Desperately Seeking a Nanny

It is exactly 24 days since my new nanny went on absence without leave after borrowing money from me.  Uwaaah! what has become of our loyal and hardworking helpers, nannies, drivers?

Now it seems that it is the employers who have to adjust to them.  Trying to please them so as not to end up doing all the household chores.

I have been asking relatives around for referrals and it seems everybody is looking for one for themselves too.  My husband says they don’t want to be helpers anymore and would rather work in factories or department stores.  The price of progress.  But if you compute it,  helpers get to save more because they don’t spend on anything.  All is provided for.  Unlike factory workers,  who has to pay lodging, transportation, food and clothes.

I have always relied on referrals and never tried getting from an agency for security reasons.  But now,  I am waiting for an agency to give me one.

For novice agency employers like me,   the one-time placement fee is P 4,000 and the minimum starting is [Read more...]

Maid from a Quentin Tarantino Movie

I have had my share of maid’s tales - hilarious, sad to super irritating. But none tops this maid I am currently, very carefully ejecting. She’s the best maid I had in my 10 years of managing my own household. She’s an effective and efficient worker and does not have to be told 100 times of how and when I want things done. But she's a character straight out of Tarantino's movie.

She had a mild brush off with my yaya of 4 years. And she threatened her that she’s just a nudge down to the 3/f. In Filipino she threatened, “isang tulak ka lang sa 3/f.” This maid is 5’7 feet and on the big bone side and my yaya is 4’9 and weighs probably 80 pounds! Not content, she even told her that if my yaya does not leave before the end of the month, she will pull off all her teeth. As in! Hindi man lang, sasabunatan kita or sasampalin kita ala tele novela. It screamed of Hostel (it’s this movie of Quentin that is down right sadistic)!!!

Of course, I had to take immediate action. I don’t want our house to turn into CSI. My husband was out of the country so I had to be very cautious. I asked my yaya to lock herself and asked kids to lock the room. I asked other maid to stay with me. And I made sure I do it in the living room, far from kitchen knives. Baka maging liempo pa ako! Well, she didn’t run amuck and was apologetic but said she couldn’t leave just yet because she doesn’t have a place to stay in here in Manila.

Btw, this maid, 2 months into her stay with us (she reached a year), casually told me that she had to pick up her father. I said sure, where? And she said, from prison!!!!!!! Nyikes! I almost fell off my chair. And that’s not it. He’s in there for murder. But she said her father was just covering up for her brother who actually committed the crime. From before that I don’t lock rooms, I locked rooms. But my husband said, it’s wrong to judge a person by the actions of her family and besides she’s really good in household work.

This happened last Saturday, I asked her to take a day off since the tension was just too much. She’s coming back this afternoon …