Clean Home = Clear Mind = Full Pocket

IMG_1346I have a full closet, nag-uumpaw!  O di ba parang I have so many clothes but when it is time to dress up, haaay, wala akong masuot!  Half or maybe 1/4 of them kasi I don't use anymore.  Some are faded already, others are when I was 20 pounds lighter (baka sakali pumayat eh), some naman I bought but it's not so nice on me pala.

Moving on to my toddler's stuff, we have the crib, high chair, clothes, infant toys at kung ano-ano pa that he doesn't need anymore!   Hayayay! Tambak republic!

unused pile of stuff

Ang gulo, right?  Each unused item adding to the house clutter.   As they say, "Clean home = clear mind."  OLX goes all out in promoting clutter free homes by selling unused items through OLX.  O di ba!  Not only did you de-clutter,  you earned money pa!

Like millions of Filipinos,  OLX (previously Sulit) is my go-to online selling site for 2nd hand and even brand new items.   Pinoys turn to it when they want to sell something and Pinoys turn to it when they are trying to find pre-used and bargain stuff.  Perfect match!  All of the stuff I posted thru OLX gets inquiries and eventual buys.  Selling is as easy as 1-2-3.  1 - take photo 2 - upload 3 - wait for buyer and transact.  Easy, breezy!

OLX came up with a catchy and humorous video of people getting lost amidst all the mess in the house.  Can relate much?  Here is the video:

at para tama ang lyrics ng LSS (last-song-syndrome) natin,  here is the lyrics of the jingle.

I'm putting up a few items from my toddlers pile for sale at OLX.  Here is the first batch ...

Pre-loved for sale

Pre-loved Lamaze Plush Toy with wrinkly plastic sound babies love; Pre-loved Original Converse Shoe for 2-3 year olds; Kept and Never Worn Gold Bug Suede Shoe; Kept and Never Worn Tip Toey Joey for 1-2.5 year olds.

I'm on!  How about you?  Let's get rid of all the stuff we don't need and create clean homes, clear minds and fatter wallets!:-)  OLX here we go!  




Disclosure:  Thanks to OLX for sponsoring this post and giving Filipino homes an online venue to sell pre-loved stuff!


Halina at tayo'y magbenta,

Sa OLX ka pumunta,

Ang hindi na ginagamit,

Cellphone, TV o damit,

Ibenta na sa OLX.

Ipahayag mo sa mundo, 

ang gamit na ibebenta mo.

Magbawas ng kalat sa bahay,

I feel good at gumaan ang buhay.

Come and join me, it’s for everybody.

Just Post- Usap- Deal, believe me it’s that easy,

Simple lang at mabilis gamitin,

Thank you po, next time, sa uulitin!

Halina at tayo'y magbenta,

Sa OLX ka pumunta,

Ang hindi na ginagamit,

Cellphone, TV o damit,

Ibenta na sa OLX.

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