Contractions (3 worksheets)


Patinig at Katinig (4 worksheets)


Panlapi – Unlapi


Pang-uri na Panlarawan – Set A

Isulat ang angkop na pang-uring panlarawan sa patlang upang mabuo ang bawat pangungusap.  Piliin ang sagot sa kahon.(12 items)

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Pang-uri – Identification


Pandiwang Pangkasalukuyan

Panuto:  Isulat sa patlang ang panahunang nagaganap o pangkasalukyan ng pandiwa.

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Pandiwa – Pagbanghay – Set A

Lahat ng aspeto ng pandiwa.

Isulat sa patlang ang nararapat na aspeto ng pandiwa ayon sa pangungusap. (14 items)

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Kasingkahulugan at Kasalungat (Set A)

Lagyan ng tsek   ang patlang kung ang partisan ay magkasingkahulugan at lagyan ng X kung ito ay magkasalungat.

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Kami, Kayo, Sila


Alpabeto – Paalpabeto Hanggang 2-3 Titik

Ayusin nang paalpabeto ang mga salita.  Isulat ang bilang 1-5 sa patlang.

To print or download click here -> Alpabeto-Ayusin ang Pagkasunod-sunod 2nd and 3rd Titik

my athletic peak

I went to kick boxing class today and i felt really pumped and primed up.  At 30 plus I feel I have never felt stronger than before.  Sure I am 10-15 pounds overweight for my size but I feel strong and toned.  I can kick high,box hard and carry heavy.  I can endure long,  jump to exhaustion drills and ask for more!

I cannot claim I am fit with extra pounds still sticking on me. Plus that huge tummy pouch but if feelings and endurance can determine fitness level - I'm at my athletic peak!

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Splash Island: Cool off at Splash Island

It's 34 degrees outside and it's time to head out once again to Splash Island. It has been 3 summers now and Splash Island has almost become a ritual for me and the kids. Big wide open space + water = FUN, FUN! Now it is very critical that you go at the right time unless you want to swim with the entire Philippine population.

We always go on a weekday and usually just right after school ends. It is our right of passage to summer v-v-vacation!

The kids try all the water rides the height requirement permits (hehe takes after me). My boy welcomes wave after big wave at the wave pool. I never ever let him out of my sight at this point.  Horror stories of wave pools are for real - drowning and hitting head on the pool wall. So take caution.

Then the favorite raft ride.  It permits a group of 4 to ride a big rubber raft which will be dropped from a high winding slide -- Wohoo!   Age catches up on me as my heart thumps like a voodoo drum beat. I heard that they will even add heart stopping rides just for this summer.

So far, the times we have been there has been pretty slow, that is, I see water and not heads. We have had that in Malaysia, but that's another story. First I make sure we go on a weekday. Do take that leave - it's a must for your enjoyment. Secondly, I call to find out if there are truck loads of people coming in. Sometimes, there is a big corporate event - red light, stop, postpone.

To my dismay, they have relaxed their swimwear rules, accepting shorts and shirts on the pool.  But then at least, you don't have to buy Yaya a swimsuit. Do follow the safety rules to avoid injury and keep your eye on the kids - always. Kids and water are not exactly soul mates though kids would like to think so.

So there, go, frolick in the sun and soak in the cool, cool water ...

Operating Hours: Friday - Sunday 8am - 8pm P 500 adult / P 400 child
Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm P 400 adult / P 350 child
*Summer Schedule only.
Address: Splash Island Spa & Resort
Southwoods Ecocentrum Binan, Laguna Philippines
Contact Numbers: 0918-912-9177 / 986-5058


Mother and Son Day!

Mother and Son Day!

My boy and I spent a whole Saturday morning in different sports activities organized by the school. I'm amazed how he has grown to be an assertive, confident boy. He has taken the lead in most of the activities and is not disappointed when he has to repeat a task. And it's good to hear him say, "Good job mom." or "We did well."

What I love about the activity is that most are just really between mother and son. Like say the outdoor obstacle course has to be done while holding hands with your son - teamwork. Next year, it's going to be a Father and Son day. But better. It's overnight and out of town. Major bonding.

Iron Kid

Today was a short but exhilerating run for my boy.  He ran a 1 km sprint in the Alaska Iron Kid race.  He did his personal best, PR in running lingo,  and I'm one proud mama:)