No Two Women are Alike: Understanding the Difference in Lactacyd’s 5 Variants

Lactacyd 5 Variants

No two women are alike, so goes the new tagline of Lactacyd Feminine care line.  I was invited to the glamorous launch of Lactacyd last week at the Crowne Plaza and I was thrilled to see their Brand Ambassador, Anne Curtis, live!

I always thought Anne Curtis is pretty but when I saw her at the event,  she was more than just a pretty face.  She is oozing with confidence,  is vibrant, light and fun.  I'm a fan!  O di ba, now I follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

Classic beauty

Classic beauty

Pretty, light, vibrant and fun Anne Curtis

Pretty, light, vibrant and fun Anne Curtis

In the event, they launched the newest variant of Lactacyd, "Cool and Fresh" with a light and fun TV commercial of Anne Curtis.

They also highlighted the 5 variants of Lactacyd.  You know when there are so many variants, you go by what is prettiest to the eye, pleasant to the smell.  Or maybe just reach out for the original variant.  I'm both depending on how much time I have in the grocery:-)

But it would be good to know what to reach out for because more than just the packaging and the smell,  each variant addresses our different needs, personalities, lifestyle and hygienic care routines.

Lactacyd Protecting is best for women who may experience irritation as a result of daily activities and humidity. Thanks to lactoserum and lactic acid, this classic Lactacyd keeps itching, irritation and odor away through its delicate caring properties.

Lactacyd White Intimate is a whitening feminine wash that provides women with safe and clinically-tested cleansing with effective lightening of the bikini area.   Made with natural plant-based Actipone-B, marine-based Algowhite, and milk-ingredients, Lactacyd White Intimate gently lightens the intimate area within 4 weeks1 that’s why it’s preferred by 9 out of 10 Asian women2.

Lactacyd Revitalize has youth reviving benefits that goes beyond cleansing.  It promotes both skin elasticity and softness, it has Vitamin E and collagen which are known ingredients to enhance skin softness, suppleness and firmness. Users claim to achieve 90% skin youthfulness in just 10 days3.

Lactacyd All-Day Care combines natural milk extracts with light floral scent that gently cleanses and refreshes the intimate area. It also comes in handy All-Day Care Wipes for on-the-go feminine care.

Lactacyd Cool and Fresh, helps women stay pleasantly protected and confident with its longer-lasting freshness4. Made with menthol essences and milk extracts, this clear and mildly soothing variant effectively provides cooling and longer-lasting freshness against the sticky-icky feeling down there.

Nice to know, right?  Personally, I would reach out for the Lactacyd White Intimate, Lactacyd Revitalize or Lactacyd Cool and Fresh.  What would you reach out for?

Yours truly, trying to strike a pose at the Lactacyd event.

Yours truly, trying to strike a pose at the Lactacyd event.

No Two Women are Alike!




Disclosure:  Thanks to Redge of Entertainment Angle for inviting me to the launch.


Satisfaction in a Task that’s Done!

I totally relate to this!  I know it is weird because it takes up more time.  I mean why write down a task after it's done, right?  It's simply my tiny pat in the back.  It's alright Lilian, you can't do everything but you did something:-)

Write and Tick,



The Week that Was: Nutrition Week of My Pre-Schooler

It has been a busy week for my pre-schooler.  Monday was their fruit costume parade.  Grover!  Na-challenge ang aking creative skills because we needed to make costumes for them out of cartolina etc.  My first question was,  how in the world, does he wear a cartolina?  Of course the internet is not lacking in resources.

strawberry fruit costume

I made him into an adorable strawberry:-) hehe it was the easiest.  With my daughter's help,  we cut out a red cartolina into a strawberry, painted the seeds then cut and paste the leaves.  To put it on him,  we just taped a string at the edge of the strawberry and hung it over his neck.

Thursday, I was the guest parent and I was invited to prepare a healthy snack for the kids.  It was a bit challenging because reality tells me most kids think healthy is boring and not yummy, nyikes!   I relied on what works for my kids.  Thanks to my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer,  I was able to make juice from fresh carrots, pineapples, apples and oranges and the kids loved it!  They enjoyed dumping the fruits and veggies in the juicer chute and watch it transform to juice.  I also helped them prepare their own cheese with cucumber sandwich.  Some kids ate the sandwich, some didn't but everyone loved the juice.  Lasang pineapple-orange of Del Monte:-)

The culminating activity was an hour long parent-child session at CrossFit!  All the kids enjoyed.  My son was so flushed with joy his cheeks were all red.  And syempre ang mothers, napagod sa circuit training.  CrossFit has CrossFit Kids na pala.

