Review of DeLonghi MultiFry: More than just an Air Fryer

I have been meaning to get an air fryer for the longest time but I want to make sure it serves its purpose of cutting down our oil use in the house. My husband argues that it’s just like a Turbo Broiler only in a better package.  True, one of the advantages of an air fryer is its cool, modern look but I’m more of a function person. I want to keep my kitchen stuff to a minimum therefore each piece of equipment and tool I buy must be used, and used often.

According to my research, my husband is quite right. Air fryers and Turbo Broilers don’t have much difference. Both use air as its primary heating element. However, air fryers are supposed to circulate hot air faster so it can cook, normally, deep fried food with less oil.

DeLonghi blew my mind away last Christmas 2016 when they gifted me with a MultiFry! Smile from ear to ear with a clap, sabay talon! Napakasaya!!!!! Here is my full review. Please note that though I was given a DeLonghi Multi-Fry, the review and opinion expressed here remains to be my own.

Air-Fryer Function: Reduces Oil Use Tremendously

Let us start with what piqued my interest first, its air fryer function. I really want our family to be healthier, and reducing our oil consumption is a great way to start. My kids love deep fried food, we cook fried chicken, fried fish, fried pork chop at kung ano-ano pa na fried. And the dish that slurps up the most oil, yet my kids devour, are breaded fried meats.

So I tried cooking breaded chicken using the Multi-Fry. I did the usual prep of spicing up the chicken breasts and then dipping it in cornstarch, then beaten egg, then bread crumbs. I just brushed the Teflon coated pan with some olive oil, laid down the chicken, turned it over and success!!! It turned out crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, without having to swim in oil. Does it taste like our normal, deep fried chicken?  Close but of course it misses the deep fried taste. But good enough for me to make the healthy switch.

Oven Function: Can Bake Meats, Cakes 

I have an oven and it’s kinda big, so sometimes, I don’t like using it. For people living in condo’s or in townhouses with a limited space, the De'Longhi Multifry will be heaven sent!

I tried baking my salmon inside the air fryer and it turned a golden brown in less than 15 minutes.   This was made possible because De’Longhi uses 2 heating elements plus a fan to surround the food with heat for fast, and even cooking.

I also tried baking banana-carrot muffins and it turned out good. It is perfect because I don’t have to overdo the amount of muffins I will bake. Weird, but with a big oven, I feel like I have to be cooking a lot. But with the Multi-Fry, I can just bake a few cupcakes without the guilt.

N did everything by himself.

N's finished banana-carrot muffins. Tada!

Broil and Grill Function 

I will update you when I have already used broil and grill function. I have to get a round, 9.25” cooling rack, for me to use these functions.

Steam Function

It's not a Multi-cooker for nothing.  O di ba? Pati steam kaya! What a versatile appliance!

Steaming moist Raspberry Almond Muffins using Ramekins.

Huge Capacity 

Unlike most air fryers in the market, MultiFry comes with a huge cooking capacity of 1.7kg. Good for a family of 5-7.

Cuts down Cooking Time 

For one, you do not pre-heat it. Just put the food in and turn it on. It also has a removable paddle to do the stirring for you. So you can do something else as it stirs for you. You can use it for stews with thick sauces that need to be stirred constantly lest the sauce sticks to the pan. Also, it generally has a shorter cooking time than our oven.

Easy to Use 

De’Longhi has an app that can guide you through cooking, baking or frying anything with the Multi-Fry.

But if you don’t want to bother with the app, you can play around with the settings also. Top heat only? Lower heat only? Both?

As for the levels of heat:

1 = 150 C degrees
2 = 170 C degrees
3 = 180 C degrees
4 = 190 C degrees

I also like it that you can see through the top to check on your food from time to time.

Easy to Clean

Let’s admit it if an appliance is hard to clean it remains in the cupboard gathering dust. De’Longhi is a breeze to clean. The middle stirring paddle can be removed by vertically pulling out the paddle (not twist).  The non-stick ceramic-coated pan is easily removed by just pressing a button. While the clear top shield also detaches from the Multi-fry so you can clean it.

Summary Review:  I would highly recommend the De’Longhi MultiFry because not only is at an air fryer, that will help you reduce oil use,  it serves a lot of other functions in one compact appliance, not to mention its time saving benefits.   

De’Longhi, is a trusted Italian manufacturer of premium coffee, kitchen and homecare appliance. It is available in Rustan’s Department Stores and at the showroom of Concept Specialist at Scout Laczano in Timog.

I'll be continuously cooking and experimenting with my De'Longhi MultiFry and share it through FB and IG.   Let's exchange our De'Longhi MultiFry recipes soon!

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