Helpers as Family

Our driver of 7 years bade us adieu.  He is going back to his hometown to care for his baby as a single parent.  It is funny how teary eyed I get every time a helper who has stayed long leaves.  It is like a relative you are close to tells you he is moving out of town.

He has driven for us day in and day out.  Making sure the kids' bags are all packed,  the car clean.  He made sure the kids are safe in crossing the street.  An all too willing playmate of my son. He is a driver, trusted runner, gardener, boy - rolled into one.   A helper in every sense of the word.

I think helpers are heaven sent.  Ok, if you get the right one.  A needle in a haystack, beyond doubt.  They take a heavy chunk of the workload that should befall us if they are not around.  As my husband says,  they help us become more productive in other things.  If fact, they are a major consideration of people migrating.

Come to think of it our driver has seen my kids grow up.  My daughter was 1 when he started with us, now she's 8.  He saw them through pedia visits to play dates.  My kids unashamedly hugged their Kuya Bong one last time as he turns a new chapter in his life.  Thank you Kuya Bong!

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