Let your ”Little Stars” Shine Now!

What do these kids have in common? All of them are now making their own names whether on print, TV, or other performing arts.

They all also have supportive parents who believe in their talent and decided to bring them into auditioning for SM Little Stars few years back.

The good news is: auditions for SM Little Stars 2017 are ongoing and our own budding little stars can have their chance, too!

Now on its 11th year anniversary and with its biggest prizes ever, SM Little Stars continues to help countless kids show off their talent, inspire new ones, and propel winners to their journey of becoming the next kid stars!

Parents of bright and talented kids, with ages 4 to 7 years old, are all invited to sign up in select SM Supermalls nationwide. Preliminary screenings is ongoing until May 28, 2017. Details here. [Read more...]

Are your Kids Ready for Mars? (Talk Points with Kids on this Epic Mission)

The start of the interviews for applicants, for the one-way journey to Mars, has my 13 year old daughter all excited.  "Imagine!  A life in space.  What can be more awesome than that? "

The thought of humans establishing a permanent colony in Mars is just as my daughter said, mind-blowing! Since I was a kid, [Read more...]

5 Things to Consider in making a DIY Costume for your Child

starfish costumeToday is Word-Robe day in my son's school. Kids come in DIY costumes of their assigned word. My son’s assigned word is easy, starfish.  Others were assigned to be a bison or a mollusk so a starfish is a no brainer, or so I thought.

I just used a good quality cartolina to make his costume and it looked great! Unfortunately, it did not hold up and it was broken even before he reached his classroom. As his classmates paraded with their hand sewn costumes and some heavy duty board costumes, his broke into pieces. The garter on the head piece came off and the cartolina tore! Widening his eyes to fight off the tears, he exclaimed, “mommy it’s broken.” I wanted to cry, too.

Another one of those bad mommy moments that made me feel so awful because I knew I could have done it better.

Sharing with you my learnings in today’s DIY costume experience:

  1. Consider Structure and Design. I was all design, without considering structure and durability of the costume. Cartolina does not hold and won’t make for a sturdy costume. You have to back it up with a thick carton at the back. Cartolina is just for the design element but not for structure.
  2. Consider how you connect parts of the costume. Tape, even the sturdiest one, doesn’t hold garters well. I just used garters to hold the costume, my son wore the head piece and the garter came off immediately. He wore the leg and the garter didn’t hold up and it kept on falling down. Next time I’ll sew the garter. Or I can put holes on the thick carton and insert the garters from there.
  3. Consider maneuverability. Make sure your kid can sit with the costume. I didn’t think of that. He needs to remove his costume if he wants to sit because he can’t bend his knee.
  4. Test the costume at home. Make sure it can withstand not just standing but also walking, sitting, sit to stand and the playful pokes from eager classmates. By testing at home, I could have found out it won’t hold up and made adjustments.
  5. Don’t cram the DIY. I crammed and made the costume just yesterday! Well, because we just got back from a 6 day vacation, so I didn’t have time to make it better or even test the costume! Excuses! Excuses!

In addition, if the child can already help, let him help in making the costume. My son helped in sticking the yellow suctions and helped cut some of the fringes on the side. He enjoyed it and he was happy to say that he helped make it.

5 lessons to be used in the next DIY. Thank God! there is another one next year! Next year, it will be better.


Monde Summer Mamon-it-Yourself: Delightful Activity to do with the Kids

I always thought that decorating cupcakes is a wonderful activity for kids.  It rolls two interests in one - baking and arts.  It was a delight to know that Monde came up with Mamon-it-Yourself mamons.  It's a brilliant idea to let the kids saunter into the world of baking less the intimidation of a full blown baking activity and instead indulge in the charm of decorating.

Monde Mamon Bloggers Kit

My daughter and I giddily clapped along when she saw this delightful kit.  Wouldn't anybody?:-)

Yesterday, my daughter and I had loads of fun decorating the Monde Special Mamons.  My daughter, a baking afficionado and artist rolled into one, was in her element while she was decorating the mamons.  I, the ever, reluctant baker and artist was surprised to find myself finding the activity so easy and fun.