Most of the parents in my son's pre-school seems to be first time parents,  so you can just imagine the age gap!  I have a 13 year old!  O di ba?!?  pi-no-po nila ako!   Ancient!  There was another parent there feeling ko ka-age but ang sexy and ang ganda ng hair color, in fairnesses she looked younger!  Time to head to the salon and gym!!!

Lastly,  I'm in love with the pre-school of my son!  The curriculum is structured in a very holistic manner and the parents are heavily involved. They address all basic skills my son needs from writing, reading, manners, virtues, nationalism and health!  I can't say the name just yet for privacy purposes but I will when he is in big school na.

How about you, how was your week?

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Trying to Get my Groove Back

that awesome feeling when you have finished all your workHi guys!  I have not had my rhythm in writing lately.  Parang I always want to write and I have a whole list of experiences to share with you but someone is stealing the time, all the time!

Actually it is not just in writing.  I feel I'm stuck in a rut in most things in my life right now.  You know the feeling na because there is so much things to do, you end up doing nothing?  Like I'm always chasing after what has to be done and not much sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.   I'm lethargic, cranky, moody and to top it all my insomnia and allergic rhinitis is in full swing!  Nakikisama sa gulo!

So in one of those many sleepless nights I read about how to get things done, what causes chronic stress and skimmed over a hundred quotes to rally me back to my mojo.

I headed over to Gretchen (Happiness Project author),  hindi naman masyadong self help ang dating di ba?;-)  She said in her article "Counter Intuitive Strategy that Really Works," that if one approach doesn't work,  try the opposite.  So if I am saying yes to everything, I should start saying no.  If I can't write early in the morning,  I write in the evening (which is what I am doing now).  If I'm trying to do ten thousand things,  I do just one.

I don't know how that would work for me but in these desperate times,  it wouldn't hurt to try.

How about you guys?  How do you keep yourself sane with the 1,001 things to do in the in box?

Trying to Get my Groove Back,

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The Power of Glenda

glendaPHMy 2 elder kids and I woke up early July 16 to the howling winds of #Glenda.  The three of us watched the power of nature as it hurled strong winds, one after another.  We stood silent, humbled by the strength of the typhoon as it blew tree branches and whistled its power through.  There is something spiritual watching the storm. It is like a physical manifestation of God's supreme power.

In that dark, gloomy morning I learned about the trees that my kids hang out in at school.  They recounted the story of the Oak Tree and the Bamboo Tree.  And they voiced out their fears if this is as hard as it gets.  I hope it is.

Stay safe everyone!

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Post-note:  Kids will be kids.  After a whole day with no electricity, no electronics and no gadgets, my son declared, "I can't believe I'm saying this but for the first time in my life,  if there is still no electricity tomorrow I'll happily go to school."  The innocent thought of a boy who happily helped our helper sweep the fallen leaves around the house.


Glaiza of Moomy Musings: Military’s Wife

Military's wife quoteHave you ever wondered what it is like to be a military's wife? We fret about our husbands coming in late from their overtime while they worry if their husband is even coming back alive and well.   Through my blogging I met Glaiza, the blogger behind Moomy Musings, a mother and a military wife.

Over blog events, we have come to get to know each other.  She's funny, real and dedicated to rearing her only child in what she terms as a "geographically single mom" status.

This is her story. [Read more...]

Parenting Noon at Ngayon #1

Parenting Noon at Ngayon

Active Play Heals Tacloban Children

Johnson and Johnson Tacloban Playground "Di lang Laro ang Laro"As a parent, nothing touches our heart more than when we witness a child's pure, simple joy.

It is both an honorable and humbling experience altogether.

Johnson and Johnson Tacloban Playground "Di lang Laro ang Laro" Last June 6,  I am grateful to feel and see this remarkable human spirit when Johnson and Johnson Philippines’s Di Lang Laro ang Laro invited me to witness the turn-over of the unique, community based children's playground they constructed for the typhoon-stricken kids of Sagkahan Elementary School, Tacloban City, Leyte. [Read more...]

