Todaiji in Nara

I appreciated the architecture of Todaiji Temple. It is the world’s largest wooden building and it is remarkable how the wood withstood time. It was originally constructed in 784 and was reconstructed to 2/3 of it’s original size come 1692. The pillars and of course the Buddha and his fierce looking temple guards are simply massive. Having the cherry blossoms around made Todaiji look even better. It is another 25 minute walk from Kohkufuji Temple.

The Nandaimon Gate that serves as entrance to Todaiji Temple.

The gate is guarded by the gigantic figure of the Nio Kings.

You then get to the main Todaiji Temple. The largest Buddha in the whole of Japan is here.

The gardens of Todaiji. It also has a lot of deer on loose.

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