Monde Mamon Ensaymada

Our first foray was the Mamon Ensaymada.  We followed the 3-step recipe that came with the kit and voila!  Mamon Ensaymada:-)  Check out the recipe here.

Monde Mamon in Butter Icing, decorating monde mamon, do it yourself mamon decoration, easy cupcake decorating with kids

Then, my daughter whipped up her simple butter cream icing (softened butter, powdered sugar and milk) and we whipped out a colorful star!  To decorate the pretty cream icing, use an icing/piping bag together with a decorating tip.  We used the disposable piping bag Monde gave us but we also have a reusable one.  You can buy the piping bag and decorating tip in baking supplies stores or even in department stores.

Monde mamon ala mode

I couldn't resist making the Mamon ala Mode.  I topped Vanilla Ice Cream on the Monde Special Mocha Mamon (the mamon also comes in Classic flavor) and sprinkled it with pounded chocolate cookie and chocolate chips to achieve the wonderful ala Mode look.  Also try mixing all-purpose-cream with some 3-in-1 coffee mix (I used Capuccino flavor), sprinkle it with some powdered sugar, keep in the freezer for awhile then top it on your Monde Special Mamon!  Sarap!

Eating Monde Mamon

My little boy insisted he help out too!  He ate up the ensaymada while I gobbled up the Mamon ala Mode.

easy cupcake decorating for kids, monde mamon do it yourself mamons

My daughter was unstoppable.  She had to finish decorating all mamons in the kit!:-)

It was a whole afternoon of Mamon-it-Yourself activity, happiness!

Monde Mamon do it yourself cupcakes

Thanks Monde for giving us a charming, mother-daughter bonding afternoon!  Parents try this activity at home, too!  Get creative and grab whatever you have at home and top it on Monde Special Mamon - nuts, cereals, peanut butter, fruits ... The Mamon-It-Yourself will not only fill your tummy with delightful yumminess but also fill your heart with joy!  Share it with #MamonItYourself!

Add to the fun the fact that Monde Special Mamon is made with fresh and premium ingredients:  real fresh eggs, imported wheat flour, and milk. Baked to be delicious!

To get more recipe ideas visit www.monde.com.ph or watch this cute video:

Disclosure:  Thanks to Monde for sponsoring this happy post.

Have fun decorating!

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TrainStation Hypermart, Pasig: Where Kids Train while you Shop

a new year flyerTALL FINAL

I am pleased when I am able to do 2 things at a time.  And for people in the neighborhood of Tiendesitas, Pasig they can do exactly just that.  They can do their groceries in the humongous SM Hypermart while their little ones are doing their extra-curricular activities at Trainstation.

Trainstation Studio is a training studio for adults and kids with classes ranging from guitar, violin, piano to dance, karate and fencing.   It is owned and managed by my high school barkada (friend), Farah.  A dedicated mom, she set up Trainstation to answer her  need for a closer venue that consolidates the different extra-curricular activities of her brood of 3.   As a hands-on manager,  she makes sure she only gets top-notch instructors for the kids.  The studio is run home style with Farah checking on the progress of each student regularly - an intangible value a mom would appreciate.

This January,  they are kicking off their activities by offering deep discounts on class sessions.  Please do check-out her website Trainstation.

Disclosure:  TheGoMom has not tried the classes of Trainstation because of conflict of schedules with my kids.  However, a trusted friend who enrolled her son is very pleased with his son's progress in guitar.  Karate classes of Trainstation are also highly praised because of its primary instructor Super Perez.  And of course,  Farah, the owner and manager is a good friend and I trust her attention to quality and care.  This is not a paid advertisement.

Iron Kid

Today was a short but exhilerating run for my boy.  He ran a 1 km sprint in the Alaska Iron Kid race.  He did his personal best, PR in running lingo,  and I'm one proud mama:)