Aaaand I’m back! It feels good to be back writing again. I have been away for almost 2 months with nary a post even in my favorite social media, Instagram.   Last May, kids and I had our summer vacation in Australia and for the most part of June we had balikbayans over for my brother’s wedding and my parent’s Wedding Anniversary.

It was a whirl of one happy event to another and my husband has been pleading me to get back to work. Hehehe. Well, I have been officially back to work July 4. And you can just imagine the looong list of things to do.

In those 2 months off the work mill, I stumbled upon an old book of mine “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family” by Richard Carlson. It’s little nuggets of practical ways to minimize stress within the home, with all the work-at-home stuff, household chores, mommy duties, wife duties etc.  I am changing course mid-year downscaling grand goals for little pockets of peace in my everyday life. I hope to share with you these little pockets as I begin dancing again to my very own drum beat.

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TheGoMom Nominated as Best Parenting Blog at Nuffnang Awards 2016 #NNMatchlessMomLilian #NUFFNANGAWARDS2016 #Blogopolis4D


I am beyond words!   When I received an email from Nuffnang, I felt I already won! 😉 Really, I did. I was beaming from ear to ear and I called my family to let them know of the nomination. And syempre, it wasn’t enough that I tell them, I had to make them read the nomination letter, out loud!:-)   It is a solid validation that all the hard work I put in the blog is of significant value to the parenting community.

thegomom logoWhen I started blogging, my only thought is that I wanted to write. I used to write for the collegiate paper and it is one of my true passions. Blogging has given me the opportunity to write once more within the confines of my home, a topic closest to my heart, parenting.   Blog posts came naturally as the experiences I share came from my everyday life as a mother. It covered my confession as a serial shouter, my hilarious experience with our Quentin Tarantino maid, my insight on the reality of marriage, my tips to avoid petty theft at home, to my desire for my kids to love their Filipino identity. It also covered our family travels laden with information.   And not to be discounted, as it is an integral part of the blog, are the 1,000 plus worksheets I have made for my kids, as I personally tutored them in their early years in school.

I wrote. And, I posted.   And like in the movie Field of Dreams, I built it, and people came.

Readers started dropping by as I see my statistics rise. Readers started commenting how they find the site helpful. And pretty soon, advertisers noticed it too. I have been asked several times how to be noticed by advertisers [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy-New-Year-20162015 has been chaotic for me. To-do lists hounded my days and I was always harassed, stressed and dead tired. Running after finishing one deadline after another. And it is not because I have so many things to do, it was because I was so disorganized and quite frankly, I was as slow as a snail on tranquilizer.

This 2016, the following quotes will guide my year.

Early-to-Bed-and-Early-to-Rise-Makes-a-Man-Healthy-Wealthy-and-WiseSleep is essential to me and when I don’t get enough rest, my whole body feels it and it functions on 1mb.

2015 had me sleeping late and waking up tired and stressed. I trudge through the day, brain half working causing me to produce what should have been a 2 hours worth of work to 5 or 6 hours! And because I lack sleep, I wasn’t a ray of sunshine to my little people. This year, I will try to hit the sack by 10pm and haul the kids to bed by 9:30pm.

Plan.-And-Stick-to-the-Plan2015 went by with to-do’s falling down my lap. In short, my to-do list was controlling me instead of me controlling my to-do-list. It was exhausting and really quite depressing.

This 2016, I’m writing down my goals and chunking it down to realistic, actionable to-do’s with timelines and hours that I need to spend on it.   The clock should be my ally reminding me to stick to my plan. A timer is essential to keep me focused. For instance, when I write a blog post, I have to put a 2 hour cap for writing and a one hour cap for finding photos. Therefore I can’t spend 2 hours finding inspiration on the net!

Finally, I end with my very own quote. I want to be kinder to myself and find balance. Read my full post about Balance here.

Quote about finding balanceWith the swirl of things happening around, it is essential to make a choice and . Did I plan and choose 4pm to be a time for my pre-schooler? If I did then I should not feel bad for the work left behind. Did I plan and choose to spend a few hours catching up with friends in FB? Then I should enjoy it.  Did I plan to work on accounting for the business today? Then I should feel accomplished. I’ll make a choice and find peace and joy in that choice. It’s alright, I made that choice.

New Year.  New Beginnings.

Amidst the busyness of parenthood,  I wish that all of us will find our truest and purest joy this 2016.

