To Blog or Not to Blog

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. I love writing and so the blog is a natural course to take. It's a good venue to share thoughts and clear them in the process. But there are some nagging questions that keep me from taking the plunge.

First, privacy. I worry that I might reveal too much of myself but more than that, I might reveal my family too much. I'm a bit neurotic and friends know that. My family's little quirks though, no one knows that until I press publish new post. I imagine a friend going up to my husband saying, "I didn't know you are that OC." And, world war 3 begins.

In defense of that, it is my blog after all and I can screen out thoughts that might be tabloid material (haha I wish - our family is sooo normal - it's only me that's abnormal).

Secondly, I'm opening myself up to judgment. "What? She's been running? I thought she's 3 months pregnant!" Or people thinking I should be ms. perfect mom with perfect kids which is far, far from the truth. I remember a friend once said she doesn't like how Queena Chua (author of Helping Our Children Do Well in School) dotes on her child - c'mon she's a proponent of good parenting - she didn't say she's a perfect mom. And no one is, actually - because we guys - we are a work in progress.

And so to future comments I'll just deep breathly, oops sorry, breathe deeply and try until I blow my nostrils out to forget about it. As my ray of sunshine friend tells me, it's all in the mind. It will suck, if you let it suck. And it will be ok, if you think it's ok.

And without much further ado, I start my blog. This is me.

Social Studies / Civics

Globe & Map

Philippine Archipelago - Grade 3

Philippine Geography

Philippines - Neighboring Countries & Water Boundaries (2 worksheets)

Primary Directions - North,South,East,West - Grade 1

Tourist Spots in the Philippines (2 worksheets)


Alphabetizing - 2nd-3rd Letter (3 worksheets)

Book - Parts and Careof

Classification of Words & Ideas


Rhyming Words

Syllabication (2 worksheets)


Born in, Born on - Preposition (2 worksheets)

Capitalization Guide

Capitalization (2 Worksheets)

Gender of Nouns (3 worksheets)

Is, Are (2 Worksheets)

Live in, on, at - Prepositions (2 worksheets)

Nouns - Identifying

Noun Counters

Nouns - Singular and Plural

Nouns - Mass and Count

Plural Nouns - Pluralize Singular Nouns

Plural - Irregular Nouns

Polite Expressions (2 Workseets)

Possessive Nouns (2 Worksheets)

Possessive Nouns (2 Worksheets)


Plastic Cover Grades at National Bookstore

Did you know that the plastic cover rolled up in National Bookstore comes in different grades? I didn't know that until 2 months after school opened and I have to change the plastic cover of my daughter's notebook (she is the perfect quality test for any school supply). Apparently, you can request for a thicker grade which are sold by meters in National. The grades range from 3 to 8. The lower the grade the cheaper and thinner the plastic. Like a #3 costs P19/meter, #5 P31.75/meter and #8 is P 50.75. I wanted #8 but went for #5 and got a nice thick plastic cover which should last the whole school year. The #8, I was told, is used by jeepney drivers already to cover the jeepney seats:)

Christian Life Education (CLE) – ICA

Grade 1-1st QT - ICA

ICA Story and Values

Sr. Delia Tetreault's Life

St.Lucy Life of

Loving the Citibank Promo

Image fr

“Let's watch a movie!" Naks! You would barely, actually, you would not hear this from me before the Citibank promo. I’m a little bit stingy when it comes to movies. I find it hard to part with P800 (P200 x 4) for a movie when I know I could catch it at home (dbd, dbd) or watch the Friday Popcorn Night Movie of Cartoon Network. But now, thanks to Citibank’s promo, ha, my family gets to watch at least 1 movie a month. Last Friday, we watched The Last Airbender and we enjoyed the adventures of Aang. Not funny as the TV cartoon but entertaining.

So now, when I do my groceries I laboriously yet happily go through the process of splitting my credit card purchase to 1,500 each which is equivalent to a P100 movie ticket. Nice! But I only do this with due consideration of the line. Once I went to Unimart and there was a loooong line. And this girl, with a bill of maybe 10k asked the cashier to split it into P 1,500 each – imagine the wait! I wanted to strangle her and the cashier for allowing it. And I was just right before her grrrr!

Anyway, that was just one episode. In the end, airline mileage promos included, this is one promo I definitely so love!

