Probiotic: Buzzword in my Mommy Circles

Probiotic is the buzzword nowadays in mommy circles when it comes to tummy care for our little ones.  I have mommy groups and when we compare notes, some are into it already, some are getting into it and others are reading up already about it.

When my teen son went on a 6 week trip to China for school purposes, most of the moms sent probiotic as supplement.  When there was a spread of diarrhea cases for my kindergartner, a number of moms commented they give probiotics to their kids to protect their kids from any tummy related problems.

So, what is probiotic exactly?
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Different Parenting Styles, One Goal

child-playing-in-playgroundWe hear everyone dropping the word every time. Progressive school, progressive style, progressive parenting. I tried checking the internet and everyone has their own take on what it is. In a nutshell, among the articles I have read, it is parenting through modelling instead of exacting discipline measures on children. I would not exactly say I am a progressive parent because I do exact discipline measures but I try to walk the talk so I guess I’m half and half.

One thing is for sure, whatever parenting style we practice, however differently we do it, the intention is always to help our children become adults who are balanced, responsible, kind and all the other wonderful characters a human should embody.

And as much thought we give on our parenting style, so it goes for our child’s nutrition. Because every child is a complete package we have to nourish inside. Thanks to the internet we have access to tons of information and can make better choices, from the toys that will help in their brain development to the milk that would provide the proper nutrition for our child.

Friso Four’s brand heritage that marries Nature and Science advocates a GRASS-to-GLASS single process treatment of milk to preserve milk protein closer to its natural structure. Friso Four, through its LockNutri process, makes it easy to digest. Moreover, because it has undergone minimal processing, our kids can get the full nutritive value of milk.


Find Friso Four at selected Mercury Drugstores in GMA, Luzon, and Cebu. You can also visit them on FB: and their website:

With the nutritional needs of our children down pat, we can focus on helping our kids grow up to be happy, wonderful people.




Disclosure: Thanks to Friso Four for sponsoring this post.


Safeguard Moisture Shield: Keeping the Colds Away

Safeguard Body Wash Manila Launch

The Exploreum in Mall of Asia was in a flurry of activity a few weeks back as Safeguard launched the Safeguard Body Wash. Celebrities, from Aubrey Miles to social media icons like Christine Dychiao were there with their kiddos.

Unfortunately, my 5 year old couldn’t make it that day because he was nursing a cold. Maybe if we were more diligent in ensuring cleanliness he would have been able to join me.   Ever since my kid started pre-school and now that he is in big school, colds has been a constant visitor in our household. In school, they are exposed to other kids who may be nursing a cold. And we know kids, they touch everything! That is why personal hygiene, at this time when viruses are extra potent, is getting more and more important.

Safeguard, the brand we are sooo familiar with (“Ako ang iyong konsensya” Oh no! Did I just date myself?), introduces Safeguard Body Wash to protect our big kids. Safeguard Body Wash comes with the same 99.9% germ protection but is gentle enough for our kids’ young skin, as it has the same PH level as that of water.

Safeguard Body Wash also maintains our skin’s moisture to protect us from germs.

Trivia (I love Trivia!):

Did you know that your skin, and its natural moisture shield are your body’s barrier to the outside world? When a person’s skin is dry, it is a sign that this moisture shield has been damaged. Invisible to the naked eye, this dry and cracked skin makes it easier for harmful germs to attach to your skin more easily.

I didn’t know that! Now, that gives moisturizing a deeper meaning;-)  I tried the Safeguard Body Wash myself and it builds up a very nice lather paired with my loofah.  And plus since it is Safeguard,  I get that feeling na I'm Spartan clean after.

Safeguard bodywash

Try Safeguard Body Wash it provides extra germ protection with moisture shield especially during this “colds” season.

Disclosure: Thanks to Safeguard for inviting TheGoMom to Exploreum and for sponsoring this post.   The views and opinions expressed are solely from TheGoMom.


