Skechers GOwalk: Comfort of a Rubber Shoe with Casual Style for Errand Days and Travel Marathons

Make me choose between comfort or style and I would pick comfort in a beat.  I'm a mom with three kids and I can't have achy feet.  Hehe I have enough trouble in my hands and I can't worry about my feet:-)  That said,  in all my travels with the family (mostly theme parks),  I always use my good old trusty rubber shoes.   Of course,  wearing my training shoes, isn't exactly stylish but hey at least my feet are a-ok.  I wouldn't mind though if I can find the travel shoe that would meld comfort and style.   And promise,  I have found that in Skechers GOwalk.

A few weels back, I was invited to the "Amazing Race" Skechers GOwalk event at Glorietta Mall.  Select bloggers were invited to test the comfort of Skechers GOwalk. 3 groups composed of 5 mommy bloggers were running all over Glorietta to complete 8 missions. That's our Yellow Team down there composed of Earthling Gorgeous, Momma n Manila, Mommy Practicality and Moomy Musings.

We came in a a few seconds later than the winning team but the adrenalin rush was exhilarating!

Photo Credit Earthling Gorgeous

We were tasked to do a shofie at the park then run across the other end of Glorietta to get our next mission.  We burned calories, man!  But the shoe was heaven!  Skechers nailed it when they coined the tagline "feel the bounce" as the shoe was so light, was contoured properly and I felt a bounce in my step.  I didn't get any achy feet after all that running  Promise guys!

With regard to style,  I love their boat shoe Skechers GOwalk collection.  It took me 10 years to decide between the grey or the blue one, but decided on the blue since I'm mostly in jeans.

My tweener daughter, who is so finicky with shoes (not because of style but because of comfort.  She is the one whose socks must be seamless) loved it!  I'm getting her, her own pair because I can hardly wear mine anymore:-)

Here is the low-down on the science behind Skechers GOwalk:

  • V-stride which allows the shoe to follow our natural walking gait.
  • Resalyte Midsole that absorbs impact from walking.
  • 4-Way Engineered Stability Stretch Mesh for superior flexibility.
  • Integrated Ortholite (exclusive) and anti-microbial sock liner that lets you go sockless without worrying about foot odor.
  • Quick Fit Portal for easy on easy off convenience.
  • GO Impulse Sensors that provides traction for enhanced footing control.

That's a lot of science for a shoe but in my momma language it simply spells mega-comfort!  I have been using it a lot lately since errands dominate my days;-)

To get the latest updates head on over to Skechers' FB page or follow their Twitter: @SkechersPH or Instagram: @SkechersPH.  If you already have your own and  raving of Skechers GOwalk's bounce go ahead and tag them #EngineeredForComfort #SkechersPH #SkechersGOwalk

Feel the Bounce Guys!



TheGoMom Favorite Quote #5

The important thing is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are movingLife changing quote.  I encountered it on the bulletin board in my daughter's school.  It struck me when I first read it, like love at first sight.  It lingered in my mind. I entertained it. I pondered on it. And finally, I accepted its grace.

It is so true and it is so powerful.

It has made me more tolerant and forgiving of myself and the people around me.  True,  I may have shouted and lost it with the kids a minute ago,  but the quote brings me back to what is important as I breathe out the past, apologize and start anew.   True,  I may have eaten a meal to rival a 7 footer football player's appetite but I can stop at one bite of dessert and say, "oops, you slipped, stop" and just like that I feel lighter not remorseful.

When my daughter came home weeks back, very scared, with a not desirable grade (I can be a tiger!),  I felt angry and sad, but I told my daughter, "Ok that was not a good grade but you didn't put effort in it.  Grade = effort. But that is the past, what is important is what we do about it."  My daughter's face lighted up and slowly but surely she is working teeny-weeny harder to beat her personal best.

My friend, Candice, noticed the quote at work.  She said there is something different in me which she can't put a finger at.

Even my toddler noticed it.  He accidentally spilled his milk, looked at me with fright in his eyes, as I exclaimed "It's ok that was an accident. It's done. Let's clean up. Be careful next time."  Ok it may sound like a scene from Pleasantville, and it does look surreal, even to me,   but yes,  I am capable of forgiveness haha:-)  My boy in full, confused awe said, "Wooow! you're not mad."

I still do get mad and snap at times, uhhh just like yesterday, but I bounce back to the direction I want to move.

Even to my helpers or our workers at the office,  if they make a mistake,  I just point out the mistake and tell them not to repeat it again, tell them the right thing to do and I end by saying "that's what is important."  It removes the ill feelings of being corrected/reprimanded, somehow.

It is amazing how the quote has opened up a new dimension of positivity, kindness and hope in me.

Let it linger in your mind. Entertain it. Ponder on it. And, finally, accept its grace.

Have a Blessed Week Ahead,









TheGoMom Original Quote #3

toiletries then and nowBefore soap and shampoo lang ok na,  now, shampoo and then may conditioner pa.  Not to mention the weekly hair power dose.  Before, one soap  for all body parts, now there is a special soap for face, special soap for down there, next time we know there will be a special soap for the feet and armpits!:-)  Before,  entire family has same brand of soap and shampoo, now each is specialized!  For men, for kids, for infants.  Just saying ... since it is #throwbackthursday today:-)


TheGoMom Original Quote #2

Kids and CellphoneDon't you just grit your teeth when you need to use your cellphone and can't use it because your kids are still using it? Hehe breathe in, breathe out tayo mothers! All my kids (aged 13, 10 and 3) don't have cellphones so the only time they can use one is when I'm there.  I'm beginning to really consider getting them one soon!