TheGoMom’s Quote Pick of the Week

Do not educate your child to be rich, educate him to be happy

Do not educate your child to be rich.

Educate him to be happy.

So when he grows up,

he'll know the value of things, not the price. - Anonymous

Ferdinand Cacnio: Pursuing your Passion

Ferdinand Cacnio flamenco dancer

We have all heard that pursuing your passion brings you the greatest joy and your biggest success.  And it's always inspiring to hear this old adage take fold in real life.

I'm very honored to meet and get to know visual artist, Ferdinand Cacnio, who pursued his passion despite the odds.  He is best known for his intricate sculptures inspired by dance.

His dancers exude beauty, grace, passion and life.  I like the fluid motion of the sculptures and the fine details he breathes into it.  I'm not an art collector but I think I know beauty when I see one.  And beautiful,  they all are.

Ferdinand Cacnio Odette

Ferdie, as his friends call him and as I call him (naks! close) didn't have any formal training in the arts,  but he grew up surrounded by art.  His father is highly acclaimed visual artist Angel Cacnio.  As a child, he drew with both his hands, created fabulous clay sculptures and made some of the best looking kites in the neighborhood.

Parent Says, Son Follows

Mr. Angel Cacnio, Ferdie's father, is best known for his watercolor paintings and was listed in the Who's Who in International Art.  He is also the artist behind the one centavo coin, the 50 centavo coin as well as our current 20 and 100 peso bills.

Angel Cacnio's paintings

Much coveted paintings of Angel Cacnio

Although Mr. Angel Cacnio was an artist, he didn't want his son to experience the hardships he himself faced as an artist.  Ferdie's mom expressed the same sentiments.  Both mom and dad wanted Ferdie to become a doctor.  When eldest son, Ferdie, expressed his interest to enter UP Diliman as a Fine Arts major,  his dad said " ‘Kung mag-fine arts ka lang ‘wag ka na mag-aral."   (If you’re just going to take up fine arts, you might as well not study.)

Being an obedient son, he took up BS Psychology (pre-med) in UP Diliman but upon graduation decided not to pursue Medicine due to health reasons.   Wanting to make it up to his parents, he went back to UP and graduated in another course - Civil Engineering in 1985. He then went on to work the UP Transport Training Center but art's call is loud.  He became an art dealer, took over the design projects of his father and in 1989 put up his own design studio.  For the next 20 years he had a profitable graphic design company, designing for big pharmaceutical companies.  It was profitable but he is seeking something more.  His turning point to become a visual artist came when art critic, Cid Reyes, pointed out that though all his designs were all over stores, nobody knows, nobody cares and it is thrown right after. But painting, sculpture or art when it is bought, it is kept and you will go down in history.

Pursuing His Passion

Ferdinand Cacnio

In 2004, Ferdie, took the leap and decided to do what his heart desires most - he went back into art.  He started painting and making sculptures again (but now in metal).  Using the welding method,  Ferdie would create his own vision of how a sculpture must look like - beautiful, fluid in motion.  He created graceful ballerinas and fiery, passionate flamenco dancers using brass, copper, stainless steel and Corten steel.   In 2005, his first exhibit, The Dancer in 2005, was a great success.   Since then, has won the Art Association of the Philippines’ annual art competition (2005), has numerous international and local solo exhibits, gained recognition from art collectors and fellow artists.

Stories behind the Sculptures

Ferdinand Cacnio ballerina

Ferdinand Cacnio's Michael JacksonFerdie back in his heydays was the life of the party.  He won several dance competitions and can do the meanest moonwalk and can float you through the swing.   That is why he knows how a dancer moves, where the skirt sways, where the muscles contract, how sensuality is exuded in every step.

Ferdinand Cacnio Trees

Ferdinand Cacnio tree

His tree collection is based on his childhood reminisces of climbing up on trees.

And his horse collection is based on the days he hangs out at the Sta. Ana race track with his Tito's who own horses.

I love that his story exemplifies how true passion when pursued, despite all the adversities, would give you what your heart desires.

MCHS 89 exhibit with Ferdinand Cacnio

My Maryknoll highschool batch has commissioned Ferdinand Cacnio to create a series of limited edition ballerina sculptures entitled “Turning Point, Change with Grace.” These ballerinas are in distinct poses and don tutus in colors of orange, blue, white, green, yellow and red. The colors represent the values espoused by the Maryknoll sisters.

