Cut the To-Do List and Reduce Mommy Stress

John-Newton-QuoteAs I mentioned in my Hello post last week,  I am changing course mid-year, downscaling grand goals for little pockets of peace in my everyday life. I realize that at this point, nothing brings me more joy than finding peace, in one’s home, in one’s relationships, in one’s life and in one’s self.

Which brings me back to a post I did a year ago about Finding Balance.

I had to remind myself that I can’t do everything but I did something. Something I chose to do that day. Whether it be to do office work, tutor my kids, write, hang out with friends or family, tidy up – it is something I chose to do that day. And it doesn’t diminish me as a person if I didn’t do any of the other gazillion things to do that day. Of course there are tasks that cannot be not done for the day like planning the meals of the family lest we die! or if it is salary time, work on the payroll, I do that. I cover that. But for all other to-do’s, if I wasn’t able to write today, it’s ok. If I wasn’t able to go to the office and instead I called and relayed my message through phone, it’s ok. If I wasn’t able to watch my child play soccer for today, it’s ok.
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Happy International Women’s Day 2016!

Strong Woman QuoteA salute to the strong women out there who may be hovering in different worlds from parenting to wife, from worker to great friend and yet maintain a world of her own! Let us celebrate our womanhood! We deserve it mothers! Happy International Women’s Day!

Finding Balance: Can we Moms Achieve it?

Quote on BalanceHi guys!  I feel so bad I haven't written anything for quite awhile.  It's been super duper busy and crazy for me for quite sometime.

Did I tell you I'm working already?  After 12 years of being a full time mom with just some minor rackets on the side,  I am now back to work.  It is not an 8-5 kind of work though but it takes in a lot of my hours. My husband, brother and I got into business and now I have to contend with HR duties (level of stress: Red Alert), lots of coordination and accounting.  Of course,  I also have my commitment to you my buddies in motherhood here at TheGoMom.   And truth be told,  I would rather write hehe but my husband says we need to eat.

The adjustment is quite tough on me and I guess for my kids too. For my kids,  mommy is less available, always preoccupied and oh so cranky. For myself,  I am constantly wavering in between feelings of guilt that I'm not able to spend more time with the kids (especially my toddler) and trying to get some work done.

Right now,  I'm trying to find the happy balance between all the things in my plate.  Ang dami eh.  Work. Blogging. Social media chika update from Facebook, Instagram. Working out in the gym. Reading. Hanging out with family and friends. Spending time with the kids. Tutoring the kids. Household errands.  Spending time with the husbandry.  And of course, sleep.

In my crazy fanatical way to restore balance, I thought I could do away with removing some things off my plate ...

Like, sleep.  I tried cutting it down to 6 hours a day.  Oh men,  I was cranky and my tongue was biting off my kids every second.  Plus,  I spent more time laboring over a menial brain task because my brain was half dead.   Engk, can't cut back on this.  I need my full 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Gym.  Gym takes an hour for the work-out, not to mention the commute to and fro. But nooo!,   my weight ballooned to epic proportions!  And more than that,  I don't feel good. I feel sluggish and ironically constantly tired.  My body needs that work-out.

And then I stopped checking on the kids homework figuring they are already big.  Sadly,  their grades dipped.  I still have to check on them and monitor their homework and quizzes, especially for my 11 year old.

So I guess my ramblings has led me to deduce that everything in my plate, I do need.  I cannot just remove one or drastically cut another (ok, maybe I can radically cut my social media hours).  Everything there is what I am.  I just have to organize my priorities and give the proper time for each area of my life.   As I said in my New Year 2015 post,  "discipline and order" will be my resounding mantra for the year.

What do I choose to do today, tomorrow or next week?  How many hours should I spend on it? What time should I do it?  How much time should I spend on it?   And stick to it.

In the end, balance is making choices from the things in my plate. And being at peace with the choices I have made.

Finding Balance,


Monday Positive Vibes 1!