Trapped Between a Scream and a Hug,



Have a Blessed All Souls Day

All Souls Day quote

Rita of The Pumpkin Store: Sewing your Fantasies to Reality

rita - cover"Everything just fell into place!"  That is what Rita has to say of her newly created costume store, The Pumpkin Store.  The Pumpkin Store is barely a year old but its creation has managed to land the front cover of Smart Parenting's October 2014 issue!

Rita and I date way back!  She is my schoolmate in high school and my housemate and gimmick mate in college.

Her fairy tale story of how The Pumpkin Store evolved here ...    [Read more...]

TheGoMom Favorite Quote #4

Life is about moments.  Don't wait for them, create them.

Exactly a year ago, I took a break from motherhood and took an amazing 6-day, 13,000 feet, 48 km trek up the beautiful mountains of Lantang, Nepal (read about my adventure here)

The breather enriched me.

Cheers to moments we create!




#HealthisHappening Challenge Days 2 and 3: Zumba and Yoga

Yoga Quote

For my Day 2 Challenge, I had one hour of highly energized and ultra-fun Zumba class October 21 #FitnessFirstPH.

For my Day 3 Challenge,  I had a 30 minute run, followed by a relaxing Body Balance Class today October 22.  I always feel good in a Yoga class because I listen to my body and hear it whisper "It's ok, you are strong and you are beautiful." Namaste.





#HealthisHappening Challenge Day 1: Breaking the Eternally on a Diet Mode

When every single Monday is Day 1 your never-ending dietYung tuwing Monday na lang is Day 1 of your eternal diet!  That is the story of my life.

I start the week right and end up losing it towards the end of the week.  With a height just barely 5 feet,  I'm at my heaviest in my current weight of 127 pounds on the scale.

I told myself I'll make this Monday different by taking up the #healthishappening challenge of #Unilab Foundation. Monday, October 20 is my Day 1, take 27 hahaha:-)   As my friend Lisa said, "Nag-one year anniversary na yang diet mo!"  I let out a large guffaw but in retrospect I know I have to make that commitment work.

For my 21 Day challenge #healthierPH, I vowed to exercise everyday!  No miss!  I also commit to watch what I am eating by cutting down on  to sugary drinks and eating in moderation.  I have tried those no carb diet, no sweets diet but they are just too impossible to keep up with.  I'll take the normal course this time by eating the right portions and stopping when I'm already full!

#Day 1 #Healthishappening #healthier PH

I placed myself on the Tanita Scale for my complete Body Composition.

Tanita Body Composition AnalyzerFor my #Day1, I ran 8.5km for an hour on the treadmill.  Woohoo!!!Treadmill reading

My friend Lisa,  a marathoner, shared me this wonderful tip ...

"To counter treadmill boredom and up your run routine, change your pace on a 5-4-3-2-1 minute increment.  In 30 minutes,  you have elevated your heart rate and managed to control boredom because you are always altering your speed."

Basically you start with a speed you are comfortable with and build from there.  I started with a speed of 7 on the treadmill, zero gradient.  I did that for 5 minutes, moved to 7.5 for 4 minutes and so on till I reach 9 which I do for a minute.  You continue on by going 1-2-3-4-5.  One minute on a speed of 9, 2 minutes at 8.5, 3 minutes at 8 and so on till you're back at 7.  End of 30 minutes! This routine has always worked for me.

For my #Day1 meals: B-hehe one slice of leftover lasagna (at least one lang instead of 2) L: beef bulalo, no rice   S: Hindi ako umabot, I had chips!  D: party pork and beans, 1/2 cup brown rice and a big serving of garlic kangkong.

Not bad for a Day#1!

Till the next day!   Excited to take this journey to fitness with #healthierPH.  How about you guys?  Hope you can join me in the challenge.  Remember,  malapit na ang pasko!  Daming picture taking plus we have to free up some space in the tummy for those delicious December treats!






TheGoMom Original Quote #1

filipino meme

I have one million and one things to do today!  Ding, ang bato!  I need to use my Darna powers.  Paghati-hatiaan natin ang mahiwagang bato, mga busy mothers!


TheGoMom Favorite Quote #3

why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so near to Monday?Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so near to Monday?

Huwhaaat? #Monday na???  #Weekend went so fast.  Let's make this week fast and packed we'll be hugging #Friday in a bit.  Have a great week everyone!



TheGoMom Favorite Quote #2!

Quote by Roald DahlShine and radiate lovely!  Happy Monday everyone!  Bring sunshine to the rest of week with your positive vibes!




Sundays with Lolo and Lola

Lolo and Lola Share a Coke

My parents were thrilled when we were served with a can of Coke with Lolo written on it!  We immediately asked the waiter to look for a Lola!  #Simple joy!

Sundays are best spent with Lolo and Lola:-)  Have a great and blessed Sunday everyone!





Thunders and Strikes

thunderstorm quoteEarly dawn,  the long series of lightning and thunder woke me and my husband up.  I thought of the kids and a few seconds later they called for me.   It's good to know we are in each other's thought in times of fear.   To assuage their fears,  I told them the story my mom used to tell my brothers and I whenever there is a thunderstorm.  My mom said God is playing bowling when there is a thunderstorm  and He scores a strike with each thunder.  Championship ata kaninang madaling araw.  #typhoonmario

Short break from this dark day.  The eerie sound of Marikina alarm can be heard from our house.  Stay safe everyone.


Monday Positive Vibes 1!

TheGoMom's Inspirational Quote

There may be a typhoon in #manila today but you can brighten the day with your #goodvibes! Happy #monday everyone! Embrace the week ahead!