Smiling your Way to Good Oral Health Care with The Right Tool

Smiling FaceWhen I was a child I wasn't too keen on brushing teeth (aren't all kids) as a consequence plaque slowly built up and by the time I hit my late teens I lost 2 of my side teeth (one on the left and one on the right). It wasn't a nice childhood memory plus not having your original tooth isn't healthy not to mention pretty! I never want my kids to experience the same, that is why im vigilant in stressing the importance of good oral hygiene on them. I always tell them, once you get rid of your milk teeth, those adult teeth will serve you till your gray old years so better take care of it. Sometimes my daughter wants to take a short cut [Read more...]

Colds Prevention: Should I go for Ascorbic Acid or Sodium Ascorbate?

_FernC---Bad-ColdIf there is anything more valuable to any mom right now, I think it is TIME. We need time to accomplish things in our workplace. We need time to keep our house orderly and the meals yummy. We need time to spend with our kids because sniff, sniff, they grow up too fast. We need time to nurture relationships with other family members, friends and our husbands. And we need time for ourselves.

So when we are down with a cold and can't function well, it's like we are on a stop mode but everything around is moving fast. Even my kids, with the fast paced lessons of today, skipping a day or two in school affect their learning schedule and would need to play catch-up the rest of the week.

Colds is a great downer for my family. [Read more...]

#SmilePilipinas with Oral B


Did that make you smile? I love smiling. Sometimes, when I'm not in my sunny best, I try to fake my way to happy by smiling. A huge wide smile that sets crinkles up my eyes then catapults back to my heart and mind.   It's my instant upper!

Smiling is actually a trait inherent to us Filipinos. No wonder we were dubbed as the "Smiling Nation." We smile and laugh our hearts out like silly. And we smile despite difficulties. It is truly endearing how we show our resilience with the way we smile.

Smiling while covering mouth

Notice however that after a few minutes though from the initial call to smile, we also begin to get conscious and try to hide our smile by covering our mouth. You see it happening when reporters interview the regular Juan and Juana, flash a beaming wide smile, followed by a cover of the mouth.   Make a Manang in the market smile with a joke, flash smile, followed again by a hand covering the mouth.

It turns out, we Filipinos have underlying oral health issues. [Read more...]

Made in Candy: Customized Candies (Plus: Giveaway)

When I told my kids "Made in Candy" invited TheGoMom to their candy lab to make their own candy, they were giddy with excitement. Who wouldn't? Put together Candy and lab and any kid will drool with excitement!

made in candy philippines

I didn't realize how much attention to detail goes to each wonderfully designed candy. It was so interesting to see and experience making one especially with the kids around. Double the fun syempre when you see them all smiles.


Made in Candy, a franchise from Singapore, is Asia's first independent candy kitchen. Here in the Philippines, Made in Candy can be found in Rockwell Powerplant, SM Megamall, Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 4 and SM Mall of Asia.

Each candy variety is designed and handcrafted by Candy craftsmen, who delight customers flocking around the store watching them make the candies to the beat of modern, hip music. When you think about it, they are artists because it takes a lot of imagination and skill to mold a candy into a design you like.

Over the years, MADE IN CANDY has customized simple to elaborate candies that delights kids and kids at heart not only with the designs but with the yummy taste as well. My kids and I had fun trying out the different designs and guessing what flavor it is - kiwi, raspberry, lychee, orange etc.  They have 38 flavors and they currently have 40 standard designs and customized designs according to the holiday.  Trick or treat themed candies? Father's day inspired candies?  Christmas candies?

MADE IN CANDY can customize your own candy too!  Just remember to place your orders 2 weeks in advance.  These candies would surely delight birthday and wedding guests:-)You may get in touch with them through the MADE IN CANDY FB page.

made in candy philippines
As for our fun, fun candy making experience ...

made in candy philippines
First they boil the candy mixture and once it has reached the right temperature they pour it on their specially heated table for color mixing. Once color has been mixed, you mold the candies much like how you would in clay. After which you lay it on the heated table to ensure it doesn't dry up and harden.

MADE IN CANDY philippinesSince we were beginners, we made an easy rainbow designed candy. We layered our different colored candy which were still on the moldable form to make a rainbow. Once our rainbow is formed, we enveloped it in white candy and finished it off by enveloping it once again on the colorful striped candy which will ultimately form the outer layer of the candy.