TheGoMom's Inspirational Quote

There may be a typhoon in #manila today but you can brighten the day with your #goodvibes! Happy #monday everyone! Embrace the week ahead!



Satisfaction in a Task that’s Done!

I totally relate to this!  I know it is weird because it takes up more time.  I mean why write down a task after it's done, right?  It's simply my tiny pat in the back.  It's alright Lilian, you can't do everything but you did something:-)

Write and Tick,



Trying to Get my Groove Back

that awesome feeling when you have finished all your workHi guys!  I have not had my rhythm in writing lately.  Parang I always want to write and I have a whole list of experiences to share with you but someone is stealing the time, all the time!

Actually it is not just in writing.  I feel I'm stuck in a rut in most things in my life right now.  You know the feeling na because there is so much things to do, you end up doing nothing?  Like I'm always chasing after what has to be done and not much sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.   I'm lethargic, cranky, moody and to top it all my insomnia and allergic rhinitis is in full swing!  Nakikisama sa gulo!

So in one of those many sleepless nights I read about how to get things done, what causes chronic stress and skimmed over a hundred quotes to rally me back to my mojo.

I headed over to Gretchen (Happiness Project author),  hindi naman masyadong self help ang dating di ba?;-)  She said in her article "Counter Intuitive Strategy that Really Works," that if one approach doesn't work,  try the opposite.  So if I am saying yes to everything, I should start saying no.  If I can't write early in the morning,  I write in the evening (which is what I am doing now).  If I'm trying to do ten thousand things,  I do just one.

I don't know how that would work for me but in these desperate times,  it wouldn't hurt to try.

How about you guys?  How do you keep yourself sane with the 1,001 things to do in the in box?

Trying to Get my Groove Back,

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Mommy Resolution: #1 Disconnect to Connect

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 8.31.36 AMJanuary, a clean slate, a fresh beginning.   It's going to be a great year for me and for everyone.  Everybody now - IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!

And while we are still at the fresh and hopeful January,  I invite you to check out the Mommy Resolution list of Green Cross' Mommy Pros.

The list is brief and yet tugs straight at the happy heart and tired toes of every mom.

As part of my being PRESENT resolution, one of Mommy Pros tip, disconnect to connect,  spoke to me loud and clear.

Gadgets has taken a considerable control over my life the past year.  FB has me checking in on everyone's status, Google has me clicking interesting links here and yahoo messages me on I-have-to-buy-this-deal there, and by the time I know it an hour or oh my! 2 hours of precious time has gone by.  "Ting" and I grab my phone and check the message.  Present activity disrupted, hand on phone, eyes on message, mind on note, train of thought interrupted, experience halted.  It is weird how an inanimate objects such as my laptop and cellphone has managed to occupy a large part of my life.

To disconnect, I have resolved:

1.   Gadget free Sundays. No peeking at FB, no browsing for deals, no last-minute-I-have-to-finish-this work sneaks. Sunday is family time!

2.   5:30pm alert on weekdays!  Turn off the computer.  No checking in on the phone for messages.  If it's important people will call.  No extensions, pass the paper.

3.   Delete FB app in the cellphone. I did it, just now as I write this but not before checking in on my notifications.  Arghhhh!  I just closed my eyes and clicked X.  I'm not sure how miserable and depressing life will be without FB on my phone,  I'll let you know in a few weeks time:-)

Mommy Resolution #1 Disconnect to connect.

Take more inspiration from Green Cross' Mommy Pros Mommy Resolution. Mull over what matters to you most.  Write that resolution.  Claim it!

Have a truly blessed New Year with stronger connections with the people who matter most.

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Happy New Year 2014!

Image from

Image from

Happy New Year everyone!

How has your holidays been?  Mine was super-duper-busy and fun.  Like everyone,  I embrace and welcome 2014 with love and hope.

It was year 2013 when I have, after a long time, resumed making a New Year's resolution (more on why I resumed - here). To welcome 2014,  I got up at 5am December 31, 2013 and made my New Year's resolution, this time adding a year end review.

