“Our” Baby turned 1!

"Our" little baby turned 1!  Nope I didn’t give birth. Although my tummy looks like I just did. 1 year ago, our helper gave birth in our house! in the bathroom! We decided to let mother and daughter stay in the house for a little while, and that while turned to a year. My helper asked me to be the one to pick the name and I named her Gianna, meaning God is good. And God, is indeed good!

I wasn’t able to put up a post last year of our wonderful experience so I thought it is fitting to put it up on her birth month… 

She was a new helper, very efficient and smart. I didn’t notice she was pregnant until her 5th month with us, which was probably her 7th month of pregnancy. Engs ko, di ba? Akala ko masarap lang pagkain namin.

When she finally came out about her pregnancy, she asked if she can stay with us for another 2 months. So she is supposed to leave on her 7th month. Well, well. Mali ang bilang ni ate at ng kanyang OB. 9 months na sya!

It was a scary, exhilerating, wonderful experience for our entire household. It was a Monday and she was scheduled to go home to their province that Friday. At 5:30am just as I was waking up the kids for school, a frantic knock from our other helper came. "Mam, si Gel manganganak na!" OMG! Pre-mature labor!

I took one look at her and tried calling neighbors who were doctors. No one answered. She was clearly in labor. Her screams were getting more frequent. My 11 yo daughter woke up and was quick to assess the situation and check the internet of what to do. She immediately got towels and laid it out on the bathroom floor and another set in the helpers room. Our helper was standing up in the bathroom and her last scream went "lalabas na!"

Right there in our helper's bathroom the baby came out! Our helper herself caught her baby, standing up! Amazing!!!  When I saw the baby, I said to myself, that is no way a premie! Full-term si ate!  And then a sigh of relief.  Imagine if it were a premie!

My daughter came with me to the hospital and helped take care of the baby.

The baby was covered in white creamy, sticky substance (Vernix) and blood! I gently tapped the baby’s butt and she started moving her tiny hands. It was wonderful! The umbilical cord is still attached to the mom but we wrapped her already in a blanket.

I tried calling Lifeline to come and pick her up but they would arrive earliest in 30 minutes! Huwhaat?!? Ang tagal pa non! I’m worried about infection, plus I don’t want to cut the umbilical cord noh! It later turns out, it’s good I didn’t because the scissors needed to cut it should be sterilized.

I called the security guards of our village to help us carry her to the car. They were putting her on the back seat with the baby but they had a hard time so I said just put her at the back of the SUV. And I drove her to the ER. I signed the usual papers and they asked me all sorts of details 90% of which I have no answer to.

What is funny was after they cleaned up the baby, they came out and gave it to me. Ganon pala feeling ng mga daddy. Kakaiba. I took care of the baby until our other helper came in to take my place. It was one for the books and one for the heart.

Those round eyes got our entire household!

The kids loved her instantly!

Over the months, we have come to adore little Gianna. God is good indeed.

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