MADE IN CANDY PHILIPPINESOur cool and friendly candy men, Aaron and Jim, then stretched our rainbow candy to the right thickness and cooled it on a separate, non-heated table where the candy will eventually harden and will soon be ready for chopping into those sweet, delicious candies we find in every MADE IN CANDY jar.  Tadah!  Our very own MADE IN CANDY!

Thanks MADE IN CANDY for our awesome candy making experience! My kids and I enjoyed every minute!


MADE IN CANDY and THEGOMOM are giving away 10 medium bottles of Jar of Everything (different flavors and designs) yumminess to 10 TheGoMom readers who will (1) follow TheGoMom (@thegomom) on Instagram (2) grab and post this photo on Instagram with the caption #madeincandyph Rocks! #thegomom.

Made in Candy GiveawayFirst 5 and last 5 followers to post the pic with caption will win a bottle! No double entries please.  Promo is from today till July 31, 2015.  I'll PM winners on July 31.    Prizes can be claimed from any of the 5 MADE IN CANDY stores from August 1-16, 2016.

Surprise your kids with the yumminess and cuteness of MADE IN CANDY.

P.S.   July 20 (Monday)  is MADE IN CANDY Lollipop Day Treat! Buy 1 Jolly Lolly (candy retail lollipop) and get 1 Jolly Lolly for free!  Promo is valid in all MADE IN CANDY branches.  Maximum of P1,400 worth of purchase per customer. 

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Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-asa with Maxi-Peel

It is wonderful how a lot of things are anchored on the people we love.

Journeys are best taken with them.  And surprises are more meaningful when given by them.

As a mom, we go through the entire journey of our kids - from diaper changes to pimple outbreaks.  And we know at the palm of our hands the joys and heartaches of our kids.  When Janet surprised Nicolle with her testimonial where she explained how sad she felt when Nicolle lost her confidence ,  Nicolle can't help but be emotional because she didn't realize how affected her mom was in those years.

I think it's great that Maxi-Peeluses testimonials of everyday people to show how Maxi-Peelchanged the lives of "real people" and their loved ones.   It shows "real people" issues and concerns.  Issues we as parents and they as children face in everyday life.

As we face those issues, it is good to know that Maxi-Peelis there to address it.  Maxi-Peelmakes use of exfoliation to help prevent breakouts.  Exfoliation remains to be an unparalleled technology in removing dead skin cells and delivering blemish-free, smoother skin!

Maxi-Peel possesses an even more POTENT formulation to rid nuances in the skin, such as acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and dark skin.

Parents can be rest assured that Maxi-Peel (for women 18 and above) is safe as it is specially formulated by experts and is adherent to FDA.  In order to use Maxi-Peel safely and to ensure best results, a regimen must be religiously followed along with the instructions written on the box, re application, length of use etc..  Like most exfoliating treatments, Maxi-Peel advises all users to apply sunblock after exfoliation.

Once Nicolle was able to control her pimples, she got her cheery disposition back.  I can empathize with the joy Janet felt when she saw her jolly, old Nicolle back.

With the help of Maxi-Peel, the fears and insecurities of our kids will hopefully be put to rest and they can rest in the knowledge that they are indeed beautiful, inside and out.

To see more testimonials and production information on Maxi-Peel, visit their Facebook page here.

Disclosure:  Thanks to Maxi-Peel for sponsoring this post. Although this post is sponsored, opinions expressed on the testimonial video remains to be my own.

Disclaimer:  I have not used Maxi-Peel for myself because I'm thankfully past my breakout stage.    I have heard of good reviews though and won't hesitate to use it when needed.  But as with any facial treatments, caution and strict adherence to proper use is necessary for safety and best results.

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Mommy Event Alert: Project Mom Finds and Giveaway

Project Mom 2015

Project Mom, the baby of 2 fabulous Mommas, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde and Amanda Griffin-Jacob, cooked up several events for us moms starting tomorrow! April 17 with a mega event culminating on May 10, our day, Mother's Day!

