The Learning Library: Developing Passionate Readers

LIB1Hi guys!  How has your summer been so far?  Holy Week came in early and summer classes are starting off already this week!   On my end,  my family and I have been busy exploring Luzon because my brother from Canada is here till mid April.  But May will surely be catch up time for my kids in terms of summer activities.  I feel it would be a waste if they spend their entire summer holed up in the house playing gadgets that does anything but sharpen their mind and strengthen their body.

Like all summers past, my kids will have a taste of the arts, sports and lots-a-reading!  These days more than in the past,  schools have amped up reading loads.   Learning in most subjects is anchored in reading comprehension from math, science all the way to CLE.  Memorizing takes a back seat as comprehension takes center stage and rightfully so.

As such developing our children's reading skills has become pertinent.  And like most skills, it is easier to develop one in something you have passion in. THE LEARNING LIBRARY, a one-of-a-kind reading center, has taken developing love for reading as its primary mission.   When love for reading is there,  the skill will naturally follow.

THE LEARNING LIBRARY has a string of special summer reading workshops for kids aged 3 years old all the way to high school.   You can choose from the list as to what might interest or what is needed by your kids.  THE LEARNING LIBRARY is most known for is its highly successful WIKA’y GALING! program. WIKA’y GALING! offers a complete program for students who did not grow up with Filipino as their primary language.

For Summer 2015,  they have a new program I am excited about.  It's their Tuklas Kultura: Experiencing Filipino Culture writing program.  In this program, genuine appreciation for what is uniquely Pinoy will be taken up.  In order to make the program grounded to what tweeners and teens appreciate, popular culture forms from visual, performing, culinary, music and literary arts will be the jump-off points. 


Other programs in the list addresses reading comprehension and writing skills in themes the children can easily identify to.

THE LEARNING LIBRARY has 9 branches all over Metro-Manila you can choose from.  To know more about their reading programs,  visit their website THE LEARNING LIBRARY.  

Let's kick off academic school year 2015-2016 by developing readers in our kids with THE LEARNING LIBRARY's wonderful programs!

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Disclosure:  Thanks to THE LEARNING LIBRARY for offering these wonderful programs to everyone and most especially to my kids!:-)


Day 1, Take 2 #healthishappening: Body Jam

body jam

Day 1, Take 2 #healthishappening 21 Day Walang Patid na Exercise Challenge:  party Time at 7:30am body jam aka hiphop #fitnessfirstph.  Sayang Day 7 na sana ako when the holidays arrived and took a break in La Union.  I didn't have a yaya, I think that would suffice as exercise:-)  But #noexcuses so back to day 1.  Arghhh!




Addition Number Bonds Worksheet (Set D) – Grade 1 (With Answer Key)

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Addition & Subtraction Word Problem using 2 Steps & 3 Digits Worksheet (Set A) – Grade 2 (With Answer Key)

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Addition & Subtraction Word Problem Using 1 Step & 3 Digits Worksheet (Set C)-Grade 2 (With Answer Key)

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Numbers Writing Numerals and Numbers Within 20 Worksheet – Grade 1

write down the numeral and the number word (20 items)

Reference: Singapore my Pals are Here Math 1

Click here to print worksheet -> Numbers Writing Numerals and Numbers Within 20 Worksheet - Grade 1

Click here to print worksheet with answer key -> Numbers Writing Numerals and Numbers Within 20 Worksheet - Grade 1 (WAK)

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Sharing with you my Kids’ Worksheets,

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Fractions – Comparing Fractions using Cross Multiplication Method Worksheet – Grade 3

indentify whether the a fraction is greater than, less than or equal to another fraction and show your solution (6 items)

7/14  __  3/7 (7x7=__) (14x3=__)

Reference: Singapore my Pals are Here Math 3

Click here to print worksheet -> Fractions - Comparing Fractions using Cross Multiplication Method Worksheet - Grade 3

Click here to print worksheet with answer key -> Fractions - Comparing Fractions using Cross Multiplication Method Worksheet - Grade 3 (WAK)

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Fractions – Dividing Fractions Drill Worksheet – Grade 6 (with answer key)

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The Return of the Happy Meal Box

Mcdonald's Happy Meal BoxYay!  Remember the time when the Mcdonald's Happy Meal came in a box?  It's been ages, but Mcdonald's excitedly announced it's officially back and is here to stay.