Meet the Man behind this beautiful art on May 24, 2014 between 11am-1pm at the Avida Showroom, Glorietta 4.  RSVP only.  No RSVP, no entry. RSVP me by commenting below.

His beautiful collection will be available for public viewing at the same venue on May 24, 2014 between 1pm-7pm.

Another plus, passion is the elixir of youth.  Ferdie, looks much younger than his age!

Another plus, passion is the elixir of youth. Ferdie, looks much younger than his age!

Indulging in Art,

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Throwback Thursday: Sweets ng ating Kabataan! (Sweets of our Childhood)

We were once children too!  Here is a photo collection of the sweet things we used to munch on, back in our days ...

Image credit

Image credit

Remember this pink gum with ridges on it?  It was hard to chew but who cares,  we wanted the comic strip inside:-)

Image credit

Image credit

Everyone had their taste of first communion with these fruity Chinese hawthorn discs.

Image credit

Image credit

We would buy these from school or from the sari-sari store and start popping them in our mouths by pushing them at the middle with our fingers.  Naka-stapler pa nga ang dulo, tamang-tama sa bata:-)  (The end is even stapled at the end,  just right for kids).

Image credit

Image credit

Bago pa ang Cadbury,  I had my sweet tooth on Serg's Milk Chocolate.

Image credit

Image credit

Kendi na nakakain ang wrapper!  Magic!  The edible thin wax wrapper made out of sticky rice made eating this creamy and chewy candy irresistible.

Image credit raquelbyginquelrus and

Image credit raquelbyginquelrus and

My fave in the world!  I always looked forward to my mom coming home from the palengke (market) with these.  It used to come in vertical plastic bags with usually 10 pieces stacked inside.  Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.  Yum!

Image credit

Image credit

Who doesn't love the buttery caramel taste of Peter's butter ball?  It is a little bit weird to roll such a big ball in our tiny mouths but we loved it.  Kendi Mint was my first taste of mint candy.  Up to now,  when I take my mints I still miss the chocolate surprise in the middle.

Image credit daisybubbles

Image credit daisybubbles

Orange jelly candy covered in sugar for our sweet cravings.  The closest thing to the gummy bears of our childhood.

Image credit

Image credit

Chewy, chocolate candy that stubbornly sticks to our teeth.  As in seriously,  with my dirty, chubby fingers I always had to dislodge stuck tootsie roll in my teeth.  Eeww!

Image credit

Image credit

We loved munching on these tablet-shaped chocolate and malt candies.

Image credit

Image credit

And syempre,  mawawala ba si Chicletin mo babe?:-) (And of course,  we cannot miss Chiclets baby)

Did I miss any childhood sweet fave?  How about you, what food/snack/sweets brings back childhood memories?

Reference:  10 Kiddie Snacks we Can't Forget by Macy Alcaraz for

Minsang Bata,

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Close Encounter with Manny Pacquiao


TheGoMom with Manny Pangyaw

Woohooo!  Mabuhay ka, Manny!  Unanimous Decision. Score: 116-112 (x2), 118-110.

Since we are on the Manny streak,  I had a close encounter with Manny a month back.

I was in the UNTV studio for TheGoMom's first TV appearance.  On my way up to the studio, I was speechless when I saw Manny Pacquiao!!! I stopped for awhile, unsure who it was and started screaming OMG, OMG, OMG! Hands shaking, heart palpitating, voice 10 decibels higher. I hugged him, made beso (kiss) and had my picture taken several times.  When I recovered from my shock,  I shook his hands and told him I'm a fan and how happy and proud all Filipinos are of him.  I called my parents to check if they have time to come over to the studio to have the once in a lifetime chance to have their photo taken with the Pambansang Kamao.   They were busy and couldn't make it.  When I got to the studio,  I was still ecstatic and told everyone, "Go down, Manny Pacquiao is at the 2nd floor!"  No one was as excited as me.  I was thinking to myself, "Ano ba naman, walang respeto sa pambansang kamao!"  And then one guest told me, "Relax,  he is Manny Pangyaw.  He is a TV host here at UNTV."  Huwhaaaaaat?!#@?!   I don't know whether to cry or laugh.  I laughed.

