Is a Postpaid Cellular Plan better than Prepaid?

After decades and decades of having a pre-paid line,  I have now switched to Post-paid.  It took years because of 2 things: First I have this weird attachment to my first ever cellphone number.  Weird, right? Second, super tipid ako.  I always felt going pre-paid will be much cheaper.

However,  since I have embarked on a quest to reduce stress in my life,  I have taken the plunge and said goodbye to my good old cellphone number of more than 20 years!  I realised the stress of running out of load,  yes!!! nakakahiya! and carrying 2 phones is something I could do without.  Not to mention my 2nd phone, where I put my PLDT mobile landline is a dinosaur of a phone in terms of size and age!  Stress drilon when it rings in school or when I'm in a fancy place because even my driver's and yaya's phone looks better than it.  Kaya kapag nasa school ako and I'm using it,  I have to pretend to take out my "better looking" phone at baka isipin ng mga ma-mothers na naka-Bottega eh sobra akong ka-chipangahan.

I got the P 799 plan of Globe.  With P 799 a month, I get unlimited calls to Globe and Touchmobile, Unlimited Text to all networks, a globe duo number for landline calls and 3.5gb of data per month.  Not bad at all! It is liberating to use one phone for both my landline and cellphone calls not to mention my now unhurried calls since I'm unli anyway.

My friends, who often tease me that I'm the only person they know who uses pre-paid, congratulated me for finally making the switch.  And in the 2 weeks I have had it, I'm congratulating myself too.


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