The iconic Red Box will up the ante of the Happy Meal experience with the packaging adding an element of surprise for the kids. My kid's face lit up as I waved the box and told her, "I have something for you." The box also has a playability feature that allows it to be folded into surprise figures.   In addition, Happy Meals can now come with a serving of the McDonald's Fries.

Mcdonald's Happy Meal Box

This month, the Happy Meal comes with either Transformers or My Little Pony collectibles.

Paparapapap, love ko 'to!

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 6.07.03 AM

Shop Here for Babies and Toddlers

Hi parents!  I have a bunch of  inventory stuff for your baby.  Hope you can check it out.  They are super marked down already:-)

Intellitec Toothbrush TimerIntellitec Toothbrush and Hand Wash Timer

Doctors and dentists both agree - washing hands for 20 seconds and brushing teeth for 2 minutes are the recommended times for proper hygiene. To most people, especially kids, that can be an eternity.  This handy electronic timer works for my kids as the green light flashes to prod them to keep on brushing, fast blink tells them the ordeal is almost over and the red light tells them to stop - they have successfully brushed their teeth.   TheGoMom Price:  P 350 exclusive of shipping charges.

Crocs Gaby

Original Crocs Gaby for Toddlers

All Crocs guaranteed Authentic or your money back!  Colors and Sizes Available:  Fuschia - Size C8; Electric Blue - Sizes C8, C9, C10 and C11; Purple - Size C8  TheGoMom Price:  P500 exclusive of shipping charges. Original Price in Stores: P 1,850

baby buddy secure

Baby Buddy Secure-a-Toy

Never pick up another baby toy. These simple straps provide a safe attractive method for keeping baby's toys close at hand. Just snap one end to the child's toy and the other end to your wrist, stroller, high seat, car seat  etc. Machine washable. Comes in packs of blue/red and pink/lilac. Made in USA.  TheGoMom Price: P 200 exclusive of shipping charges

swaddle me blanketSummer Infant Cotton Knit Swaddleme Blanket

My baby boy and I love this blanket!  I don’t know,  for some reason I can’t seem to swaddle him tight enough with the standard receiving blankets.  I swaddle him, look proudly at how snug I made it and 30 seconds later tada!  he manages to wriggle out of it.  So I was so happy to discover Swaddleme blanket and he has been snug and comfy from then on.  The startle reflex has been reduced and his sleep is longer and more comfy.  It’s a definite must have’s for newborns and for moms who could use a little bit more sleep:-)  TheGoMom Price:  P495 excl of shipping charges.  Original Price in Stores: P 750.  Click this link for designs for girls and boys.

cetaphil bar soap

Cetaphil Bar Soap

When it comes to moisturizing soaps,  Cetaphil is my go to brand.  It is especially formulated for sensitive skin and makes skin supple and smooth.  TheGoMom Price: P250 excl of shipping charges.  Original Price in Stores:  P360

mooncake by frank aschMooncake Paperback Book by Frank Asch

My kids love the bear series of Frank Asch.  It's funny and wonderful and belongs to our favorite books.

Little Bear's adventure starts when he decides he wants to take a bite of the moon. But since the moon is too far away, he decides to build a rocket ship.  However,  it took awhile to build and by the time the rocket ship was ready it was almost fall.  Bear begins his countdown and doze off to wake up in tada winter!  He's on the "moon!"  A great charming and silly book, that explores hibernation, seasons, moon, counting backward and space travel!   Price:  P300 exclusive of shipping charges.

happy birthday moon

Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch

Little Bear has a conversation with moon about his birthday.  He shouts to the moon "It's my birthday!"  and the moon echoes back "It's my birthday."   The little then begins his talk with the moon by interpreting the moon's response through his own echo. Eventually, he buys the moon a hat for his birthday, because that's what the little bear said he wanted...(so of course, that's what the moon wanted too!)  Price:  P300 exclusive of shipping charges.


Moonbear's Shadow by Frank Asch

Little Bear tries numerous ways to lose his own shadow by climbing on a mountain, burying it on the ground... finally he allows shadow to go on a fish hunt with him.  And when bear caught a fish,  shadow caught one too:-)  Price:  P300 exclusive of shipping charges.


Just leave a note here or pm me at 0917-742-3735 if you want to get any of the items.  Thanks!



Spring Kids Moving to a Later Date

Spring Kids

Hello everyone!  The Go Mom has decided to move Spring Kids to a later date.  This is to give more people time to gather up their stuff for their spring cleaning.  We will keep you posted  for a bigger, more fun-filled SPRING KIDS!