Adding the year-end review made me look back with gratefulness for what 2013 has brought to my family and I. I tried to cover all aspects that meant to me.  A year end review and goals for myself, my familial and spiritual relationships, my finances, my fitness, my family business all the way to my travels.

It was a novel. I made the entries succinct already free from my ramblings but it still stretched 5 pages long.  It was a good and liberating exercise.  It made me realize my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses.  With it I face 2014 with goals that are gentler and kinder,  with a mind that is at peace and with a heart full of gratitude and love.

But if there is one thing that resounds in all my resolutions it is being PRESENT.  I want to be truly present in everything I do.  Sometimes,  in the busyness of work and kids and homemaking, I miss enjoying the present moment.  Forever tense, thinking of the next errand and ending up with half-baked results.  The kids are growing up fast (sniff, sniff) and I want to be present to enjoy them today not tomorrow.

2014. New Year.  New Beginnings.

Amidst the busyness of parenthood,  I wish that all of you will find your truest and purest joy this 2014.

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Stay Safe, Me

Spent 1 hour deciding over these boots.  Choosing between size 8 or 9, with different size on each foot.  After 30 mins of testing, sales lady says "Ay sorry pareho pala size 8!" Ang cute mo miss!

Spent 1 hour deciding over these boots. Choosing between size 8 or 9, with different size on each foot. After 30 mins of testing, sales lady says "Ay sorry pareho pala size 8!" Ang cute mo miss!

I have just undergone a 2-D echo and a stress test.  No,  I'm not going to go through an angioplasty. God help me, no. I'm just going on a 10 day trek in Nepal and I want to make sure I'm as fit as racer on a Tour de France.

Back in my single days,  I could not care less if I do a dive after dive even if I'm really bad at it (buoyancy and ear problems).  I would take calculated but a little bit too quick and hasty steps down a mountain, albeit a ravine.  I would jump from a cliff and scream at the top of my lungs.  And all I would care about was "when is the next one?"

Now that I have kids,  the most physically challenging task I have to endure is to take very, very, very deep breaths to keep calm while tutoring my kids.  Somehow, parenting has switched on my safety fears to a very high level.  I cannot get sick big time.  I cannot be disabled.  I cannot die.

I realize that fear for my very own life is proportional to the age of the people dependent on me.  The younger my kids are, the higher my subconscious fear to stay alive and healthy.  My kids need me to be healthy and sound.  I mean,  who would think of their food? Who would remind them for the nth time to brush their teeth?  Who would scream at them and give them a big tight hug after?

In my bucket list is to do a sky dive, I would have to hold off on that for now.

10 Energy Suckers

man who looks tired

If there is an energy shortage club,  I think I would be the first to enlist.  With the endless list of things to do, there is no room for sluggishness or fatigue.

There are kids to take care of. A household to run.  A blog to update.  A business to manage.  And a jabba-the-hut body that is begging for an exercise.

ENERGY is much needed to do all of it!

Since they have not discovered the ultimate-energy pill just yet I might as well avoid energy suckers.  Things I do that robs me of much needed energy to propel me throughout the day.

1.   Lack of Sleep. 

In a University Lecture, it is said that sleep gives our body and brain the time to relax and recharge.  It restores and repairs brain tissue, helps memory retention, and helps in growth.  Without sleep, our immune system suffers, affects out response times. Chronic loss of sleep can alter the way our body works and produces energy, causing fatigue.

2.   Too Much Sleep.

Alternatively,  too much sleep can also make us groggy.  Notice after a looong sleep,  our body is looking for the bed all day long? According to an Ezine article and I verified in Wikipedia and WebMD,  our body sleeps in 90 minute cycles.  Therefore our sleeping hours should be divisible by 1.5 hours.  If you wake up in the middle of the sleep cycle,  your body will be asking you to complete the cycle all day long.  If you divide 8 hours by 1.5 hours you will run short of the 1.5 hours cycle.  You should be having 7.5 hours of sleep instead.

