Happy New Year 2013!

a New Year 5

Happy New Year to everyone!

It has been years since I have drawn up a New Year's resolution.  Over the years I have trimmed down my New Year's resolution to New Month's Resolution to New Week to New Day.    I believe bite sized resolutions are easier to keep and is more positive, the time that lapsed doesn't stress me out as if there is a dragon breathing down my neck to achieve.   Instead, I looked forward to each day as a new day to make things better.

But I noticed that by doing this I have missed the bigger picture.  I am traversing every rock but missing the mountain.   Each step, yes, I took with initial vigor,  [Read more...]

Right to Free Gravy

My kids love McDonald's chicken. They also happen to smother their chicken with gravy. So, whenever we take out a McDonald's chicken, I brace myself for a 10-20 minute discussion with the cashier for our extra free gravy. [Read more...]