Kasambahay Pay Slip Form

KasambahayOk, so my notebook where I ask my helpers to sign when they receive their salary is already full. With the kasambahays and a driver sharing in one notebook, you can imagine how used and abused the notebook is. I thought it is time to put more order in organizing my kasambahays pay slips so I came up with a form which I am sharing with you.

Aside from the government deductions (required for kasambahays with a wage higher than P 5,000) I also included a row for loan deductions. I never had a kasambahay that didn’t borrow money, that is why this is essential. I also encourage them to save money for themselves that is why I have a row for savings.   It is pretty complete and is a good way to record and track the pay you give your kasambahay, their outstanding loans and their current savings. I file them in a long folder, 2 helpers per folder, and I print back to back, so I can save on paper.


Click this for printable form -- Kasambahay Pay Slip Form Printable.  Please print in LONG BOND paper.   Hope you find the form useful.

File Away!

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