The event will come in 2 legs:

Project Mom Favorite Finds Fair at Glorietta 1 and 4   

April 17-19 I   April 24-26  I  May 1-3  I  May 8-10
The fair will feature and sell personal handpicks of Amanda and Bianca for moms and their little ones.  For those who can't make it on weekends,  the booths will be on display from April 17-May 10 but selling will be for the above mentioned weekends only.

Project Mom Mother's Day Celebration at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center

May 10

The Fair and Exhibit will culminate with 100 lucky moms being part of Project Mom Mother’s Day Event. Inspired by Oprah’s My Favorite Things, these moms will have the opportunity to take home some of Amanda and Bianca’s favorite product picks.

Last April 11, mommy bloggers got a sneak peak of their great finds, met up with the beautifully tanned, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, and found out about the exciting giveaway Project Mom has in store for May 10.

live the linen dreamLovely pillow cases by @livethelinendream of The Olive Tree would brighten any room!

little luli children's clothes

Adorable clothes from  @LittleLuli.

Melissa Pedro Lourenco

Check out what Project Mom gave me!!!!:-)   Loooove my 2-toned Melissa Pedro Lourenco heels.   It has a stylish single strap across the toes, a glossier statement strap above the ankle and a flocked, cupped high heel!

Project Mom 2015

Thanks Project Mom and Game Changer for inviting TheGoMom to the event.  My son and I had a wonderful afternoon.

Do drop by anytime at Project Mom between April 17-May 10,  Amanda and Bianca's taste are superb!  You will surely have a good find!

To find out more about the Project Mom event, check out Project Mom Book on Facebook

Advanced Happy Mother's Day!

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Grand Baby Fair Year 5: What to Expect

The biggest event for expecting moms and moms with babies is ON!   Grand Baby Fair Year 5 is happening this today till Sunday at the SM Megamall Trade Hall. I had a preview of the sale yesterday and it was huge as always:-)

30-50-70% off items were all over, it would make any mom (particularly first timers) go into a shopping frenzy.  If you're planning to get a stroller, crib, baby toys or accessories this will be the best time to do it because you will get to save so much!

Enjoy ako sa semantics ng theme:-) Baby Company, the organizer of the event, knows that parenting can be a jungle out there hence the theme Grand Safari.  Cute! You will find the Safari theme all over which makes shopping more fun.

Here are some of the stuff I think you guys would like ...

First time is always big time.   Hand-me downs for the next cub:-)

SM grand baby fair

Aprica strollers are 50% off as well as Baby Company brands. Graco play pens and strollers are 20% off.

Cuddle bug cribs on sale at SM Baby Grand Fair

Linens come at 50-70% off.  They are sooo cute and soft to the touch.

baby linens for sale at SM BAby Grand Fair

Feeding bottles.  Avent 3 pack 125ml from P1249 to P750.  Playtex Anti Colic Feeding Bottles are buy-one-take-one P400 for a pair.

SM grand baby fair

SM grand baby fair

Cloth diapers from Baby Leaf, Charlie Banana and Bambino are between 20-30% off.  Huggies and Mammy Poko offer Value Packs.

Cloth diapers

Infant shoes and clothes are 20-30% off.

discounted baby clothes at SM grand baby fair

Developmental toys from Fisher Price and Lamaze are 30-50% off.   Fisher Price building blocks on the right is now P500 from P2,499.

discounted toys at SM grand baby fair

Attipas for SM grand baby fair

Found this novel shop, Attipas.  Their infant shoes are cute with soles made of lightweight and flexible material similar to Crocs while the top portion is like a sock. From P1,200 now P750.  The baby urinal on right can be left on the floor or mounted on the wall.  New kind of baby tub on the left.  It's supposedly more safe than the traditional baby tub.  On the lower right is a faucet extender so our little ones won't have to reach far.  Cute!

SM BAby Grand Fair 2015

Good quality baseball chair from P 1300 now P390.  The egg shaped chair on the right is also now P390 from P1300.