3.   Sugar.

We often joke that our rambunctious kids get their energy from all those sugar but notice the dip in energy a few hours after, not to mention the cranky meter is all the way up on the dip.

Sugar can give you a temporary energy boost since it is easily digested, but when that "high" wears off, you may become even feel sleepier and slower to react, according to a 2006 study from England's Loughborough University.

If you must have that sweet,  go for fruits which will have the right nutrient content.

4.   Caffeine.

Caffeine just doesn't do it for me.  I am not a coffee drinker and consuming even just a cup of coffee for a few consecutive makes my heart palpitate faster and makes my hands shaky and sweaty.  I guess I'm one of those people sensitive to caffeine.

According to,  caffeine—and coffee in particular—will give you the jolt of energy in 15 minutes of drinking a cup.  But since caffeine can stay in your system for 12 hours, its effects continue long after your latte is gone.  Bad news for people with sleep problems, like me.

5.   Inactivity.

Muscles store and therefore provide energy. The more muscles you have the more energy stored in your body.  Of course we can't develop those muscles,  sitting in front of our computer all day.  That is why committing to an exercise schedule is a must.

6.   Dehydration.

Water makes up about 70 percent of your body. It acts as a solvent to carry nutrients to the cells and transports waste products to be excreted by the kidneys, lungs, and bowel. When you don't get enough water, blood flow to your organs, including your brain, is slowed down making you tired. I always keep a bottle of water near my work area.

7.   Lack of Oxygen.

The lack of oxygen going through the lungs, bloodstream, and to the brain can cause sleepiness, an inability to concentrate, dizziness, and tiredness. Try deep breathing instead of the shallow breathing that we are accustomed to.  To do this,  we have to intentionally do deep breaths, be mindful of our breath and inhale slowly until we feel our tummy expanding and exhale slowly till we feel our tummy collapse.

8.   Poor circulatory system. 

According to kidshealth, our blood provides our body with the oxygen and nutrients it needs. It also carries away waste.  The movement of the blood through the heart and around the body is called circulation.  If we have a healthy circulatory system,  our body receives the right amount of oxygen and nutrients at all times giving us energy.

There are natural remedies to improve blood circulation like eating garlic and herbs like Gingko Biloba. Circulan,  a natural herbal medicine that promotes healthy blood circulation, can help us regain much needed energy.  I am on Circulan right now,  and though my energy level is not yet enough to cross out my entire to-do-list,  it has improved my zing.

For more tips to a healthy lifestyle,  visit and like Circulan's FB page.

9.   Excess Weight.

According to, gaining as little as five pounds can cause fatigue. "If your body's carrying extra weight, it's exhausting. It also puts extra strain on your heart, which can make you tired."

So control that urge for that rich red velvet with loads of cream cheese on top and take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Each pound you lose will give you the energy boost.

10.   Negative People. 

They suck the energy out of us like a vacuum cleaner on turbo mode.  Let us surround ourselves with happy people.  And if there are some unavoidable negative people around,  we should try to be more understanding of them.  And try, for our peace and happiness, not to argue with them:-)

Credit goes to Dumb Little from where this list is inspired.  To get more energy tips read 10 Worst Energy Zappers and 12 Surprising Things that makes you Tired

With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting!

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Disclosure:  This post is written by TheGoMom for Circulan.




Para Kanino ka Bumabangon?

mount pinatubo crater

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned above 30, again:-)  And as I was closing the day I thanked the Lord for the past years He showered me with happiness and abundant blessings. He has been very, very generous to me and my family.

Ironic,  that as I was about to sleep the thought "Para Kanino ka Bumabangon?" (For whom do you wake up for? - somehow,  it didn't sound nice in English) - a slogan popularized by Nescafe crossed my mind.

Para kanino nga ba?  (For whom?)

