How to Secure your Credit Card or Bank Accounts Online

online shopping with credit cardAre you guys comfortable doing transactions online?

Call me old school but to this day, I am still not comfy making payments over the internet.  Somehow, I feel every time I make a purchase, I make my card details susceptible to online theft.  Like my whole being is so vulnerable.  Ok that was a bit exag but there really is that slight cloud of apprehension, with a short "bahala na si Batman" nudge to hit the enter button, hoping, in the end,  my account will be safe.

I was surprised to find out that there exists a MasterCard Virtual Card.



MasterCard, a leader in the payment gateway industry, made online shopping simpler and much safer with MasterCard Virtual Card.

It basically works like an extension of your credit or debit card for the sole purpose of internet transactions.  In essence, you're assigned a different card number and you can request a smaller spend limit.  This way you are not compromising your whole credit card line or bank account in the internet. Plus, since the card is just a bunch of numbers, your real account is protected from identity thieves.

For me, it can also serve as a way to control my credit card spending over the net:-)  In that one weak moment of abandon, I don't want to blow thousands over vouchers and cute little purchases and regret it for the next few months.

Just a word of caution, for purchase of online airline tickets, it is better to use the traditional credit card since some airlines require a presentation of a physical card as proof of purchase.

To apply for a MasterCard Virtual Card, just visit the website of your existing MasterCard issuing bank, and fill up the form online.  The local banks that carry the MasterCard Virtual Card are: BDO, BPI, EastWest Bank, Metrobank, RCBC Bankard and Security Bank.

Shop away in freedom in the Virtual World with MasterCard Virtual Card!

Disclosure:  Thanks to MasterCard for sponsoring this post:-)

Shop Safe,

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