What's inside the SM Baby Grand Fair 2105 swag bag

On top of all those discounts,  shoppers who purchase a minimum of P3,000 worth will get this Swag Bag with all these items.  The zoo bin is so cute and the bag is made of durable canvas feel on the outside and plastic on the inside.  Medicines, vitamins and sachets from Lacatacyd, Nivea, Pro-lacta can be found inside the transparent bag.

SM BAby Grand Fair 2015

Happy shoppers at SM Baby Grand Fair 2015!

If you're expecting or have an infant,  don't miss this fair!:-)  SM Baby Grand Fair will run at at the SM Mega-trade Hall from January 30-February 1, 2015.  Have a SAFARI-ffic shopping time!




Disclosure:  Thanks to Baby Company for inviting me to the pre-event sale and for sponsoring this post.

Give Gadgets a Break and Get Crafty

DMC Handcrafted Event 2015

My kids play gadgets and as much as I would want for them to just play in the great outdoors, socialize, read or maybe play a banjo, they are kids born to this world where tech is the air they breathe.

So I succumb, cringe and allow them some limited gadget time during weekends.  During their off gadget hours,  they spend their first 30 minutes complaining and wondering what in the world should they do?

As a parent,  I exhale, roll out my eyes and then give them a litany of things they can do instead.  As such, I am always on the look out for activities that would interest them.

When DMC, the manufacturer of those fine threads we used in high school HE, invited me to a "Handcrafted" afternoon,  I was delighted.   For me it's like a trip down memory lane when I made those cross-stitches and crocheted a small pouch while chatting away my high school besties. I was also curious to find out how I can add embroidery to the list of activities my daughter can engage in.

My "Handcrafted" DMC afternoon, opened me to the wonderful world of crafting.   7 amazing crafters shared their stories of how they have incorporated crafting into their lives.  Funky, Trey Ajusto of Ganstilyo Guru, hit a cord when she shared that she used to hide from her friends when she crochets.  Crocheting, embroidery and knitting have been associated for the old and the boring and she doesn't want that stereotype placed on her.  But as she grew older and wiser, she has embraced her passion for crocheting and proudly showed it to the world.

Gantsilyo GuruAs a mom,  we can help dispel this misconception about crafting with our kids.  For all you know,  our kids can find a good friend in crafting.

Take for instance Carla Quimsing, who after giving birth, lost her drive for her one true passion, writing.  As a writer myself,  I can imagine how disconcerting that can be.  She found her way back to writing by creating dream catchers.  While crafting dream catchers she discovered herself and her writing back.  Today she not only writes again,  she makes beautiful dream catchers, together with her young daughter and sells them in her online store Damgo.

In our work, we find ourselves. - TheGoMom

In our work, we find ourselves. - TheGoMom

Marielle Nadal-Reyes founder of CraftMNL loves crafting so much she has put up a crafting studio.  At CraftMNL, crafters meet and do workshops together.  CraftMNL also organizes small craft fairs for crafters to sell their handcrafted items.

Some of CraftMNL workshops.

Some of CraftMNL workshops.

Lenora Cabili,  has taken Filipino crafting global through her own fashion line, Filip+Inna.  In Filip+Inna she designs clothes inspired by traditional Filipino patterns from indigenous tribes.  Her brand gained recognitions as featured in Elle magazine and worn by Tory Burch and Amanda Hearts.

Love the detail and ethnicity of this Filip+Inna blouse.

Love the detail and ethnicity of this Filip+Inna blouse.

These 4 crafters, along with 3 equally notable and passionate crafters, have created unique and beautiful things.  They have discovered part of themselves and shared it with others.  It would be great if we and our daughter can discover it too.   In this world of fast paced gadgets, compounded with everyday stress, it would be good to sit down, savor time and get crafty.

This January 30 (Friday already!), DMC is holding a 3-day weekend craft fair, "DMC Handcrafted."   It would be on January 30 to February 1 at the Century City Mall Event Center.

DMC Handcrafted Event 2015

It is a good venue to introduce ourselves and our kids to different crafting options, from embroidery, knitting, dream catchers, string art, knitting, crocheting and cross-stitching among others.  Partner crafters will be at the fair to hold free workshops for those who want to learn a new skill.  It will also showcase and sell handmade pieces to inspire us to try our hand at it.

