Organizing our Kitchen Pantry

The pantry is an essential part of my kitchen.  In fact everything starts from what my pantry holds.  If I want to make chicken curry, my pantry should have coconut milk.  If I want to make pasta,  my pantry should have linguini and tomato sauce.

That is why I have to make sure to stock my pantry well and keep everything orderly.   Last week, Mothers who Brunch together with Lock and Lock held a wonderful lunch for us moms.   We had a super duper fun cooking competition and were given tips on how to organize our pantries.  Like store by category, not by size and have kid zone where kids can easily access their snacks.

Lock and Lock has always been in my pantry.  My primary reason for having it is that it is air tight.  Alam nyo naman in the Pili-Pines, no matter how well you clean up, ants find their way and I don't like wasting food because ants crawled into them.  Second, is that it comes in sizes that are very functional.  Third,  is that it is a clear container so I can see what is inside.  See how Lock and Lock is very much integrated into my own pantry.

Everything in it's place.  A place for everything!  Everything is much organized if we put them in Lock and Lock containers.  I even have labels for my containers so new maids won't mix them up and I end up wasting precious time looking for ingredients.  

Now,  Lock and Lock even made it simpler by introducing the Lock and Lock EasyMatch.  The lids and the containers are color-coded so it is easier to match.  The containers are nestable too so we can save on precious pantry space.

It is my first time to attend a Mothers who Brunch event and I was glad I did.  I had sooo much fun!  Thanks Michelle and Sabrina for inviting me.

I had fun making chika with my table mates.  And I had even more fun in the cooking competition!  We were divided into 3 groups and were given 45 minutes to whip up something.  Each group had a fully functional and beautiful kitchen to work on courtesy of Hacker Kitchens.    I was paired with the hilarious Didi of and the energetic and kitchen expert, Amber, of amommabroad among others.

And this is what we whipped up, remember in 45 minutes!

Nice di ba?  We made a couscous salad, cajun style chicken and since Amber was on a roll, made some dessert on the side.  Grabe ang bilis nya magluto!  She just melted chocolate, threw in corn flakes and oreos on the melted chocolate and voila!  Dessert!  As for the chicken,  we just rubbed cumin seed, paprika, curry powder, black pepper, salt, garlic powder and it made a very tasty chicken dish.

Thanks, thanks Mothers who Brunch and Lock and Lock for inviting me over!  I had sooo much fun with the other mommas and learned a lot pa!

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