Budget Meals for our Household Help

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Yahoo! I finally got myself a nanny after 1 month!  And I got 2 in a day!  What can I say,  when it rains, it pours.  I think nowadays a reserve helper is necessary considering how fickle minded they are.

Now I have 3 helpers and 1 driver.  For lunch,  it’s only me left at home with all 4 of them so I have to come up with budget meals that can feed all 5 of us.  For dinner, they eat what our whole family eats.

For starters,  when I do my grocery I have the pork packed in 1/4 kilo servings.  As per Del Monte Kitchenomics, ¼ kilo pork with vegetables is enough to serve 6 mouths.  When I buy fish, I count the number of pieces enough for a meal and pack it so.  If you pack them together, sometimes the helpers tend to cook them all.  So now,  they just cook per pack.  Once I get back from the grocery,  I list down all the items I bought and how many packs I got.  We cross out food as we cook them.

Budget Dishes:

Vegetable with ¼ kilo Pork Dishes:

  1. Tortang Talong
  2. Baguio Beans Guisado
  3. Sitaw Guisado
  4. Sayote Guisado
  5. Squash with Sitaw
  6. Squash with Sitaw sa Gata
  7. Mongo Soup
  8. Ampalaya with Egg and Tomato
  9. Corn Soup with Chili Leaves
  10. Pinakbet (Sauteed Vegetable with Shrimp Paste)
  11. Szechuan Eggplant
  12. Adobong Kangkong (Vegetable Adobo)


  1. Sinigang na Bangus
  2. Fish Escabeche (Sweet and Sour Fish)
  3. Bangus ala Bistek
  4. Paksiw na Bangus
  5. Fish Sarciado
  6. Rellenong Bangus

*Fish approximately P80-130 per kilo compared to P180/kilo of pork and P280/kilo of beef –  is still the cheaper alternative.  I usually have it cooked with sauce or soup.


  1. Adobong Manok (Chicken Adobo)
  2. Apritadang Manok
  3. Arroz Caldo
  4. Chicken Curry
  5. Tinolang Manok (Boiled Chicken with Ginger)


  1. Lomi
  2. Ground Pork Menudo
  3. Arroz ala Cubana with Baguio Beans
  4. Lumpia Shanghai
  5. Maling Luncheon Meat
  6. Sardines


  1. Jaja Oquinena says

    Hi! I’m very delighted that I stumbled into your blog. I have been racking my mind on ways to improve food/meal planning in my house. Ever since my girls turned one and a half, I’ve stopped thoroughly planning meals. I work so I absolutely have little time to plan out meals (plus, admittedly, I am too lazy and mostly inexperienced to complete such a task on a regular basis! Haha!). I am honest enough to admit that I’m not the perfect mom. But I try. Plus I have always been blessed with wonderful yayas. But I still feel that I need to at least do something: be more practical, budget more, save more. Your blog is a wonderful resource. Beats trying and testing (and most often, failing!). 🙂

    • Hi Jaja! Thanks for your kind words. 10 years into homemaking and I still have a lot to improve on homemaking and much more on motherhood. As they say, it’s a journey hehe I’m not sure if someone does get to the destination of being the ultimate mega-ma-mother but I’m sure everyone does try. And that is good enough:-) Re planning meals, it is one of my dreaded tasks of the week because I have to consider everyone’s likes and dislikes, budget plus what has been in the ref for awhile! I try to do it Sunday or early Monday, just to get it over with:-) I’ll try to post more tips on practical homemaking for Pinoy moms.

  2. Steph Forneas says

    Hi Lilian,
    Thank goodness for your blogs! They are keeping mommies sane in troublesome days with the household and kids. While browsing through your blogs regarding kasambahay, I’d like to ask a few suggestions or advices on how to manage your helpers. I have 3 right now, both my kids are big enough to be treated as babies (I have a 12 and 13 yr old). So not so much on going after them when it comes to yayas. How do I manage 3 helpers and get the cleanliness and organization that I want?
    Thanks in advance and for helping all moms out there with your blogs, worksheets and everything on the side.
    More power!


    • Hi Steph! I’m so happy you like my blogs!:-) When I had my two older kids only we just had 2 yayas. One was overall and one was picking up the kids from school while helping in some household chores. Now, that I have a toddler, 3 helpers became necessary. Re getting the helpers get organized, I made a helpers manual detailing their job description. Example sala: must be swept daily, all furniture dusted daily, glass doors wiped with damp newspaper (every wednesday), sofa vacuumed (every last day of the month), aircon filter cleaned monthly etc. It helped me cover all bases in terms of household cleanliness. During my earlier years as a homemaker, I was so OC I even had a check chart similar to that of public restrooms where the staff checks if the task is done. I don’t do that anymore:-) Hope that helps. And hope to hear more from you here at TheGoMom.

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