Petty Robbery at Our Home

For the first time in 13 years of managing our household, my husband and I experienced petty theft in our own home.  We don't suspect outside burglary instead it was done by one of our very own:(  We lost some cash and my husband's watch.

The first time I discovered the loss, parang mix of emotions.  May lungkot (sadness),  that was hard-earned money and my husband intended to give the watch to my son.  May galit (anger), how can that person do this to us! Feeling ko naman super bait kami.  May takot (fear), scary, we are actually living with a "magnanakaw!" (robber)!  May worry,  ano pa kaya nakuha nya?  Maybe she has been stealing from us for months or years?  May suspicion, who among them could have done it.  Surely, not Ate A, maybe Ate B or can it also be Ate C?  Add to that the feeling of uneasiness of losing our sense of security in our very own household.  It was a horrible, horrible unnerving experience.

We were on a transition that time so I had 4 helpers in the house.  My husband and I were thinking it could be the helper who stayed and decided to leave after just barely a week because of some emergency that didn't sound like an emergency.  I swear kapag nakita mo ang face,  hindi makabasag plato!  She was highly referred by the longtime helper of a neighbor so there is still possibility it may not be her.  My dear yaya of 3 years is leaving the week I discovered the loss.  It could be her, but why would she do it now when she is about to leave that wouldn't be too smart, right?  It could be my 2 year helper who has decided to go on part time with us?  And it can't be our trusted cook because her territory is the ground floor and not the rooms.  Hayayay!

We didn't do a thorough check of everyone's stuff anymore because everyone of them (except our trusted cook) has gone out to get something in the convenience store near our house.  My brother said we should hire a police do the investigation but we don't want that mess.  So we just swore we would be more careful with our belongings from now on.

Tomorrow,  I will share with you the list of things we vowed to do, or begin doing again, to avoid petty theft in our household.

Depressed and Sad,

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  1. I can feel your worries and fears. Years ago, My family and I were robbed too of all my jewelries which we were still given to me by mom and mother in-law. I never thought that our helper could do it because like you said, mukhang hindi makabasag pinggan. Our helper has been with us for 2 years already so we thought all along we trusted her but we were wrong. She could not be put in jail because she was under 18 then. I was so angry and helpless so we just decided to just send her back home in her province because she kept on denying and said nabudol-budol siya. But we were advised to file a case and we did. For a few months we saw each other at City hall. It was so difficult sitting beside her,facing her, repeating the story again and again and knowing that she won’t return any of my jewelries anyway or maybe they already pawned or sold it, After some time, because of the slow judicial system too, we decided to just let go of the case for our son’s safety and security, and ipaubaya na lang sa Diyos. And lo and behold, after a few years, we found out she was put in jail because when she filed for an NBI clearance (probably for her work), our pending case was on the record and she was immediately jailed. I don’t know if she is still in jail or not but I think God was on our side. I pray that God will lead you and your family to the truth and have justice. Take care

    • Hi JCA! Thanks for sharing your story. All you jewelries! that is too devastating:( Looks can really be deceiving so we can’t rely on that as a basis of character. I can feel your difficulty being face to face with the person who stole your jewelries. On my end, weird kami pa yung nahihiya to confront them of the robbery. We don’t have a strong solid suspect so we can’t forcefully pin down anyone:( My husband really suspects the helper who stayed with us only for a week. She was actually a few days gone by the time we discovered the theft. But the person who referred her, said she is not that type of person. Haaay! On a positive note, it is great that your helper was put to jail in the end, truly, God has his own time of exacting justice. We didn’t pursue the case anymore because as my husband said “kapag may nawala, may kapalit.” (if you lose something, it will always be replaced). Thanks again for sharing your story. I wish you and your family well, JCA.

  2. OMG! That’s so scary naman even in your own house you experienced things like that. It happens lalo na kung hindi lang kayo ang tao sa house. I suggest na mag lock ng room or cabinet? Or maybe, try to change where you put you important things? It’s really hard to guess who it can be because you dont want to point fingers wrongly diba? Take care Mommy Lilian =)

    • Hi Jen! Scary talaga and sad:( Since the incident I lock the door in the Master’s Bathroom na and lagi ko ang bag ko forever. Akala tuloy ng mga anak ko aalis ako eh kakain lang naman ako ng dinner haha. Pero kasi inisip ko baka may kupit na rin kasama hindi ba? Good suggestion yung changing the place where we put important things. I’ll do that. Re pointing fingers, sabi ko nga to one reader, weird kasi ako pa yung nahihiya when I confronted them of the loss. Eh non-confrontational pa naman ako na tao tapos OMG eto ako mang-aacuse! Ang hirap! Thanks for your well wishes Jen and I wish you and your family well too.

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