Dinosaur Island Clark Pampanga: Unexpected Fun

Unexpected F-U-N! That was what we had when we visited Dinosaur Island in Clark. My elder kids yawned when I mentioned it to them. We will drive all the way to see dinosaur statues? Really, mom?  Plus, I read mixed reviews with some people finding the place boring or too short an entertainment compared to the long drive.

Well, the whole family was in for quite a surprise. The life sized, Dinosaur animatronics amidst the forest surroundings provided for a lot of excitement and fun for everybody including the eye rolling teeners.

Our adventure began with the humongous, boulder like entrance to the park that is reminiscent of Jurassic Park's entry way.

Dinosaur-Island-Clark---Entrance-SoloInside is an array of over 30 species of moving, life sized dinosaurs.   The dinosaurs featured are the common ones so the kids proudly identified each of them.



The animatronics was great and the dinosaurs look real.  It is amazing to see the dinosaurs move their body parts and you can even see them breathing!


Gentle and Gigantic Sauropod

Gentle and Gigantic Brachiosaurus

The placement of the dinosaurs among the bushes and greenery made for a realistic feel of a Dinosaur Park.

Ferocious Velociraptor

Ferocious Velociraptor

All dinosaurs are well labeled with its name and characteristics.   I liked it that the quick facts were made interesting and not too scientific.   Before going to Dinosaur Island we watched Jurassic Park to further heighten the experience and brought out their dinosaur books. Needless to say, my pre-schoolers interest is highly piqued as he anticipates stepping back into time, 65 million years ago.


Ahhh! Pterodactyl swooping down! Take cover!

Ahhh! Pterodactyl swooping down! Take cover! My little one when scared attacks and he is on attack mode;-)

Watch out for this water spitting dinosaur!


And of course, what is a dinosaur park without the most popular dinosaur of all time, the T-Rex! Trust me guys, they look realistic they are givings us the creeps, and with every creep comes excitement!

Tyrannosaurus Rex aka T-Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex aka T-Rex

This is how huge the T-Rex is!  It's mouth is just as big as my teener!  People can climb up a staging area to get a closer look at the T-Rex and watch it breathe, move and make those terrifying sounds. I heard there is supposed to be a fee but since there were hardly people around no one was manning the area so we were able to go up for free.


Entire walkway of the park leading from one dinosaur to another resembles a jungle with lush greens.  I didn't see nor feel any mosquito or fly but just to make sure, put on that mosquito patch or slather on some insect repellant on the entire fam.  The park has been open since 2012 and yet it didn't show signs of a run down park.  The entire area is well maintained and the staff were helpful and courteous.


The little Dinos are out!

After all the excitement of the park, we ended with the Dancing Dinosaurs!  The dinosaurs performed to the beat of  "Gimme, gimme" that had everybody laughing everyone, mixed with slight fear as the dinosaur lurches forward once in awhile to get closer to the audience.  My kids, yes even the pre-schooler enjoyed it tremendously!  But if your little one is scared you can tell the attendants to avoid lurching at you and be sure to sit at the topmost part of the bleachers.


The fun doesn't stop there!  You can opt to do the Jurassic Safari Ride for an additional P100/person. I would definitely recommend it.  In the ride,  you board a small open tram that takes you around the forest with dinosaurs on the loose.  The dinosaurs can appear anytime and will make it's way inside your tram.  Oh boy!  I don't know, call us weirdos, but even if we knew it was just a person inside the dinosaur it had all of us screaming at the top of our lungs.  Here's our screaming video, I suggest you cover your ears:-)  --


The park also has the Jurassic 7-D cinema which we were unable to try.

The whole family, from my mom to my teener, tweener, down to my pre-schooler had so much fun.  I think Dinosaur Island in Clark Pampanga is an underrated park, providing families with extra-ordinary, unexpected fun!

Dinosaur Island Clark 

Address:  Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga (1.5-2 hours drive from Manila)

Website:  clarklandph.com

Park Schedule: Monday - Sunday, 9am-5pm

Park Rates: P350/person

They are often on sale at Metrodeal.  We got our tickets for only P200/person

Estimated Time Spent: 2-3 hours

Go have Fun!

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored review. Park tickets were bought over Metrodeal.

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