PLDT HOME Telpad: Controlling the Home Remotely

PLDT connected home

Imagine those sci-fi movies where the owner of the house sees what goes on inside the house remotely, arrives with the air conditioner on, has the oven baking yummy ribs ... the time has arrived for the truly modern home.

PLDT HOME is offering the most advanced PLDT HOME Telpad that helps us control our home devices remotely. PLDT HOME Telpad comes with a landline, broadband and an ultra high tech Telpad to make home connections even easier.


Now we can put our mommy paranoia to rest as the FAM CAM together with the PLDT HOME Telpad helps us monitor how our little ones are doing. Are they asleep? Is yaya texting the whole time?:-) You can use the PLDT HOME Telpad to control the FAM CAM in your home so you can watch over your kids from wherever you are.

As for our other home devices that are equipped with infrared, the PLDT Home Telpad can communicate with those devices within the line of sight. In our master's bedroom for instance, we can control the aircon remotely using our PLDT HOME Telpad. We can also control the Fam Cam, or turn on the home theater system in the room.

The Telpad also acts as a bluetooth, high-fidelity speaker system and as a WIFI repeater. For the latter, areas with low WIFI where you will locate the PLDT Home Telpad will have better WIFI signals because of the built in repeater.

With the PLDT HOME Telpad, managing the home even when you're away just got so much easier. And because we moms, are constantly on stressed mode, this piece of technology is a welcome relief.

PLDT HOME Telpad is available on HOME DSL Plans 990 and up.   You just add as low as P500/month to your HOME DSL Plan to upgrade to a Telpad Plan.   To avail of the all-new Telpad HC7, a P145 fee for only 12 months will also be applied. To apply, you can visit any PLDT Sales and Service Center or visit

PLDT HC7 launch 2015

PLDT Team with Super Pretty Host, Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez.

Disclosure: Thanks to PLDT for this welcome high-tech home innovation and for sponsoring this post.

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