015-2016 by developing readers in our kids with THE LEARNING LIBRARY's wonderful programs!

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Disclosure:  Thanks to THE LEARNING LIBRARY for offering these wonderful programs to everyone and most especially to my kids!:-)


The Archery Academy Manila: Bring out the Katniss in You

It was year 2012 when girl heroes came to life on screen sporting bows and arrows.  There was the determined Katniss of Hunger Games and the amusing Merida of Brave.  Both gave young girls a new hero to look up to apart from the usual Disney Princesses;-)  For boys,  there is Hawk Eye of Avengers,  whose form needs much coaching from Katniss;-)

Yesterday my kids and I together with some of their friends got a taste of how it is to have the amazing form and accuracy of Katniss.   The owners of THE ARCHERY ACADEMY MANILA invited us over for a one hour long session and we felt strong and accomplished after the session.

The Archery Academy Manila

Coach Gio, one of the owners, coached the kids on the proper stance, proper manner to hold the bow and arrow and of course safety tips.  The 11 year old girls initially had some difficulty pulling the bow but got the hang of it after a few tries.  On my turn,  I was surprised to find that pulling the bow needs much strength and I'm so proud the girls did it, again and again.  The boys, moved with natural ease and was instantly competing among themselves.

The Archery Manila

Archery, a solo precision sport, builds upper body strength, improves focus and balance among its practitioners.  I also think it can greatly improve one's posture (tight core, straight back) and will help reduce stress because it is a natural mind timer.  You just think of the bow, arrow and your target.   Moreover,  it will help in building perseverance, because you just have to persevere and hit that target.  Traits we want to build in our kids and ourselves:-)

As with any training program,  the success largely rests on a good coach.  Main coach and part-owner,  Gio Endaya, has been shooting since he was 8 years old and has competed locally and abroad.  He is very passionate about the sport and he relates to kids very well.  I like it that he explains with ease  and makes the sport natural and yet provides enough challenge to those who wants to take it further.

Apart from a good coach,  we parents also want to check the training area.  THE ARCHERY ACADEMY MANILA, located at the 5/F of the Intrawest Building in Annapolis Greenhills, boasts of a long indoor range (25 meters) and ultra high ceiling.  They have designed the walls with splashes of archery art which makes the area fun.

the archery academy manila

This summer,  THE ARCHERY ACADEMY MANILA is offering Summer Classes.

the archery academy manila

The P2,000 difference in the New Student and Returning Students fees is for the incidental expenses for new students.  New students will be provided their own string, arm guard, finger tab and shirt, which they will use for their Archery classes.

Please note that the area can only accommodate a maximum of 8 persons per session, so slots will be filling out fast.

Do check out their year round weekend program and per session rate in their THE ARCHERY ACADEMY MANILA FB page or call 0917-8037422.

THE ARCHERY ACADEMY also has a year-round  Program (P5,600/new student and P3,600/returning student) which includes 4 sessions of 2 hours each, every Saturdays and Sundays from 9-11am.   A per session rate is also available for only P550/head an hour.

The Archery Academy

5th Floor, Intrawest Center,

#33 Annapolis St., Brgy. Greenhills,

San Juan, Philippines


Contact: 0917-8037422

I think it's a good sport to introduce to the kids given its many benefits plus it's unique and super cool;-)  I let my kids try different sports until they find the one their heart beats for.  Ask your kids if they want to try archery this summer and chances are they wouldn't miss up the chance.

Archery classes are available to kids aged 9 up but Coach Gio willingly indulged my 4 year old to hold a bow.

Archery classes are available to kids aged 9 up but Coach Gio willingly indulged my 4 year old to hold a bow.

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Disclosure:  Thanks Rica and Coach Gio for inviting my kids and their friends over to try THE ARCHERY MANILA:-)


Vista Residences: The Rise of Student Condos

Vista Residences Model Unit

When I was in College,  I stayed one semester in a dorm in UP Los Banos and consequently transferred to a house my friends and I rented.  Those days were fun and carefree beyond compare and I think it has shaped me to be a more independent person.  True to what parents think,  it was party time!  But parents, give the kids some credit, whatever values you have ingrained in the kids all these years cannot be thrown away over a semester or a year.  Yes, it did test my values as some friends dabbled in drugs but I knew drugs is a non-negotiable and I didn't take a single shot all through my 2 years in a UPLB (moved to UP Diliman after 2 ears).   I partied hard but I knew my parents value education and though I was sometimes a living zombie, I can't remember missing a class.

That said,  we parents can put some of our fears to rest, and entertain the idea of housing our kids in condominiums.

With the traffic unbearable and the curriculum more challenging,  considering the option of housing our kids in a condominium close to their school, becomes more and more practical.  This way, more time is spent in things that matter most - studying, honing extra curricular talents and nurturing physical and not virtual friendships.