For complete schedule of free workshops and to get more crafting ideas, visit DMC's facebook fan page.  Slots are limited so please do sign up fast.

DMC, may actually mean Dollfus-Mieg and Company,  but its core is Daring our Minds to Create!

I'll be taking my daughter along on Friday since they don't have classes.  Excited for some mother-daughter bonding time.  Hope to see you there!




Disclosure:  Thanks to DMC for inviting me to a delightful "Handcrafted" afternoon and for sponsoring this post.

5 Tips to Make Toothbrush Time More Fun for Kids and Less Stressful for Moms

My kids are not fans of tooth brushing.  My 3 year old, always asks me "Do I have to now? I just brushed my teeth last night?"  Everyday I answer their question patiently complete with actions of "Eww, do you want that?"  On my running low on patience day,  I just simply grunt and say "because I say so."

But I guess one step for me to cut the chase in toothbrush time is to make it fun and empower them to make choices.  Here are some tips I deploy (every battle needs a plan;-)) to keep those pearly whites clean and strong:

1. GIVE KIDS A CHOICE.  Of course,  it is not a choice whether they should brush teeth or not.  It is a choice, if they want to use the blue toothbrush or the yellow one?  You brush your teeth first and then mommy helps you after? Or Mommy helps you first and then by yourself after?  Orange or grape flavored toothpaste? Happee toothpaste gives them a spread of  7 flavors to choose from which delights them.  Will it be a bubble-gum pop morning or an tutti-frutti twist evening?

As basic as tooth brushing is, it is great that Happee Toothpaste takes the boredom of routine out with choice:-)

My 3 year old likes the tutti-frutti flavor, my 11 year old prefers the grape while my 13 year old likes all the flavors!   The 7 kid-citing flavors are Strawberry Bloom, Orange, Tutti-frutti Twist, Apple Crunch, Juicy Grapes, Bubblegum Pop, and Cookies & Cream Ahoy, all of which are available in leading groceries and drug stores.  BTW, don't throw away those toothpaste cartons.  They come with fun games for the kiddos.

2.   TALK, SING or ENGAGE KIDS IN SOME HUMOR.  2 minutes may be short (the required amount of brushing time) but for kids this is an eternity!  Happee Toothpaste comes in well-loved character design like Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Dora and Boots.  It's a jump off point of conversation to engage with the kids.  "Boots said he can smell your breath from the jungle!." I always try to add some humor to entice the kids to do routine tasks.

For my 3 year old,  it is a good transition toothpaste from his infant toothpaste because it still has that same fruity flavor but his time with the bubbles.  I assist him and remind him, that Cookie Monster toothpaste will produce bubbles and that he has to spit the bubbles out.  And my, does he enjoy spitting;-)

Happee Toothpaste has kid-safe fluoride levels, giving kids just the right protection against tooth decay.

3.   ALLOCATE ENOUGH TIME.  Often the battle begins when we parents are rushing (aren't we always rushing?!?) and don't give enough time for kids to settle down to the routine.  If bedtime has pre-bedtime routine and we can't expect kids to just plop down and sleep, so does brushing teeth.  Give enough time for the convincing, for the brushing and for keeping the toothbrushes and toothpaste back in its place.

4.   SET A ROUTINE.  Kids though they will fight it to death are creatures of routine.  After eating is bath time, and after bath is milk and story time,  after milk time is toothbrush time. Hopefully this routine will turn into a life-long habit.

5.   BE THEIR ROLE MODEL.  Sometimes allow them to see you brushing your teeth, flossing or mouth washing.  Remember monkey say, monkey do;-)

Hope the above tips help:-)  For more fun and exciting dental tips, visit Happee Kiddie Facebook.

With a little bit of creativity and Happee Kiddie Toothpaste, tooth brushing will be more fun and we will be creating good dental habits for our children;-)

Flash those pearly whites and say Happee!:-)




Disclosure:  Thanks to Happee Toothpast for coming up with 7 kid-citing flavors and sponsoring this post.

