China Town

We had a "staycation" as always.  Ever since I was a child we always just stayed in Manila during Holy Week.  Now that I have my own family, I still don't dare go out of town since I try to avoid tons of cars and hordes of people.  Yeah, yeah and I'm corny too.

Last Saturday,  tired of watching dbd2, my husband had a brilliant idea to go to China Town.  My kids detested the idea,  finding the idea a bit boring.  My son, who would rather play Nerf, goes, "Uh, why are we going to China Town?"  So, I went through a long lecture of how important it is to know your roots and culture.  I was mighty proud of the brilliant knowledge I imparted on them only to be received with a blank stare.  Husband came to the rescue with a simple, "Well, we just want you to see China Town so you know what it is." And the kids finally happily nodded and understood.  Arghhh!

So off we went.  There was no traffic and very little people.  We drove around the streets of Ongpin, Salazar, Quintin Paredes ... And I couldn't help the tourist guide in me as I narrated this is where the backbone of the Filipino Chinese community started.  The kids found the mounds of tiny onions and the gigantic ginger more interesting.  We ate in President, not as yummy as I thought it should be:( And bought hopia, tikoy etc. in Salazar (a bakery from 1940's).  And finally,  we stopped by Binondo Church which was closed to the public at that time.  Luckily a guard let us take a peek.  It was my first time there too, and it is a beautiful church.

That ended our journey of China Town,  and we should do it one more time, the jewelry shops were closed!

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