Vista Residences,  is committed to providing students living spaces, close to their school.  Since 2005, Vista Residences has built and sold out 4 condominiums that are within walking distance or just across key Universities.  Today,  Vista Residences, owing to the success of the 4 initial condominiums, will be launching 5 more condominiums namely:   Vista GL Taft, Vista Heights in Legarda, Vista Brenthill in Baguio, Vista Katipunan in Quezon City the second project in the area and Vista Recto in Manila.  Apart from proximity to the school,  Vista Residences also addresses other equally important concerns like safety, food, laundry etc. in all of their properties.

Vista Residences university properties will come with an E-Library

Vista Residences university properties will come with an E-Library

Check out their university series properties at

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Disclosure:  Thanks to Vista Residences for sponsoring this post.


Change from Within: Youth Empowerment Camp for Kids

There is a buzz among parents about "Ignite the Fire."  It is a Youth Empowerment Program that is geared towards igniting the fire in our kids.

I believe that all of our kids have that fire in them.  They have that innate talent to shine and become the best that they can be.  However,  sometimes they just don't feel the need to shine.  Or they feel it's too much work.  Or they lose focus.  As parents,  we provide constant reminders to them and even provide them with all the external help we can from tutors, enrichment programs to grand rewards.  But we cannot always be there to provide extrinsic motivation for them.  In the end,  the good change they want must be stemming from their desire to be the best that they can be.  No amount of external motivation can outweigh the fuel from within.

Ignite the Fire 2015 by WorldStage Superstar

It is with this thought that I have taken interest to enroll my kids in the "Ignite the Fire" camp this April 21-25, 2015.  It is not because I believe they are bad and need to change.  It is because I believe that there is so much good in them and they can shine.  This is the first time I am enrolling my kids but the camp has been fanning the fire in Asia, particularly in Singapore, for several years and now it has come to the Philippines.

Of course, since we are chucking quite a sum of money for the camp I am very curious to find out more about it.  Tonight,  Cherry Pua, the lead mentor of the program with a long list of credentials in Neuro Linguistic Programming is going to hold a parent talk at Fully Booked tonight for a handful of parents who are considering the program.  I'll find out more and fill you guys in.  Meantime, please feel free to throw in your comments and questions so I can ask for you guys.  Or visit their website at

Let's Fan the Flame in our Kids,

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DIY Travel Pin Board with the Selphy CP910

Travel Pin Board ProjectLife is an Adventure and adventures are best spent with the people we love, our family!

My family loves to travel.  It is the "ultimate" (as my son says) form of our many bonding moments.  We discover a place,  enjoy the views, culture and food together.

Our best keepsake for travel - photos!  Tons of photos!  My toddler picking a shell.  My son figuring out the train system. My daughter screaming in glee on a ride.  I have over 20,000 photos in my hard drive.  Some I have labored over into a wonderful coffee table book.  But that's an epic task.  So nowadays,  our new photos just get stuck in the hard drive.

And that is how I thought of doing a simple, print and tack-as-you-arrive-from-travel board.  As it turns out,  hehe, even going to the printing shop takes ages and effort.

When Canon had me test drive their portable, Canon SELPHY CP910 ,  this jump started my Travel Pin Board.   Canon SELPHY CP910 is an ultra-portable photo printer that's perfect for printing anywhere using a smartphone, camera, USB or computer.

Canon Selphy Product Shot

To start,  I selected one hero shot from every special place we visited.  I added text of where the shot was taken and the year on each photo.  I used the PhotoGrid App for my photos in my Iphone and used Preview-Annotate for my Mac Book (Android users also have it as easy as Apple users in terms of installation and use). Oh yeah, please don't put your text too close to the bleed line of the photo to avoid text from getting cut while printing.

Apart from the photos, here are my other materials:

DIY Travel Pin Board

Once photos were labeled,  I started printing away.

For photos on my phone, I uploaded Easy Photo Print app.  Once installed,  I temporarily changed my Wi-fi to the SELPHY CP910  that appeared on screen.  An even easier alternative I discovered,  is to go to the photo, click print, choose Canon printer among the selection, and print.  No need to install anything.


For photos on my computer,  since I was missing the CD-ROM to install the printer on my computer,  I used the USB instead.  I just inserted the USB on the Canon SELPHY CP910,  scrolled to the photo and clicked print.  Easy-peasy!

Canon SELPHY CP910 prints out by layering.  And is done in less than a minute per print.

Canon Selphy Layering

When I was done printing all my photos,  I just tacked it on the cork board.  I chose a corkboard that wasn't too heavy so I can just blue-tack it to the wall.  I placed the corkboard in the hallway to our room so everyone will be reminded of the happy memories family and travel brings, as we wait for our next travel adventure.

DIY Travel Pin Board using Corkboard

Hoping to get my own Canon SELPHY CP910 , cough, cough to husbandry.  So that when we get back from our travel I'll just print and tack!

Why do I sooo want a Canon SELPHY CP910 ?

-  So easy to use.  I have tech-lag already and this is really a no-brainer for non-techies like me.

-  The Canon SELPHY CP910 is portable, small and lightweight.  Easy to bring out and keep after use.

-  The prints are good quality and I heard the cost per print is only at P 13/print.  Cartridge with paper package is at P1,498.  It comes with 108 pieces of paper and ink to last 108 prints:-)

-  You can print anywhere there is WI-FI.

