Turn an Ordinary Dinner into a Party with a Red Ribbon Dedication Cake

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There is something about cakes and candles that can turn an ordinary Sunday dinner into a celebration.  And there is something about getting your kids together for a pose that will turn so kay gulo and fun!  First step,  gather all the kids together.  This can range from a few seconds and stretch to 30 minutes.  First kid comes, but it takes the second kid several minutes to come, so by the time the first kid is there, the first is gone!  Second step,  position, look at the camera and smile.  One kid is not looking, other kid wants to touch the cake, another wants to blow the candle, one is smiling, the other one isn't.  With patience waning and the kids getting fidgety,  I quickly tell my husband,  just take the picture!  Whew the saga of a family picture.  Long but fun!:-)

For dinner,  we just cooked some shrimp with shitake in linguini pasta and the kids' favorite Korean style fish tenders.   For our dessert,  we had the all time favorite brazo de mercedes from Red Ribbon and tried their 8x8 inch chocolate cake.  It was my first time to order the chocolate cake of Red Ribbon.  We always go for their specialty cakes, with Coffee Crunch and Chocolate Mousse topping the list. I'm not a big fan of chocolate cake since I find it "nakakasuya." But I was pleasantly surprised with Red Ribbon's chocolate cake.  At a value price of P299, I enjoyed the rich chocolate icing that wasn't too sweet and the fluffy, soft sponge cake it covered.  It's also fun to have the option to go all out on your dedication on the cake and not stick with the usual "Happy Birthday."

red ribbon 8x8 cake

Spice up your ordinary family get together with Red Ribbon cakes,  it's yummy and easy on the budget.

Disclosure:  This post is yummily sponsored by Red Ribbon.  Thanks Red Ribbon!

Eat Happy!

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