Make Rainy Days Perfect with this Rainy Day Activity

My kids and I love the rain.  We welcome the coolness it brings after the long hot days.  We love the sound it makes as it makes drum beats on our rooftop.  And we love the after smell of the rain on the crisp grass.  Somehow, rain brings warmth despite the physical coolness.

To introduce rain to my 3 year old, I let him hear one of my favorite "happy" songs, "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head."  He loved it!  He was able to sing through most parts of the song after a few playbacks.  The lyrics are light, melody beautiful and happy, plus it's a good way to introduce our kids to adult music.

And as a #ParentingNerd, I had to level up our experience a bit and go beyond the music.  We made rain clouds inspired by Activity Corner.  Wait, what?  #ParentingNerd?  You read it right, it’s a site dedicated to kid-obsessed, nerdy parents like us!  And yay! TheGoMom was chosen to be one of the contributors at CERELAC & GERBER's #ParentingNerd blog. Here, you can check out maximum cuteness level arts and crafts, awesome plate-ups, kiddie micro-fashion to rival the Beckham's and proven tasty, nutritious food tricks to make those picky eaters gobble up their meal.

This cute, yet very easy rain cloud would be my first contribution.

Rainy Day activity for toddlers

Read more about it here and please do check out  Cerelac and Gerber's Parenting Nerd blog for cool and easy Parenting Nerd tips:-)

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Homemade “Frozen” Inspired Lampshade

homemade frozen lampshadeMy daughter made this #frozen inspired lamp shade. She even made a shadow light that would cast a snowflake on the ceiling! I think she's brilliant:-) hehe syempre #loveyourown!

These are the materials my daughter used to make it:

blue cartolina

printed photo of Elsa and Anna

glue gun to stick everything together

foam board to make the whole thing stand (you can also use hard cartolina for this)

plastic cover to create the shine of the lampshade

finger light (those you can buy in Divi or Regina's)


Try it with your daughters at home and send me pics!  I would be happy to feature it!

Who doesn't love Frozen, anyway?:-)

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Sige Sabado: Creating Lasting Bonds (Slime Activity at the End)

My daughter loves to keep her hands full.  She can occupy herself in creating art projects, making science experiments, and baking.

On her baking days, she has created red velvet cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and lots and lots of cookies.

Kid baking cinnamon and cupcakes

On her arts and craft days, she paints and makes all sorts of creations.

Different arts and crafts

On her science days, she experiments.  For quite sometime now, she is crazy over creating the perfect slime!  Inspired by Nickelodeon's slime, she made slime in different colors using different materials.  She makes it in my home office, in the kitchen, and in her bathroom.

Homemade slime

And with all of those activities, mess is sure to follow.  Sometimes, I plead with her to stop. Weird.  I know.  But it can get really messy.  Paint on the table, glitters on the floor, soiled water on the chair, slime on her shirt and hair! And with our household help down to two from 3, na ha-high blood ako at lalo na ang mga ate! [Read more...]

DIY Monster Truck with MineCraft Hero

DIY hero brine and monster truck

What do you do when you have a new gadget in the house?  You tinker with it and explore its many features!

When we got our HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 5525 All-in-One printer,  I had to try the high-techness of printing from my Iphone to my printer and icha-success!   I also had to try the double-sided printing and it worked!  As of late,  I have been trying out their printables that can be accessed through the HP Philippines Facebook page.

We have made a solar system and made pretty cone wrappers.

And now,  we made a fiery finger snake puppet, the minecraft dude and a cool monster truck!  We used board paper to make them all sturdy.

My big kids enjoyed the challenge of putting the monster truck together and were very proud of their creation.  I had to help them do some cut-outs since some parts required fine cutting but it was a good bonding activity as they entertained me with their never-ending stories.

DIY activity with kids

My 2 year old couldn't wait to get his hands on the monster truck and not quite gently made it run its course.

child playing with truck carton

Try making this activity at home with the kids.  It will have them engaged for a couple of hours.  Plus they will swell with accomplishment as they see the finished product -- they have made themselves a cool truck!   To print the activity,  head on over to a HP Philippines Facebook Page, click Ink Advantage Tab and hover your cursor under the different things in the classroom.  This monster truck activity is under arts and crafts section.

While you are there,  hope you can like the HP Philippines Facebook page as well:-)

Enjoy convenient, fast, efficient and high tech printing with an HP printer!  HP through TheGoMom will be giving away several HP printers soon.  Tip:  take a photo of your current printer this weekend:-)

Disclosure:  This is a post written by TheGoMom for HP Philippines.

Prettify your Ice Cream Cone (HP Printer Giveaway Soon!)

cone dress-up printableTinkering with my new HP printer,  my daughter and I thought we could serve beat-the-heat ice cream in pretty cones.

Want to do the activity at home too?:-)  Just click on HP's Facebook page and hover on one of the things you find there in the classroom - arts and crafts to science:-)  My kids went through some of the activities and we found some that we are excited to work on.

printable art activities

For a more extensive list of printables,  head on over to HP's Creative Studio for tons of HP hosted and cute links to printable activities to keep those hands busy.

Aside from the wide range of printable activities made available to me,  I'm also happy that my new HP Deskjet Ink Advantage comes with all the handy features forever-pressed-for-time moms would appreciate.

hp 5525

  • It has automatic 2-sided printing.  I don't like wasting paper and I usually print my worksheets back to back, and I do that manually.  Now,  the computer does that for me!
  • It's wireless!  Since our laptops are wireless,  I can free some desk space by placing it anywhere I want.
  • It's web connected.
  • I can print an email from my cell phone or tablet directly to my printer, using the web or my local wireless network.  No need to open the computer,  very, very useful when I'm in a rush.  And I'm always, in a rush:-) I usually just use my local network so it's faster.
  • If I'm out of the house and I forgot to, say, leave an authorization letter at home,  I can just send an email to my printers' own email address and voila!  I'll just ask my helper to turn on the printer and wait for my letter:-)Lasty,  I think it is brilliant that the scanner also serves as your door to the feeder and the ink.  That way,  in case of jams, you don't have to access it from the back which is super hassle.

HP through TheGoMom will be giving away 3 sets of printers soon!!!!!!  I'm so excited for you guys.  Stay tuned!

Disclosure:  This is a post written by TheGoMom for HP Philippines.