Getting the Most of the PTC

Since I have made a career out of motherhood, PTC is one thing I have never missed (well, once). On my first few PTC's I barely knew what to say - the objective was to let the teacher know that I'm the mother of my boy/girl and that I care. I think the teachers make a mental note of who cares to come and would now take a second look at my child next time for participation;)

But as the years passed, I have learned that I should prepare myself for the PTC. Taking note of the lessons that the kids are currently doing and which area we could improve on. For example, in Filipino, I discovered that I don't have to make new words other than the ones in the book and words that are commonly used. My kids are challenged in their Filipino so that was quite a relief to know.

My daughter who is in grade 1 is not yet trained in copying her assignments completely and the teacher suggested a buddy mom to check assignments from time to time.

In Chinese, I found out what I like. The kids are not only expected to memorize word per word. They should understand the sentence and the teacher will ask them about the sentence in several ways to check if sentence was understood.

PTC also gives me a chance to commend teachers who keep the kids looking forward to school and give feedback to those who don't, subtly of course:)

In the end, it is an important and useful tool to make life easier for everyone - the teacher, my kids and myself.

Pag-asa Weather

"Sabi ng Pag-asa walang pasok kasi maaraw na eh." That was the running joke when I was still in grade school and sad to say that is still the joke now that I have kids in grade school.

Yesterday's typhoon "Basyang" came in close to midnight of July 13 and only passed Metro Manila for maybe 6hours. But to the happiness, glee, exuberance (their joy cannot be put into words everytime no school is declared) of the kids, the sunny day of July 14 was declared as signal number 2, hence no classes.

It's sad though that after 20 years nothing much has changed in forecasting our weather conditions. Pag-asa says its because of the equipment and brain drain - with experienced forecasters leaving for greener pastures. True and sad.

I hope when my grandkids come it will be a better story, after all, it's not called Pag-asa for nothing.

A Cause Worth Rooting For

A Cause Worth Rooting For
Have you ever been so mad that you swear to the world you would take it up as a cause and fight to the end? Well, I have recently. My kind nanny of 6 years is under the crazy spell of a multi-level marketing company who promises her that it is the solution to her poverty. She believes with all her sincere heart that an exorbitantly priced wonder juice is the cure to all diseases from the simple cold to cancer! So she pours in all her hard earned savings and even borrows money to finance the "business."

My stomach revolted when I heard the scheme. It is just downright stupid but smells rosy to the less educated. And so, I am trying to convince her to bolt out and for awhile thought I'll fight this non-sense. How could they do it to the ones who already doesn't have any? Anyway, like this post, which is full of anger, I realized it is an angry, bitter cause. And decided to let it go. I have said my piece to my nanny and it's up to her to process that.

I realized that fighting causes leave you drained and angry. Imagine devoting your years to fighting. It takes a tremendous toll on the well being of a person. Not that I think people should stop fighting causes. There are people cut out for it and thrive in it. In fact, they should be appreciated for it because they care. But it's just not for me.

I'm going to take up a cause, sure, but it's going to be a cause I will smile for not grit my teeth for. A cause that says "Go, go we can do it together," or something to that tune. Causes like Gawad Kalinga or World Vision, seeking to build instead of destroy. For me those are causes that are worth rooting for.

Digi Pic Overload

Men oh men! I have accumulated thousands and thousands of pictures and for the past days I have been going through the task of sorting them out. And my, it is a full time job! I sort them according to occasion, child, child with dad, child with mom, child with family, family, in Manila trips, out of Manila trips, Out of the country trips and so on and so forth. I didn’t know that such a happy, happy task can be so tedious.

In total I have made 21 categories and around 50 sub-categories. Whew! Now I need a masseuse!


Bilugan sa pangungusap ang pantawag sa tao at isulat sa patlang ang daglat nito.

Isulat ang nararapat na daglat para sa sumusunod.

Maari rin paikliin ang pangalan ng lugar o tao. Isulat ang daglat para sa sumusunod.

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Araw (Days) at Buwan (Months)

Isaayos pagkakasunod-sunod ng mga araw ng Linggo.

Isulat ang tamang araw.

Pagtambalin ang buwan sa pagdiriwang.

Click here to print -> Araw at Buwan

Addition & Subtraction – Fill in Missing Numbers Worksheet (Set A) – Grade 1 (With Answer Key)

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Addition & Subtraction – Fill in Missing Numbers – 3 Digits – Grade 2

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