DreamWorks DreamPlay Manila: Complete Guide (Part 2)

Outside DreamPlay ManilaThis is the second and final part of TheGoMom's DreamPlay Review. To read part 1 where the first 12 attractions are detailed, click DreamWorks DreamPlay, Manila (Part 1) . In part 2 are the three other attractions especially geared for younger kids, parent's FAQ plus tips on how to get the best experience at DreamPlay Manila.

(13) Afro Circus (Madagascar)        

Height Requirement: 3.2 feet or 100 cm

Socks required.

DreamPlay AfroCircusAfro Circus is a multi-level play area to be enjoyed by mostly younger kids. It's similar to play areas in malls.

(14) DreamTheatre

No height and special clothing requirement.

Dream Theater is a 4D theater that can seat 46 people. 4D includes sight, sound, touch and smell. The movie was quite entertaining and kids got a good laugh when they got sprinkled with water.

dreamplay-dream-theatrePay attention to white clothing or shoelaces, they light up:-)

DreamPlay---Dream-Theater(15) DreamTales    

No height requirement.

Socks required.

DreamTales is like a magical and enchanted library where kids can wind down, plop down on a bean bag and grab a book.



How much are the rates to DreamPlay?

DreamPlay Ticket RatesOnly children 10 years old and above are allowed to stay in DreamPlay without adult supervision.

Adults who want to participate in the activities must pay the Participating Adult Rate which is equivalent to a kid's rate. Adult fee only allows you to assist the kids but not play in the activities.

How much time should I allocate in DreamPlay?

If the lines are not too long, 2 hours might be enough but the kids would be running from one activity to another. I would recommend 4 hours for kids planning to do the complete Kung Fu Panda course.

For toddlers and pre-schoolers, 2 hours would be enough as they have limited activities, Afro Circus, the slides, Shrek Swamp and Gingy's Kitchen.

Allot 30 minutes to an hour to purchase tickets. The staff still inputs guest data in their computer which takes quite sometime.   Purchase tickets online or at SM ticket outlets to minimize waiting time.

When is the best time to go to DreamPlay?

Like all theme parks, weekdays and mornings are the best time.

Can adults go without kids in tow?

No. Adults must be accompanied by at least one child (aged 17 and below) prior to entry to DreamPlay.

Is it safe?

Challenging courses require harnesses and helmets to ensure safety of guests. Plus staff are always alert and ready to help anyone who needs help.

As for the giant slides, staff are strategically positioned on top of the giant slides to instruct kids on proper position prior to sliding down.

DreamPlay Dragon's-Belly

Toddlers can't go on their own and would need adult supervision most of the time.   I went with my 4 year old the entire time. When sliding down, I ask my child to wait for me on the side of the slide and not go anywhere else.

Parents are tagged to the kids upon entry so they can't leave DreamPlay without the parent who registered them.   However, it is still stressful to have smaller kids out of sight so better enlist their cooperation to wait for you. Otherwise, if you are a little bit on the paranoid side, have 2 adults accompany your younger kid.

Can we bring in food and drinks?

Food and drinks are not allowed but we brought our water jug and we were even able to refill it at the water dispenser at Cheez Gingy restaurant. The restaurant is inside the play area so eating there would eat up on your play time. We didn't eat but average price of food is between P300- P400.

Other Tips:

  • Don't forget to swipe your bracelets in scanners located in the courses to earn points. It will tell you which areas you have successfully completed.


  • Ready your camera because DreamWorks character will pop out for some photo op, I think every 1.5 or 2 hours.
DreamPlay-Manila Characters

Notice the Crocs. I had to lend my Skechers Go Walk to my daughter so she can do the Kung Fu Panda challenges.

  • A DreamWorks Souvenir shop selling all sorts of cute and unique Dream Works toys can be found upon exit.
  • You can take as much photos but the dim ambiance of the place makes it challenging to take good photos.
  • Don't forget to bring extra-clothes. It may be air-conditioned but with all the activity they will be doing, expect extra sweaty kids!
  • If you enter through the City of Dreams entrance, be prepared to explain to the kids what those clinky, amusing slot machines are. Otherwise, you can also ask the guard to direct you where Dream Play is so you just take an elevator that goes directly to DreamPlay, bypassing the casinos.

picture worthy entrance to city of dreams

picture worthy entrance to city of dreams

  • It is best when you plan to go there as a family but better if you can plan it with the friends of your kids to provide maximum enjoyment. My kids went several times already and understandably the time they went with their friends were more awesome;-)

DreamPlay Manila definitely our kind of playground!

DREAMPLAY by DreamWorks
Upper Ground Floor, The Shops at the Boulevard
City of Dreams,  Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard,
Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines

Operating Hours: 10 am to 10 pm
Telephone Numbers: +632 808-0909

Website: ww.cityofdreams.com.ph/dreamplay

Let's Play!

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