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Update from TheGoMom

Hi guys! How are you?  I'm sure nerves are wracked because of the quarterly tests.  Tomorrow is the last day of exam for my kids (now grade 9 and 7) and they can't wait for finals to be over.  I have turned them over to a tutor already at Bright Tomorrow* and my life has been stress free.  Hahaha:-)  So, this is the feeling of the kids coming home with homework and review done already.  No regrets tutoring my kids in their early years of grade school though.  It was a good form of bonding, through thick and thin talaga.  Apart from giving birth and the daily reminders to them that is making me crazy, tutoring them is my ultimate form of love.  Although they think it otherwise, haha:-)
First update,  yipeee!  the download issues have been fixed.  I would like to thank you for bearing with me when I was having technical problems with the worksheet menus and downloads.  They are all fixed now, thanks to the help of TheTechieMom, you're life a saver.  (Thanks to Pat of FancyGirl for referring).  Lesson learned there,  if it's not your forte, turn it over to an expert.  She fixed the bugs in an hour!  You should not be having any trouble downloading the worksheets anymore, especially the science worksheets.
Second update, worksheets with answer keys should be available before second quarter QT!  I know 100 years, right?  Worksheets with answer keys will be available for premium members.  But don't you worry, worksheets without answer keys will still be available to everyone for free!
Thirdly,  I would like to ask Instagram parents out there to please, por favor follow TheGoMom on Instagram.  Low tech as I maybe, I have discovered the joys of Instagram.  It's full of beautiful travel and food photos, wonderfully crafted quotes and fantastic finds and tips.     TheGoMom intends to utilize Instagram as another medium to provide you with relevant and mostly localized parenting adventures, family travel recos, useful tips and tons of relatable parenting posts that would hopefully make you say, "What?!? Me too!"  After all, hard yet fulfilling tasks like parenting are best shared with friends.
Hope to see more of you here at the TheGoMom site, TheGoMom Twitter, TheGoMom Facebook, TheGoMom Instagram.
With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting,
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*Bright Tomorrow is a new tutorial center ran by a good friend together with her fellow co-parents.  They can be reached at 623-4934.  They are located at Unit 201 Samia Tower, 81 Xavier Residences, Xavier Street, Greenhills, San Juan.

Happy New Year 2015!

New Years QuoteHappy 2015 everyone!

The holidays has been packed and busy for me and it is only now that I have time to sit down to recollect on 2014 and plan on 2015.

2014 has been fun and very, very busy for me.

  • TheGoMom joined Nuffnang.  Joining Nuffnang has been monumentally great  for TheGoMom.  For 5 years I was writing posts and doing worksheets and advertisers would nary come by except for a trickle here and there.  Thanks to  Nuffnang,  TheGoMom finally has some sponsors.  Yay!:-)  I grew my circle of friends and met the wonderful people of Nuffnang and a few mommy bloggers. And my daughter and I had more bonding activities thanks to the numerous, mostly "crafty" mommy events.
  • Our family business is going on its second year and I'm finally taking a grasp of its ins and outs - taking care of clients, doing HR and finance work.
  • It was my highschool batch reunion and I had a great time reconnecting with old friends.  Preparing for the dance presentation, planning the reunion party - it was all a blast!
  • On a personal note,  I think I have become more tolerant and more accepting of the differences my kids and I have.  I have been kinder to others and more importantly, to myself.

With that, I can say 2014 has been very good to me.  However, because of the flurry of activities my life was in constant chaos.  Every year I have a banner mantra, my catchword for the year that guides me in my every step.  Last year it was "be present" this year it is "order and discipline."  I have to regain control of my life by creating realistic plans, both general and specific, and having the will and discipline to see through them.

2015. New Year.  New Beginnings.

Amidst the busyness of parenthood,  I wish that all of you will find your truest and purest joy this 2015.







TheGoMom Favorite Quote #5

The important thing is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are movingLife changing quote.  I encountered it on the bulletin board in my daughter's school.  It struck me when I first read it, like love at first sight.  It lingered in my mind. I entertained it. I pondered on it. And finally, I accepted its grace.

It is so true and it is so powerful.

It has made me more tolerant and forgiving of myself and the people around me.  True,  I may have shouted and lost it with the kids a minute ago,  but the quote brings me back to what is important as I breathe out the past, apologize and start anew.   True,  I may have eaten a meal to rival a 7 footer football player's appetite but I can stop at one bite of dessert and say, "oops, you slipped, stop" and just like that I feel lighter not remorseful.

When my daughter came home weeks back, very scared, with a not desirable grade (I can be a tiger!),  I felt angry and sad, but I told my daughter, "Ok that was not a good grade but you didn't put effort in it.  Grade = effort. But that is the past, what is important is what we do about it."  My daughter's face lighted up and slowly but surely she is working teeny-weeny harder to beat her personal best.

My friend, Candice, noticed the quote at work.  She said there is something different in me which she can't put a finger at.

Even my toddler noticed it.  He accidentally spilled his milk, looked at me with fright in his eyes, as I exclaimed "It's ok that was an accident. It's done. Let's clean up. Be careful next time."  Ok it may sound like a scene from Pleasantville, and it does look surreal, even to me,   but yes,  I am capable of forgiveness haha:-)  My boy in full, confused awe said, "Wooow! you're not mad."

I still do get mad and snap at times, uhhh just like yesterday, but I bounce back to the direction I want to move.

Even to my helpers or our workers at the office,  if they make a mistake,  I just point out the mistake and tell them not to repeat it again, tell them the right thing to do and I end by saying "that's what is important."  It removes the ill feelings of being corrected/reprimanded, somehow.