HP Great Printer Giveaway here at TheGoMom

HP Philippines Printer Giveaway

Yay!!! The time has finally arrived!  HP Philippines through TheGoMom is giving away 3,  yup 3, printers to 3 lucky TheGoMom readers!

In the past few weeks,  I have shared with you the amazing things I have done with my new HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 5525 printer.

I was able to print from my Iphone, managed to do automated back-to-back printing and made several wonderful arts and crafts activities with my kids through the HP Philippines' Facebook page.   The All-in-One printer is also wireless, de-cluttering my workspace as I moved it to my back table. And, it made quality prints fast and comes with individual affordable ink cartridges to make it more budget friendly for us parents.

Let me wet your appetite first by filling you in on the features of the printers that are up for grabs.

Grand Prize:    HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3525 e-All-in-One Printer (1 Winner)

HP Printer 3525


  • The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3525 e-All-in-One gives you the freedom to be on the go.   Now print from your smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere.
  • Print eyecatching photos, PDFs, email attachments and other content that matter to you whether you’re at home, in the office or in transit.
  • Automatic two-sided printing, four individual HP cartridges, and up to 550 pages of affordable, high quality prints mean you can do more for less.

 Consolation Prize: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2515 (2 Winners)

HP Printer 2515


  • Get high-quality yet affordable prints that will let your child impress everyone with his school work. Produce borderless prints for a surprise photo album gift that would make memories last a lifetime. Make everything simple with its sophisticated functions such as a 19-page copy counter, scanning features and easy to operate 1.1-inch mono display.


  • Accomplish the entry form below.  All fields below are required except for photo upload of your printer which is optional but highly appreciated.  You will receive an e-mail from TheGoMom confirming receipt of your entry.
  • "Like" the HP Philippines Facebook Fan Page and "Like" TheGoMom's Facebook Fan Page.
  • This giveaway is open to all blog readers in the Philippines.
  • Winners or their representative must present their valid ID and claim their prize at EON's (HP's Advertising Agency) office in Makati.
  • Participants may only send in one entry. Additional entries will not be qualified.
  • Promo runs from April 29 to May 10, 2013.
  • Winners will be drawn on May 12 and results will be announced on May 15, 2013 at TheGoMom.  Winners will also be notified through an e-mail.
  • Winners will be drawn, "sweepstakes" style, in the presence of my family:-)

Entry form:

    Your Name (*)

    Your Email (*)

    What is the brand and model of your current printer? (*)

    Why are you ready for an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage upgrade?(*)

    Photo of your current printer at home. Please upload compressed jpg file.(*)

    Facebook Name/Account you used to like HP Philippines and TheGoMom

    Contact Numbers

    To use CAPTCHA, you need Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin installed.

    Disclosure:  This is a giveaway post written by TheGoMom and sponsored by HP Philippines.

    Game for Kids by Kids: Kids are Invited to Share Original Active Play Ideas (With Giveaway)

    kid playing hide and seek

    Kids love playing.  Usually,  in the absence of electronic games,  their imaginations would soar as they try to find amusement in the simple and the ordinary.  Nowadays though,  I find my kids doing less and less of these magical games instead they are so busy playing with the Ipad, computer, Xbox or watching TV.

    To cut back a little of the gadget time I have to give them something in return.   Play ideas that are exciting, will involve some activity apart from their finger movements, can be easily executed and spells F-U-N!

    The Department of Education, Johnson and Johnson and Play Pilipinas recently launched "Di Lang Laro ang Laro."  It is an advocacy aimed at promoting at least 60 minutes of ACTIVE play a day.  According to the partner advocates,  active play is not all fun as dismissed by some parents.  Instead it promotes proper mental and physical development in children.

    luksong tinik

    As part of the "Di Lang Laro ang Laro" campaign,  the partner advocates are inviting parents to submit original active play games that their kids made up in order to share their fun play ideas with other children.  These submissions will together make up an online compilation of active play ideas for each day of the year dubbed “365 Days of Play” that can be easily shared with mothers everywhere.

    We need to unite on this parents for our kids' creativity and for our sanity.  I snap a bit when I see my kids wasting their time away on gadgets.   They groan as I tell them to go out and play.  They roll their eyes and say, play what?!?  And oh my,  the problem is back to me!