Another side kwento on Manny,  while watching the fight yesterday with my family and friends,  a friend recounted a story of Manny's remarkable kindness.  LBC has been one of Manny Pacquiao's sponsors.  However,  LBC doesn't have the budget right now to sponsor Manny's current fight so they said they cannot be a sponsor anymore.  Manny apparently said, "Ay hindi pwede yan.  Sinuportahan nyo ako sa umpisa, tatapusin natin ito magkasama."  (That can't be.  You supported me at the start,  we will finish this together).  Yesterday,  the LBC logo was still on Manny's shorts even without a sponsorship.  Saludo kami sa iyong tapang, determination, galing at higit sa lahat sa iyong kabaitan!

Muli, mabuhay ka Manny!

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Sosy Taxi Driver

Image from

Image from

I took the cab the other day because the non-color coding car is with my son.

Driver:  Where to Ma'm?

Thought Bubble:  Aba, inglesero si Manong.

After putting down the phone following a conversation with a friend on my recent trip to Hongkong.

Driver:  Did you go up Victoria Peak Ma'm?  I have been to Hongkong three times and that is the best place for me (in Hongkong).  But I liked Shanghai too.  Ang ganda!

Me:  Wow!  Hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Shanghai.

After exchanging notes with him on where to go to Hongkong on my next visit.

Driver:  Ma'm sa EDSA Shangrila ba or Makati Shangrila, kasi sabi niyo Heat (overheard from my phone conversation) tapos Makati Shang, medyo nalito ako.

Thought Bubble:  You are the man, manong!!!!

Ride Happy!

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TheGoMom’s First TV Appearance

Louelle de Cordova, TheGoMom, Chef Madrigal and Jenny Fajardo

Louelle de Cordova, TheGoMom, Chef Madrigal and Jenny Fajardo

I'm happy to share with you that TheGoMom had its first ever TV appearance this morning at the Rise and Shine morning show at UNTV with Louella de Cordova and Jenny Fajardo.  They interviewed me on the pros and cons of tutoring your own kids at home.  I also shared some tips on making tutoring a little bit less stressful for both mom and child:-)

TheGoMom with Manny Pangyaw

On my way up to the studio, I was speechless when I saw Manny Pacquiao!!! I stopped for awhile, unsure who it was and started screaming OMG, OMG, OMG! Hands shaking, heart palpitating, voice 10 decibels higher. I hugged him, made beso (kiss) and had my picture taken several times.  When I recovered from my shock,  I shook his hands and told him I'm a fan and how happy and proud all Filipinos are of him.  I called my parents to check if they have time to come over to the studio to have the once in a lifetime chance to have their photo taken with the Pambansang Kamao.   They were busy and couldn't make it.  When I got to the studio,  I was still ecstatic and told everyone, "Go down, Manny Pacquiao is at the 2nd floor!"  No one was as excited as me.  And then one guest told me, "Relax,  he is Manny Pangyaw.  He is a TV host here at UNTV."  Huwhaaaaaat?!#@?!   I don't know whether to cry or laugh.  I laughed.

Thanks to Rise and Shine for the wonderful experience!  And to Manny Pangyaw for the momentary thrill.   It was hilarious!

Till the Next TheGoMom Adventure,

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K-Pub Side A/Freestyle Concert: Worth it!

Posing with Side A Lead Singer Joey G

Hi!  How was your weekend?  Mine was fun!  I had couples night dinner last Saturday at Urbn with my husband and his friends and their wives.  We had fun catching up with each other and a little side chisms on the man with an H in his name Vhong Navarro who brought "foods" to Deniece.

side a concert at k pub

After dinner we moved to K-pub for the Side-A and Freestyle concert.  Upon entry,  we were so tempted to ask the waiter to tone down the music but reminded ourselves, it's a bar, it's meant to be loud.  Hirap magkwentuhan!  Freestyle was fun, as they sang a mix of old and new songs, but of course,  era ko ang Side A so I went crazy when they finally took the stage.  It was a trip down memory lane as they sang all those familiar tunes from "Di pa Huli" to "Take on Me".  Side A can still hold a crowd.  The only thing that bothered us was the base was too strong it was drowning the lyrics plus a couple of times the mic made that loud screeching noise.

The concert started at 10pm and gave each band an hour each on the stage, with a 20 minute interval between the 2 bands.   At P500 inclusive of 2 drinks of your choice (cocktails or beer or regular drink),  it was definitely worth it.  I was comparing the price to those Valentine dinner dates starting at P2,500 and this one was definitely a steal.

Till the Next Gimmick!

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