It is amazing how the quote has opened up a new dimension of positivity, kindness and hope in me.

Let it linger in your mind. Entertain it. Ponder on it. And, finally, accept its grace.

Have a Blessed Week Ahead,









TheGoMom Original Quote #3

toiletries then and nowBefore soap and shampoo lang ok na,  now, shampoo and then may conditioner pa.  Not to mention the weekly hair power dose.  Before, one soap  for all body parts, now there is a special soap for face, special soap for down there, next time we know there will be a special soap for the feet and armpits!:-)  Before,  entire family has same brand of soap and shampoo, now each is specialized!  For men, for kids, for infants.  Just saying ... since it is #throwbackthursday today:-)


TheGoMom Original Quote #2

Kids and CellphoneDon't you just grit your teeth when you need to use your cellphone and can't use it because your kids are still using it? Hehe breathe in, breathe out tayo mothers! All my kids (aged 13, 10 and 3) don't have cellphones so the only time they can use one is when I'm there.  I'm beginning to really consider getting them one soon!

Trapped Between a Scream and a Hug,



Have a Blessed All Souls Day

All Souls Day quote

TheGoMom Original Quote #1

filipino meme

I have one million and one things to do today!  Ding, ang bato!  I need to use my Darna powers.  Paghati-hatiaan natin ang mahiwagang bato, mga busy mothers!


TheGoMom Favorite Quote #3

why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so near to Monday?Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so near to Monday?

Huwhaaat? #Monday na???  #Weekend went so fast.  Let's make this week fast and packed we'll be hugging #Friday in a bit.  Have a great week everyone!



TheGoMom Favorite Quote #2!

Quote by Roald DahlShine and radiate lovely!  Happy Monday everyone!  Bring sunshine to the rest of week with your positive vibes!




Sundays with Lolo and Lola

Lolo and Lola Share a Coke

My parents were thrilled when we were served with a can of Coke with Lolo written on it!  We immediately asked the waiter to look for a Lola!  #Simple joy!

Sundays are best spent with Lolo and Lola:-)  Have a great and blessed Sunday everyone!





The Week that Was: Nutrition Week of My Pre-Schooler

It has been a busy week for my pre-schooler.  Monday was their fruit costume parade.  Grover!  Na-challenge ang aking creative skills because we needed to make costumes for them out of cartolina etc.  My first question was,  how in the world, does he wear a cartolina?  Of course the internet is not lacking in resources.

strawberry fruit costume

I made him into an adorable strawberry:-) hehe it was the easiest.  With my daughter's help,  we cut out a red cartolina into a strawberry, painted the seeds then cut and paste the leaves.  To put it on him,  we just taped a string at the edge of the strawberry and hung it over his neck.

Thursday, I was the guest parent and I was invited to prepare a healthy snack for the kids.  It was a bit challenging because reality tells me most kids think healthy is boring and not yummy, nyikes!   I relied on what works for my kids.  Thanks to my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer,  I was able to make juice from fresh carrots, pineapples, apples and oranges and the kids loved it!  They enjoyed dumping the fruits and veggies in the juicer chute and watch it transform to juice.  I also helped them prepare their own cheese with cucumber sandwich.  Some kids ate the sandwich, some didn't but everyone loved the juice.  Lasang pineapple-orange of Del Monte:-)

The culminating activity was an hour long parent-child session at CrossFit!  All the kids enjoyed.  My son was so flushed with joy his cheeks were all red.  And syempre ang mothers, napagod sa circuit training.  CrossFit has CrossFit Kids na pala.

Most of the parents in my son's pre-school seems to be first time parents,  so you can just imagine the age gap!  I have a 13 year old!  O di ba?!?  pi-no-po nila ako!   Ancient!  There was another parent there feeling ko ka-age but ang sexy and ang ganda ng hair color, in fairnesses she looked younger!  Time to head to the salon and gym!!!

Lastly,  I'm in love with the pre-school of my son!  The curriculum is structured in a very holistic manner and the parents are heavily involved. They address all basic skills my son needs from writing, reading, manners, virtues, nationalism and health!  I can't say the name just yet for privacy purposes but I will when he is in big school na.

How about you, how was your week?

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The Power of Glenda

glendaPHMy 2 elder kids and I woke up early July 16 to the howling winds of #Glenda.  The three of us watched the power of nature as it hurled strong winds, one after another.  We stood silent, humbled by the strength of the typhoon as it blew tree branches and whistled its power through.  There is something spiritual watching the storm. It is like a physical manifestation of God's supreme power.

In that dark, gloomy morning I learned about the trees that my kids hang out in at school.  They recounted the story of the Oak Tree and the Bamboo Tree.  And they voiced out their fears if this is as hard as it gets.  I hope it is.

Stay safe everyone!

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Post-note:  Kids will be kids.  After a whole day with no electricity, no electronics and no gadgets, my son declared, "I can't believe I'm saying this but for the first time in my life,  if there is still no electricity tomorrow I'll happily go to school."  The innocent thought of a boy who happily helped our helper sweep the fallen leaves around the house.