    With this 365 Days of Play Ideas that our kids themselves made up, we have our ammo!  Fish out one and tell them to go out, have fun and play!   Hope we can help each other in this advocacy.

    Joining is simple:

    • Ask your kid to invent an ACTIVE play game.
    • Take a photo of your child doing his original active play game and submit to Johnson’s Baby Facebook page at  Please include a caption that briefly explains the original game mechanics.
    • You may also submit your entry by e-mailing the photo with caption to   That is TheGoMom's email addy. 15 entries that are submitted through TheGoMom and are oh so fun!  will win a Johnson and Johnson Gift Pack (photo at end of post).

     What is the Prize for submitting?

    It is nothing material really.  Just bragging rights for your child and hehe ok for us parents too that our kids' entry made it to the list.  To back up your bragging rights,    apart from seeing their names and creation on the net,  each child who submits an entry will receive a “Kid Inventor” certificate designed by artist Pergy Acuna of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan.

    But more than the bragging rights,  I think it is really about us parents coming together to help our kids make the most out of their childhood through active play.  Childhood,  it only comes by just once.

    Entries submitted through TheGoMom will receive a gift containing these number of items. Content may vary.

    Entries submitted through TheGoMom will receive a gift containing these number of items. Content may vary.

    Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  TheGoMom fully supports the "Di Lang Laro ang Laro" campaign of the Department of Education, Johnson and Johnson and Play Pilipinas.  TheGoMom received 15 gift packs which TheGoMom will in turn share with parents who will participate.

    SM Babies: Special Moments

    Andi Eigenman and her baby Elle

    Where do you head when you have a shopping list on hand? Me, I head to SM "We got it all for you!"  because really, they got it all.  I have never been disappointed by SM as I have never gone there without buying the object of my shopping trip.  Need a baptismal gown? SM.  Need onesies in packs of 3's? SM.  And have you seen their collections lately?  They are very impressive!  Clap, clap for their merchandisers for bringing good fashion to mass level.

    SM Baby Event Launch

    Last Monday I was invited to "Special Moments"  the launch of SM Babies at the Manila Peninsula Conservatory.  They actually had SM Babies before but they wanted to launch it in the new SM fashion style!  And style and glamour,  they did achieve as they captured 14 of Metro Manila's loveliest moms and their little bundles of joy in wonderful photos by Pilar Tuason.

    A SM Bab2

    The aura of the event is Philippine TatlerISH. Manila Pen is beautiful.  The photos were lovely.  The hors d'oeuvre was satisfying.  And the people were all pretty and sexy!  Unfair!  How could these moms be so diva looking when I just gave birth less than 2 years back just like them??? Andi Eigenman is a true Goddess!  She is so beautiful!  And her daughter Elle is equally charming.  There were 12 other gorgeous moms and their babies but my one true fave is Delamar and Cooper!  What can I say?  I'm a silent Morning Rusher!  Chico, Del and Gino you guys are hilarious!

    The Morning Rush DJ Delamar and her baby Cooper

    The Morning Rush DJ Delamar and her baby Cooper

    "Special Moments" highlighted outfits for babies in four special moments - bedtime, playtime, baptismal and party time.

    Beautiful Moms with their Babies A SM Babies2

    Do check out SM Babies Facebook fan page.

    P.S.  In the event I also gained a few new friends - mommy Glaiza of Moomy Musings, Rhoane of Mother Earthlings and Jen of Next9.  Thanks for the chika guys!

    Posing with Lexi Schulze, Amanda Griffin and her baby.  Please don't mind my hospital gown.  Grabe I should have accessorized!

    Posing with Lexi Schulze, Amanda Griffin and her baby. Please don't mind my hospital gown. Grabe I should have accessorized!

    Disclosure:  TheGoMom has been invited to the SM Babies Event and received some freebies in the event.  This however does not compromise the integrity of the blog post.


    Kiddie Party Planning 101: With Free Printable Birthday Planners and Budget Forms

    Spongebob Kiddie Party

    It is the start of the year and this year, like all other years, our kids will grow a year older (sniff, sniff).  Another year to spend an eventful party with meaningful friends and relatives.  It may be a small party with just the immediate family or a big one complete with a party planner and sprawling venue.

    Regardless of the size of the party, each should be well thought of to make this special day, truly special.   Unlike us adults who dread birthdays, birthdays are monumental for kids.

