Hongkong Disneyland and Ocean Park on a Budget (Part 1)

Hongkong DisneylandIt has been 8 years since the kids visited Hongkong.  They hardly remember what it was like.  With the memory of Hongkong almost blank plus a new toddler sibling in tow,  it was almost like a new experience for everyone.

My husband only has Friday to spare so we went on technically a 3 day/2night tour of Hongkong's best known places for kids, Disneyland and Ocean Park!

Where to Stay:

Since we didn't plan to do any city tours,  we decided to stay at the Tsuen Wan area, near the airport and Disneyland.  We stayed at L' Hotel Nina et Convention Center.  The hotel has a very good location.  The MTR (Hongkong's train station) is just 5 minutes walk away, shopping centers are just beside it plus it is situated right at the Tsuen Wan park.  We got a superior double bedroom at HK$890 net per night.

L' Hotel Nina et Convention Tsuen Wan

The rooms are big (2 double sized beds) with huge bay windows where the kids can sit and watch the city lights of Tsuen Wan.  An extra treat was the glass partition that separates the bathroom from the room.  My kids kept on waving hello as they took a bath in the small tub.  The room was clean but there was no bidet in the bathroom, no wifi and no cable in our TV.  We didn't bother to complain about it though because it was an electronics free holiday for us (except my husband).

Yup, no Ipad, no TV and no Iphone the whole trip, even for me!  I am so happy and my kids didn't complain:-)

Ticket Prices and Discounted Tickets:

Tickets to Disneyland are at HK$450/adult and HK$320/kid while kids 2 years old and below are free. Tickets to Ocean Park are at HK$320/adult and HK$160/kid while kids 3 years old and below get free admission.  Both can be paid with cash or credit card.

According to Trip Advisor,  you can get discounted tickets of Disney and Ocean Park at the CTS (China Travel Service) at the Hongkong Airport (HKIA) at HK$10 less per ticket.  Another company selling discounted tickets is Ticketmart,  HK$435/adults and HK$300 for kids.  The only problem is you still have to pick up the ticket from Kowloon.  If you are staying with friends there,  they can buy the ticket online and discounted ticket will be mailed to them.

We were supposed to buy our tickets from the China Travel Service at the airport but they are only open from 7am - 10pm.  We arrived past 10:(  CTS has 3 branches at the HKIA, click CTS HKIA to view branches.

For Transportation and Fares around Hongkong, food prices in Hongkong Disneyland and Ocean Park, What to Expect in Disney and Ocean Park and the best time to visit Hongkong click Hongkong Disneyland and Ocean Park on a Budget (Part 2).

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Travel Happy!

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  1. Hi. How did you book for your hotel? When i checked the website, the rooms cost hkd 2,200/night. We have planned trip to HK on June 29 to July 1. We are looking for an affordable accommodation. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Joy! What hotel are you looking at? Disney hotels are usually very expensive. We get hotels that are non-Disney but are nearby (check cab rates from hotel to disney here). Check out L’ Hotel Nina et Convention Center in Tsuen Wan through Agoda.com or Booking.com (around USD 120-150). I like the hotel because it has the beautiful Tsuen Wan park behind it, attached to a mall plus it has views of Victoria Harbour. Your kids will love it!:-) Have fun!

      • Hi Lilian. Yes i tried to book at L’ Hotel Nina et Convention Center via their website. Will try thru agoda. Thank you 🙂

      • Hi lilian!thanks for ur blog. We have upcoming visit wiith my husband and 3kids..seems L Nina is spacious hotel good for the family will i be charged on extra pax if i booked only 1 room for the five of us?my kids are age 15 ,10 and 2

        Am looking for a budget hotel cause we are staying for 6days and 5nights…aside from disneyland and ocean park we are planning to go to macau…is l nina location wise better for us?what u can recommend attraction/places to go to for our 6 days visit..thanks

  2. Hi Lilian, how old is your youngest son? Would you suggest bringing a stroller if I’m bringing my 5.5 and 4 years old boys to Hongkong? Thanks!

    • Hi Katy! My youngest son is 3 years old. The stroller was a life saver for us because he was on it when he gets tired. We used it in Disney, Ocean Park and while walking on the street, train stations and even in the airport. Usually, no seats on trains so at least he still gets to sit. So he uses his energy in the places where he wants to use it.

      You can check in the stroller or you can push it all the way till boarding gate and the staff at the boarding gate will just issue you a tag. It’s better to just push it all the way to boarding gate because our stroller took long to come out when we checked it in.

      A few years back I didn’t bring a stroller and we kinda regretted it. My husband and I took turns carrying our 4 year old daughter. Luckily our 6 year old son doesn’t mind the walk. Btw, if your kids prefer walking over a stroller, consider bringing just one;) it’s harder to lug a stroller plus 2 kids.

      Hope this helps:-) Have a great vacation! And please read my Hongkong Part 2 for some more tips:-)

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