Checklist for your Home and Kids while You’re on Travel

airplane with kidsTrue to form,  I am stress organizing my a week away 10 day trek in Nepal. Apart from the checklist I have for my travel, checklist for the office and turning on my "I will be away" reply in my email,  I have a looong list for my kids and our household helpers who will be left behind.  Hopefully, the checklist will have the whole household in order, kids happy and me a little less guilty and worried for leaving the kids behind.

Side Note:  I will be traveling without my husband and I realized, OM!  When he leaves for an out of town trip,  the only item in his checklist is his itinerary while on travel,  day and time he will be back and if he is having dinner at home!  And as for me, well, here is my list ...

Things to Write Down and Share with the Household:

  • my travel itinerary and how to reach me
  • important phone numbers (grandma, pedia)
  • daily menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner and "baon")
  • daily routine of school-aged kids (wake up, get ready for school, pick up from school, assignment, get ready for bed etc)
  • special schedule of activities of kids (Gymboree, Taekwondo, parties to attend)

Things to leave behind:

  • daily school allowance of kids
  • emergency cash money
  • kids' health insurance card
  • membership card (ex. Gymboree)


  • stock the fridge with food
  • check medicine stock of kids, diaper, milk
  • schedule temporary tutor for kids
  • inform my parents to check on kids and house while I'm away
  • remind household help to keep kids safe, report any sickness to grandparents and keep house tidy and secure

Talk to Kids:

  • inform them of my itinerary and assure them I will be back
  • remind them to follow rules (sleep early, no electronics during school days etc)
  • remind them to obey/follow helpers
  • call grandparent/parent left behind if there is any problem (leave number with them too)
  • leave a small wrapped present each day for my  2 year old and maybe an occasional present for my school aged kids

Did I forget anything?  Hope you can share your tips when you're on travel without the kids.  Appreciate it!

Travel Happy!

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