    I am happy and honored to say that proud Filipino brand kids love, Jollibee,   will sponsor an 8 part blog series all about kiddie parties kicking off with party planning 101!

    The key to the success of a fun and stress free party is planning and of course successful execution of the plan.  Below is a general guide for planning kiddie parties.  For a detailed and free printable Birthday Planner click this - TheGoMom Birthday Planner

    TheGoMom Birthday Planner

    6 Months Before

    Set theme, budget, venue, date, time and host.

    6 - 8 Weeks Before

    Write out Invitations and draw up detailed schedule of activities / games.

    4 - 6 Weeks Before

    Send out invitations or text invites and purchase party goods.  Cake should also be ordered already and homemade decors and giveaways, if any, should be started on.   Start scouting for the party dress of the celebrant.

    2 Weeks Before

    Confirm with guests who have not responded.

    1 Week Before

    Gather all the things needed for the party to check what is still missing.  Buy the food and reconfirm details (ex. pick up or delivery time) with all suppliers.

    Set a budget.

    The budget should be considered in all your decisions from the venue and guest list down to the choice of giveaways and prizes.

    Decide on a budget that is comfortable with the current economic situation.  If the situation is tight,  there are a lot of fun party ideas that are easy on the pocket and yet fun for kids.  Blog post on Budget Friendly Kiddie Party Themes to follow.  If the pot is overflowing and your kid is comfortable with a big party, go ahead and splurge.

    If the kids can understand money language,  let them in on the budget.  You will be surprised how cooperative and creative they are.

    Do an itemized budget list and stick with it.  Everybody needs to be happy before, during and after the party - including your wallet.

    For a print-out of Birthday Budget Plan click this - Birthday Budget Plan and on the Day Checklist

    Set the theme, venue, date and time.

    Once you know the budget, you can choose a theme.  If kids are old enough,  let them help pick out the theme.  If kids are still young,  solicit the help of siblings and if no siblings,  set a theme that you love.

    The theme would then dictate the venue you need.  Of course,  almost any venue can be converted into, say a, pirate ship but if the theme is swimming,  there better be a pool there:-)

    Set the date, time and consider schedules of non-negotiable people (immediate family, best friend). For young children,  try to schedule the party after nap time to avoid cranky celebrants.

    Reserve the venue.  Venues here in Manila book very fast.  6 months before or even a year before is needed especially if you have a popular venue in mind (ex.  Acropolis Clubhouse - weekends should be booked almost a year ahead).  Consider venue amenities like stage, sound system and the Philippine's unpredictable weather.


    Text, email and FB (Facebook) invites are becoming popular.  It is economical on all fronts plus it is easier to get an RSVP.

    For FB invites,  be careful to set viewing privacy to "Invite Only." This would ensure only invited guests will see the event and not all of your 1,000 FB friends!

    For classmates and neighbors (people who are accessible by foot), do consider giving out invitations.  Kids still like the feeling of handing out invites to their own party.


    Get hosts that you have seen before or are referred by friends.  The host holds the life of the party and it would be a shame if you get one with very low audience appeal.

    You can employ the help of a willing funny relative or why don't you try it yourself?:-)

    My preferred hosts are  Wanlu of JellyBellies and Sang of BlueFairy.


    List down the activities that people will do for the allotted time of the party.  Include estimated  duration of each activity.  This would avoid running out of time for candle blowing:-)

    For a sample minute-by-minute guide click - Kiddie Birthday Activity Guide

    Don't forget to prepare the props needed to execute the games.  The excitement drops when a host announces a newspaper dance and the newspaper has yet to be dug.

    Prepare for extra activities just in case other activities end fast.

    Match the quantity of games/participants to your prizes.  That way,  you won't have too much extra or worst run out of prizes.

    Relax and Have Fun

    After all the planning and the preparation,  enjoy the party and have fun.  It is your child's big day and if there is any mood the party should be in, it should be happy:-)


    For a stress-free party, why don't you consider booking in a fast food restaurant?  Kids love the food and it comes with the venue, host, games and even the mascot entertainment is taken cared of.  Jollibee Chicken Joy, anyone?:-)

    It is amazing how Jollibee made kiddie parties even less stressful with the newly launched!   Book and customize your Jollibee party online - kiddie parties has never been this easy. For details go to

    Disclosure:  This is a Jollibee sponsored post.  Sponsorship does not diminish the integrity of the post.  TheGoMom believes in giving positive reviews on products/services TheGoMom has positive experience with.