I wake up for my kids.  My kids who give me joy and test my patience.

I wake up for my husband, who gives me joy and whose patience I test:-)

I wake up for TheGoMom who fuels my passion.

I wake up for my parents, brothers and relatives who are funny and weird, like me:-)

I wake up for the gym to energize me.

I wake up for my friends who are cheerful and neurotic, like me:-)

I wake up for all the citizens of the world who sometimes amazes me and sometimes crushes my hope.

I wake up for Mother Nature who refreshes me.

Lastly,  I wake up for God,  who has constantly been giving me days I look forward to waking up for.

Ang sarap bumangon!

Energize Me: 5 Ways to Energize your Day

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Image from

I am not sure if it is the age, lack of sleep, or the endless pile of things to do that keeps me constantly tired these days.   And I am not used to this.  I am TheGoMom, hehe,  I should always be on the go!  But no!  I have tons of things to do.  I have a delightful toddler eagerly waiting for me to play with him.  I have 2 grade schoolers, who are home for the summer,  waiting for an activity for those electronic free mornings. Plus,  I have trouble sleeping.  I think of everything and anything.  Mundane things mostly, like would I bring the shark inflatable or the duck inflatable or both.  Those things,  keep me awake at night.  Plus, I am above 30!:-) And the age is creeping up on me.

I am currently searching for ways to keep my energy levels last me throughout the day.

Here are 5 consistent tips that popped out on the net to keep one energized.  Now, if only I could get around to doing it.

1.   Get a full breakfast.

Breakfast is the starting meal of the day.  What you take during that crucial meal will determine what will power you throughout the day.  Take a full one consisting of carbs (toast), a small serving of protein (egg) and a fruit.

2.   Follow the sleep cycle of 6, 7.5 or 9 hours of sleep.

This is new information for me.  Contrary to the adage of sleeping 8 hours a day,  according to an Ezine article and I verified in Wikipedia and WebMD,  our body sleeps in 90 minute cycles.  Therefore our sleeping hours should be divisible by 1.5 hours.  If you wake up in the middle of the sleep cycle,  your body will be asking you to complete the cycle all day long.

To get you to sleep,  you need to turn off electronics early.

Artificial light from electronic devices will inhibit the brain from releasing melatonin, the chemical necessary for sleep.  The body perceives that as long as there is light,  it is not yet time to sleep.

3.   Meditate and breathe.

Sometimes,  it is the myriad of things that cloud our minds that keep us tired.  I try to meditate once in awhile.  My max is 5 minutes - I will go crazy if I do it longer.  If you have tried it,  you would know how hard it is to free the mind:-)  it's nerve popping!  According to Life Hack,  taking deep breaths every so often restores balance and energy in our body.

4.   Exercise.

The only thing I do quite regularly.  Exercise releases endorphins,  a happy chemical to our brain to lift our mood.  It also increases the blood flow throughout our entire body, giving us overall energy.

Imagine if we have a poor circulatory system, the food and oxygen cannot be properly distributed in our body.  There are natural remedies to improve blood circulation like eating garlic and herbs like Gingko Biloba. Circulan,  a natural herbal medicine that promotes healthy blood circulation, encouraged me to try out their product and I am on the 4th day.  I am also eager to enjoy the positive effects that its users have been experiencing these past 13 years.

Circulan "Nasa dugo lang yan" ad

5.  My Personal Input.  Let go.  It's ok not to do everything.

The enormity of the things I have to do sometimes keeps me from embracing the day.  To counter that,  I make a realistic list of things I want to accomplish for the day, including exercise and playtime.  There is only one me and I need to keep it whole.

Disclaimer: TheGoMom sourced available information in the internet through the disclosed sources.  Please consult with your doctor if you are feeling constantly fatigued as this may indicate an underlying health problem.  TheGoMom has undergone a thorough medical examination to rule out thyroid and anemia,  a common cause of fatigue.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post written by TheGoMom for Circulan.

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