Do’s and Don’ts in Regifting

Regifting according to Wikipedia is the act of taking a gift that has been received and giving it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift.    It is an act I think a huge percentage of the female population is guilty of.   And the word, popularized by Jerry Seinfeld, is already a verb in the Webster dictionary attesting to its popularity.  More and more studies are showing that regifting is already becoming socially acceptable that even etiquette expert Emily Post approve of it in some circumstances.

Whew that was a long explanation to justify what I am going to reveal -

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I am guilty of regifting!  With head bowed,  I  reason out that I would rather give it to someone who I think would appreciate it rather than let it stay in my cabinet.  The operating word there is that the regift should be appreciated by the new receiver of the gift.  I remember an episode I think in Going Bananas (oh my giving away my age - ok toddler pa ako noon) where there was a vase that was regifted several times between friends and finally ended up back up again with the original giver.  It was hilarious!

Sharing with you some do's and don'ts of regifting.


1.   Carefully open gifts you receive.

Hehe begin with the end in mind.

Be sure to remove the tapes carefully so you don't tear any of the packaging.  My rule,  once box is even slightly teeny weenily torn I don't re-gift it anymore.

Of course telling kids to be careful when opening gifts to kids is close to impossible and I let them be.  It takes away the fun of opening gifts.  But now that they are a bit older, I let them in on the secret already.  Click this for my blog on "5 Ways to Explain Regifting to your Kids".

2.   Write name of giver on a post-it note and tack it on the gift.

I have the memory of a stressed out mother with 3 epidurals, so I have to put a post-it note to remind me from whom it came from.  The horror if I give it back to giver!!!!

3.   Regift only gifts that would be appreciated.

If you think it would end up as regifts too or it would just end up in their storage then don't give it.

4.   Warn your kids not to comment if they see their gift regifted.

This actually happened to me.  During gift opening my then toddler unwraps all her gifts and she clearly has some favorites and others that she puts aside.  Those put aside gifts I mentally note - for regift.  I regifted one to my friend's daughter.  In our Christmas party with family,  kids decided to open one gift each.  My friend's daughter opened our gift and my daughter exclaimed "That's mine!"  Earth swallow me now moment!!!!  Silence, crickets and a burst of laughter! Whew doon ko nasukat ang aming friendship haha:-) (That is when I measured our friendship:-)

5.   Re-wrap the gifts.

Hello pati ba naman wrapper:-)  Re-wrap it!:-)


1.   Don't penny-pinch and be brave to say "This gift stops here."

This requires a bit of a challenge especially for "kuripot" (stingy) people like me. But there are really some gifts that just won't match any         of the people in your gift list.  Accept it and bravely give it to charity.

2.   Don't give a regift to the same circle of friends of the giver.

Imagine the shame when your friends see each other and they discover that their gift has been regifted.  Though regifting is becoming socially acceptable it still is a delicate issue and the feelings of the giver will be hurt.

3.   Never give free promotional items.

I am guilty of this!   I have tens of Cathay Pacific toiletry cases from airlines and they are branded ones like Crabtree and Evelyn, Agnes B, Murad even Shanghai Tang pajama sets.  I am so tempted to give them away but the name of Cathay Pacific is safely tucked inside.  Ok the rule said never but hehe all the guards in our village received Agnes B toiletry cases.

4.   Don't give tested lipstick, perfume or food!!!!:-)

The bloody red lipstick that is obviously not your color but you wanted to try and smeared on your lips - sorry just give it to a friend and announce that you tried it on but you can't pass it on as brand new.

You said you will diet but couldn't resist taking a piece of the pulvoron, sorry couldn't be regifted anymore.

5.   Don't give a gift that has aged or discolored already or some of the cologne has evaporated already because it took you so long to decide:-)

Intricate stationary that is just too pretty to use you never actually used it!:-)   Pass it on to a friend but like the previous,  you obviously can't pass it on as brand new.

6.    Don't regift an item that has been slightly used.  Only regift brand new gifts.


In the end,  the spirit of generosity and making people happy with your gifts should reign so that each gift opened will bring a smile to the receiver.

Also,  and as important if not more important than the others,  take into consideration the feelings of the giver.

P.S.  To my friends who gave and will give me gifts,  know that each gift you give is very much appreciated, regardless if it is kept or regifted.  Ok mahirap i-explain but you guys know what I mean, I hope:-)

And to my friends I will give gifts to,  know that only a small percentage of the gifts I give are regifts haha!  And if in case you happen to receive that small percentage (you might now probably they think they all are, haha:-))  know that it was carefully chosen and given to you because in my heart I know you would appreciate it:-)

Do you occasionally regift?  Please, please tell me I'm not the only mom in the Philippines who does this.  Comment here, click like or share.  Please:-)





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