Light and Fun: Juicy for Kids and on The Go Mom’s

Ok, you might find this a bit weird, but as I age (ouch, nails screeching on blackboard),  I find myself searching through cologne aisles instead of perfume sections.  As an on the go mom, sorry didn't mean to sell myself, I want a fragrance that is light and fresh. Nothing overly fragrant, I want it subtle but fragrant enough to leave a sweet lingering scent.

I look for scents that I can spray, every so often to perk me up or refresh me just when I need it.  Scents positively affect my mood that is why I have scents in my home office, in my bag, in my bathroom and in my car.  Just a quick spray makes me feel refreshed, makes me feel light or wakes me up from my afternoon energy slump.

Juicy Cologne, from Cosmetique Asia, same makers as Silka soap, has just about any variant to match our different moods and different personalities.

Juicy Cologne Variants

A week back,  bloggers along with media people, were invited to a delightful afternoon at Stacy's, Capitol Hills to personally try the different variants of Juicy Cologne and meet Juicy's Brand Ambassador Kathryn Bernardo.

Kathryn Bernardo Juicy Cologne Ambassador

Kathryn, is a breath of fresh air as she entered Stacy's in her pink dress.  Questions were thrown at her and she answered it all with confidence and charm.

Dessert Bar Event Set up

Photo Caption: Stacy's was dressed up in royal cuteness.

My daughter was delighted when she saw the picture of the dessert spread.  We share the same love for desserts and light colognes:-)  Her personal fave from the Juicy Cologne line is Dreamside while my pick is the Orange Twist.  I actually had a hard time picking because I like all the scents, they are light and fruity - perfect combination!  Plus, they are very affordable and won't break the bank so my daughter and I can spray away!

Juicy Cologne has a total of 8 dermatologist-tested and hypo-allergenic scents:

Juicy Cologne Variants

Sprightly Sprinkle - for the light, vivacious and bubbly.

Sweet Delight - for the fun, fresh, lovable and luscious.

Orange Twist - for the creative, outgoing, funky and outrageous.

Angel's Bliss - for the heavenly, darling, dainty and mild.

Dreamsicle - for the wistful, tender, calm and romantic.

Icylicious - for the cool, refreshing, soothing and relaxing.

Two new variants are the perky and playful, Sugar Frosting and the cool and breezy, Up, Up and Away!

Have fun with your daughter and choose the perfect Juicy Cologne for each of you.  Try it and get jucified!

Kathryn Bernardo




P.S.  Head on over to Juicy's Official Facebook fan page, they have an OOTD giveaway:-)

P.P.S.  Thanks to Juicy Cologne for sponsoring this post and inviting me to spend a delightful afternoon with Kathryn and my fellow bloggers.


P.S. from Aéropostale PH: Fun and Comfy Clothing Line for Kids

PS from Aeropostale PH

Moms' hearts will skip a beat when they see Aeropostale PH new children's line, P.S. from Aéropostale.  The fresh selection is trendy and yet exudes a relaxed, cool look with a lot of mix and match we parents appreciate. You know us parents, we want our kids to look good and yet love those mix and matches to stretch the value;-)

The launch of P.S. from Aéropostale, Aéropostale's line for kids aged 4-14, was held last November 22, 2014 at the UP Town Center.  It was a light and festive day, celebrating children and how they cool they have become over the years!

The general air of the fair spelled fun, fun, fun!

PS from Aeropostale PH

My son and I gamely posted at the photo wall.  And my son, helped himself on the graffiti wall (finally, he can write on the wall! LOL), played a few hoops, ate ice cream and Sabrett Hotdogs.  Fellow bloggers, Jackie of GoJackieGo, Rowena of Animetric, Sarah of Fashion Eggplant, Dianne of Nuffnang and I enjoyed the whole afternoon amidst the music and all the canapes and macarons by none other than, Bizu!

Super hip, Electronic Dance Music rocked the afternoon as DCash DJ duo, 13 year old producer/remixer Darren Macanaya and 8 yrs old Cashwell provided the mix.

Photo credit Animetric's World

These 5 year olds amazed everyone as they put their charm on and danced away.  Too bad my video got deleted but managed to keep a short clip in TheGoMom's instagram.