It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yipee!  It’s my favorite time of the year again.  It’s the crisp air, the Christmas songs, the Christmas rush and smiles are brighter and wider.   God really throws the best party ever!!!

A week ago we set up our Christmas tree.  It has been a family tradition that everyone should help out.  Kids and I sets up the tree,  hubby fixes all the Christmas lights and everyone pitches decorating it.  I have the mood set-up with my carefully selected Christmas songs – I sooo love Christmas music.  And of course the dinner is special for the kids --- spaghetti, pizza and ice cream.

This year my niece opened her store Santa’s Corner (1st Baron Residences A. Mabini St., Addition Hills, San Juan. Tel No. 0923-675-8423)  and she has very, very cute and unique stuff that kids would love.  I got the Santa Claus that you can change the height for easier storage and Christmas stuff toys.   I also ordered inflatable outdoor decors from Walmart.   But I’m a little bit disappointed with this because the moment you turn it off the inflatable deflates.   So we just turn it on when we feel like it or when we have visitors.

I also got my happy, happy plant – Poisenttia.  I love the bright red color and the fact that it is fresh (we don’t have fresh Christmas trees this part of the Earth).  Passing by my Poisenttias always gives me a smile.  It is hard to keep it though.  I kept my 2009 Poisenttia but I was not able to make its leaves turn red for this season.  So I had to get a new one.  I guess it’s kinda disposable.  At P350 for medium size (P1000 for big) and the reds will last from November till early Feb it’s not bad anymore.

I am basically done with my Christmas list except for immediate family members.  So let the party begin!


  1. Please tell your niece that while the products looks good. The prices are a bit high even with the discount.

    We hope she considers that and lowers it a bit more so the shop can do better and better. I’d like it recommend it to friends but seeing how expensive it is, not sure how I can honestly do so.

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