Fun Farm at Sta. Elena: Balik Bukid Experience

Fun Farm - Carabao Resting

Say "bukid" (farm) and images of a field with carabaos and a myriad of farm animals come to mind.  Say "bukid" again and smile for simple, carefree fun.

That is what my mind conjured of Fun Farm and that is exactly what my family and I got.

Developed by Hindy Tantoco of Holy Carabao for her kids,  Fun Farm at Sta. Elena is a sprawling provincial farm that is just a 10 minute drive away from South Superhighway's Cabuyao exit.

My family had a whole afternoon of good, easy, fun riding a carabao cart, feeding rabbits and guinea pigs, horseback riding, fishing, boating and simply basking in the quiet and peace of this charming farm.

Sharing with you some pics (and info) of our wonderful Fun Farm experience.

Carabao Ride at Fun Farm Sta. Elena

Choc-nut, the carabao, gave us a good dose of fun and excitement as he "drove" us around the whole farm (including the vegetable farm of Holy Carabao).  He is strong and gives the cart a good pull over those "mini" hills.

Playing with the rabbits at Fun Farm Sta. elena

My almost-2-boy tremendously enjoyed playing with the rabbits. The caretaker said they don't bite, and they didn't!:-)

Playing with the rabbits at Fun Farm Sta. elena

This little bunny is too adorable!

Fun Farm at Sta Elena Feeding the Guinea Pigs

The kind and helpful staff gave us 2 big baskets of sliced carrots to feed the rabbits and guinea pigs.  Even my husband and bigger kids (9 and 11) enjoyed feeding these, forever-hungry-even-if well-fed, guinea pigs.

Fun Farm at Sta Elena  Pot Bellied Pig

We caught these sweet, pot-bellied pigs in 2 states.  Eating and snorting in their sleep!  What a life!

Fun Farm at Sta Elena Horseback Riding

Horseback riding family.  Look at the size of my husband's horse, Tommy!  He's a beauty!  I meant the horse.  I wouldn't exactly describe my husband as beautiful,  maybe cute!  Ayan naman!

Fun Farm at Sta. Elena Carabao Bath Time

This is the way to take a bath. Take a bath.  Take a bath.

Boating at Fun Farm Sta Elena

Boat ride in the small lagoon.

Rope Balance at Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

My adventurous boy successfully crossed the lagoon balancing on this rope.  I did it too!

Fishing at Fun Farm Sta Elena

Little boy doesn't want to let anyone hold him in this activity.  His hook is his and his alone.

Cows at Fun Farm Sta Elena

Love this rural photo of the cows taking an afternoon drink.

 Kids Obstacle Course at Fun Farm at Sta Elena

They have an obstacle course for kids and at the background stands the sand play area.

Obstacle Course at the Sand Pit Fun Farm Sta Elena

The kids had fun crossing over the rope web to the rope ladder at the sand play area.

Playing with Sand at Fun Farm at Sta Elena

Give my boy some sand and his Ahiya's Crocs and he got himself a shovel!

Obstacle Course at Fun Farm Sta. Elena

My girl tried the adult obstacle course.  Some parts of the farm are used in team building activities such as the one above.  2 teepees are also currently being constructed near the kiddie obstacle course area.

Swings at Fan Farm Sta Elena

There is something about tire swings hanging on a tree that makes me happy.

Fun Farm at Sta. Elena

Thanks to Fun Farm!  It was truly a Balik-Bukid fun experience my family and I will treasure.

Fun Farm Details:

Location:  Sta. Elena Properties Inc.   Barrio Malitlit, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Operating Hours: 10AM - 5PM Monday-Sunday.  Only people with reservation will be allowed inside. Maximum of 4 hours inside.

Rate:  P300 inclusive of all activities (rabbit feeding, fishing, horseback riding etc)

Contact Numbers:  0920-913-1349 or 0929 752 1076 or 0918 888 6588 or (049) 573-2725 or (0939) 803-2409 (call these numbers to reserve)

Directions:  Exit Cabuyao / Sta Elena. After tollgate, make a right. About 500 meters is the Sta. Elena Village Gate. Enter there and follow the sign to the Fun Farm (Holy Carabao is within the premises of the Fun Farm).


Food:   There is no food available so you have to bring your own snack.  There is a clean, comfy pavilion where you can eat your snacks.

Washroom:  The washroom near the pavilion is clean, big and equipped with modern bathroom fixtures.  The one near the stables is provincial but clean.

Density of People:  When we went on a Sunday afternoon,  a mini-bus just left.  For the whole afternoon, we plus another small family had the whole farm to ourselves.

Date of Travel: January 27, 2013

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  My family and I went to Fun Farm and paid for our entrance fees.

Travel Happy!

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