Scaling Mt. Pinatubo with my Kid

My 10 year old boy and I basked in the beauty and awesomeness of what is Mt. Pinatubo.  It was his first trek and it was simply stunning to see stretches of stunning "lahar" formations as far the eye could see.  It is amazing how the fury of nature can bring about such beauty.


The tour started at 4am at the Victory Liner, Cubao Station which brought us to Capas Tarlac by 6am, followed by a 1 hour 4x4 jeepney ride and a 2.5 hour trek.

The 4x4 ride was exciting as the jeep is open and drives through rugged terrain and goes through some parts of the river beds of Crow Valley.   Crow Valley used to be an American landing station that is now lined with amazing formations of "lahar" of Mt. Pinatubo.  The stretch of "lahar", a good 1 hour drive and 3 hour trek,  is a sign of Pinatubo's strength and power.

My boy enjoyed the ride but enjoyed the trek even better.  The trek up the crater is a gradual ascent (you barely feel you are going uphill)  walking through sand/lahar, rock boulders and through river beds.  He was a natural!  Figuring out the best step to take in order to move forward.  He didn't bother to find out which are the best rocks to step on in the river beds because he loved his feet getting wet anyway.  That said,  proper foot gear should be used.  Rubber shoes, good fitting socks and if you have water proof hiking shoes,  even better.  Saw 2 girls wearing ballet flats.  Hello!

The trek up is 2.5-3 hours depending on your pace and would be pretty easy for active kids.  Otherwise,  do reconsider, coz it can be tiring.  Be on the lookout especially when crossing over the river and over the rocks because some rocks are not stable and can be slippery.   Clear instructions must be given that mommy should just be right behind him.  My boy gave me a scare because he went way too much ahead of everyone and even though I was half running already I couldn't catch up with him.  I finally caught up with him and he was oblivious to the panic he caused!

Upon reaching the summit,  which is the crater of the lake,  your 2.5 hour trek will be rewarded with the stunning view of the Mt. Pinatubo crater.  The calm green water of the lake plus the lahar formations enveloping it is breathtaking!

We went for a quick swim at the crater.  The water gets deep immediately and gives you only maybe a meter or 2 of shallow water. So stay on the sides if you are not confident in swimming since there is no lifeguard around.  Wear dry fit clothes or bathing suit underneath your trek clothes so you don't have to change.  There is no changing area at the crater.

Beautiful Mt. Pinatubo.  20°C February weather.  Manageable climb. Company of my son and dear friends. Perfect Trek.

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