-  It connects easily to any device.

-  It's only P8,998.00 and comes in classic white or black.

-   No more hassle of going to the photo shop, as I can just print from home.

-  Tons of ways to use it.

I can think of a lot of ways to use it. Print invites for my kids' party. Print - Christmas cards, Thank you cards. Print Instant ID pictures and a whole lot more.  For my toddler's upcoming party,  I can even use it as an instant photo booth for our home party!:-)  Can't wait!


Print away!

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Disclosure:  Thanks to Canon SELPHY CP910 for letting me test drive the so easy to use photo printer and for sponsoring this post.

SM by the Bay: Fun for the Fam

SM by the Bay

Have you guys tried walking the 1.5km stretch of SM by the Bay?

My family and I just did, last Saturday.  OMG, ang saya!  Isa syang malaking fiesta!  Perfect for families, balikbayans, barkadas and of course, since Valentine's is this weekend, with your labidabs.

It was the opening of the Annual Pyro-Musical Competition Show and if the fireworks during New Year gives you endless ooohs and aaahs, the fireworks displayed here will leave you breathless.

Pyrotechnics Competition at SM by The Bay

Photo Credit: SM by the Bay Facebook Page

Photo Credit: SM by the Bay Facebook Page

Be-a-u-tiful!  I went with my 2 kids, my mom and brother and we were all in awe of the fireworks display.  The fireworks display of the Philippines went on for a good 20 minutes as different bursts of light and sounds danced to popular tunes spanning several decades.  Each Saturday till March 14, 2 countries will be competing in a grand fireworks display.  SM Mall of Asia together with Platinum Fireworks have been hosting the competition for six years now at SM by the BAY.

If you are planning to watch the show along the bay,  SM has designated areas that are accessible for a fee for as low as P100 to P1,500  (with dinner).  Show starts around - 7:30pm for first competitor and the next one would be between -8:30- 8:45pm.  Each show lasts between 15-20 minutes. The show will run every Saturday until March 14, 2015.  Tickets are available at SM Mall of Asia, SM ticket booth, Ticketnet and Ticketworld outlets.   Otherwise, you can also choose to watch the fireworks from the restaurants at SM by the BAY.


Check out SM by the Bay Facebook page for more details.

Apart from the Pyro-Musical show, street entertainers, from firedancers to robots, are all over adding flair and festivity to the occasion.

Men on Stitls at SM by the Bay

Men on stilts.

Light up drummer boys at SM by the Bay

Light-up drummer boys.

bumblebee robot

pacific rim robot

And OM! My kids, especially my boy,  went wild in excitement when Bumblebee, the robot in Pacific Rim and a few other robots walked by.

When we got to the rides section,  my kids darted off in different directions!  My girl wanted to ride the Magic Dance while my son wanted to drive a motorcycle.  There are around 15 different rides to choose from,  fees range from P50 to P150/person.

Magic Dance Ride at Mall of Asia SM by the Bay

Magic Dance is similar to the Octopus ride.

Motorcycle Ride at SM by the Bay

My boy darted off in his motorcycle.

Rides at SM by the Bay MOA

Other rides include Twister and Drop Tower (for the dare devils), Flume Ride (like a log ride), Indiannapolis car and of course pwede ba naman mawala ang carousel:-)


The star of the rides is the MOA Eye.  It is the tallest Ferris Wheel in Manila towering to a height of 180 feet.  You can see all the lights at MOA, the bay and even parts of Solaire.  Tapos aliw because each gondola is airconditioned pala and can sit a family of 4-6:-)

I want to go back and try the MOA Eye on a sunset.  I bet it's going to be lovely.

There are 19 restaurants along the bay.  As expected,  they were packed, with the al fresco seats overlooking the bay filling up faster than you could say "I want to sit there."  There were a number of good themed restaurants. Hooters is there!  Syempre my daughter said, "Mom I don't think you can work there, they are all sexy!"   And then there is the famous buffet restaurants Vikings, Buffet 101 and Banzai (another themed restaurant kids will enjoy).

Related Blog Post:  Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater.

We dined at the fun and entertaining, Movie Star Cafe.  It's a movie-themed restaurant where super heroes, villains and well loved characters come alive to dance and perform onstage and gamely post for photos after!  We all had a blast.  Hehe hindi na nga kami halos maka kain sa excitement!:-)

Movie Stars Cafe at SM by the Bay MOA

We took so much pics, I think  I'll just make another post for it.  Movie Stars Cafe is at Bldg. D, SM by the BAY Seaside Boulevard, Pasay City.  Do make reservations by calling 550-1234 to get the best seats.

Movie Stars Cafe SM by the Bay MOAGuys, you have to take your family to SM by the Bay this weekend or any weekend till March 14.  It will be a great experience for everyone.  The fireworks is amazing.  The Manila Bay is lovely as always.  And the festivities SM by the Bay prepared is sooo entertaining! Parang Mardi-Gras!  If the happy twinkle in your kids eye is what you are after, they will be twinkling bright that night.

Ok, on which Saturday are you dropping by?:-)

SM by the bay